SAP’s SuccessFactors HCM suite is a comprehensive HR product that includes talent management modules, core HR modules, and employee engagement tools. SAP’s SuccessFactors HCM suite involves core HR modules like global employee benefits, payroll along with record keeping and time off. It also includes talent management modules like succession management, workforce planning, onboarding, recruiting, learning, and even employee engagement tools such as collaboration and social media.

As part of its talent management software, the SuccessFactors HCM suite provides training content development and virtual instruction from the cloud. This is also accessible through every standard Web browser along with content as a service, which is available in the cloud for enterprises to store the learning content which is developed by them. This is beneficial to organisations which are required to keep both employees and business partners updated on product updates, compliance requirements and new regulations.

SuccessFactors also utilizes the SAP Jam mobile communications product, which enables inter-organization employee project collaboration over mobile devices. This also aids employees who are into problem-solving to find organizational experts in the major pain points and for the same experts within the organization to generate training videos that can be passed onto the mobile devices of organizational staff who require the information.

When considering analytics, the SuccessFactors Workforce Planning module enables HR to generate what-if employee recruitment and development scenarios. With this module, HR and other essential managers can assess the financial and operational costs of readying employees and new recruits to fulfill future skill requirements.

Small and medium-sized enterprises with fewer than 500 employees that want to apply variable compensation find SuccessFactors useful as it provides a Perform and Reward Bundle compensation module. This package also offers organizational charts along with reporting lines and team structures. Also available would be goals and performance management that collate employee work with enterprise strategy along with and incentive scheduling connected to employee performance. A simple setup wizard is present to guide small enterprises through the process of generating a variable compensation system.

One has to remember that SuccessFactors HCM suite is a Cloud-only Software as a Service (SaaS) offering. Consumers have the flexibility of selecting the software modules they desire to use. Consumers can pay a monthly subscription fee based either on the number of employees using the software or on the amount of time, and the number of system modules utilized accordingly.

SuccessFactors HCM suite is sold as a product directly through SAP or its third-party business partners. Various support options are available which can be customized according to client specifications and needs.

While SuccessFactors HCM suite is updated four times a year, the most recently added features and functionalities include the ability to plan and manage skill gaps better along with workforce costs using visibility into the whole company workforce. This product offers the incredible ability to leverage and stretch existing on-premises SAP solutions with cloud-based on-boarding. This is, in turn, helps new recruits and managers in the simplification of the onboarding experience. Also noteworthy is the brand-new HR business partner role in the SuccessFactors Learning solution which helps management handle training needs for their employees in a much more efficient manner.

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SAP has also extended the capabilities of SAP SuccessFactors Performance and Goals with the introduction of continuous performance management. This version allows employers and managers to utilize ongoing one-on-one check-ins on the status of activities and employee accomplishments.

With SuccessFactors, HR can also manage the complete HR process and offer needed services to stakeholders. The top of the corporate hierarchy sees executives being able to track workforce-related metrics and key performance indicators.

SuccessFactors Performance and Rewards software bundle for small businesses come along with a free trial version that packs with it the performance management and compensation modules. Mid-sized and large enterprises can tap into SuccessFactors’ fully featured Enterprise Edition software bundle. SuccessFactors also provides access to its consultants on workforce planning best practices.

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Some of the exciting new features coming with the year’s SAP SuccessFactors Talent Management releases are as given below

  • Fiori Styling– Allows applications to be utilized on desktop computers, laptops, tablets, and smartphones and other mobile devices. Fiori offers an increasingly modern and consistent user experience. This is accessible through the Upgrade center. Once a user enables the Fiori UX, it will impact all SAP SuccessFactors modules, so users should prepare for a considerable and comprehensive positive change to the user interface.
  • Home Page v3– Provides new and existing tiles, role-based permissions control, and enables screen size adjustments on various devices. Also accessible through the Upgrade center, is a modern user experience with enhanced consistency across all SAP applications.
  • Performance & Goals v11–The official end of life for v11 will be seen in the Q2 of 2019. Performance v12 Acceleration packs in Continuous Performance Management (CPM) integration, along with Ask for Feedback, and Attachments. Goal Management v12 includes Continuous Performance Management (CPM) integration, Team Goals, and also Initiatives. Most such features can be turned on from the admin center.
  • Continuous Performance Management– This is the first new Talent module in the truest sense is CPM and it enables employees and managers to track activities that are worked on. Further this will link activities to business and development goals, deals with coaching for team members, and integrates with Goals, Performance and Calibration.
  • Succession v12– All sub-modules within the Succession module are presently available in the v12 user interface. This includes a Talent Search, Talent Pools, Position Tile View, Succession Org Chart, and 9 box Matrices in the beta version. This enables a consistent user experience throughout the Succession sub-modules and the overall system.
  • People Profile–The new user interface for Employee Profile and Employee Central is extremely useful to end-users. It includes the new Fiori style modern UX, and aids all major functionality from the old Employee Profile and Employee Central. The simple, modern visual design integrates all the employee profile information on one, scrolling page which is easy-to read.
  • New Login Page– The new login page can be tailored according to specifications and includes the theme manager ‘Login Style’ which includes the ability to add a login button, company logo, and even select the color scheme of a user’s login footer.


As can be seen from the new features that have been released by SAP, SAP SuccessFactors is best HR management tool that is available in the market in terms of its comprehensive features and well-planned expansion of its existing and future features. It is advisable to use SuccessFactors to boost a company’s bottom line through the HR management route.

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