Top 10 Facts about Workday Certification

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The importance and need for Workday Certifications have long been debated in the ecosystem. In this blog article, there is a  list of 10 interesting facts about Workday certification training and will explain whether being Workday certified is essential to securing an opportunity in the Workday space. 

Here are the top 10 facts:

  • You can just get a certification from Workday by either being an employee of Workday or a Workday partner organization. 
  • Workday or the partner organization deal with the cost of training and not the worker.
  • If you leave Workday or a partner organization, at that point, your certificate would just remain valid until the next 2 releases(One year). 
  • Certification is a requirement of employment for most partner organizations. 
  • On certain events, Workday can approve certification training a second time if you don’t pass the first time.
  • The regular time period to finish training is within the first month of employment. 
  • There are customer certifications branded ‘Workday Pro’ for employees of Workday customers but they are not available for independent consultants contractual workers. 
  • To maintain your certificate, there is recurrent training that is web-based comprising videos and quizzes after each new release/update. 
  • Having certifications can sometimes open more ways to Workday opportunities as some recruiters tend to work with customers who just need ‘certified’ candidates.

Kickstarting career opportunities in Workday, Why can Workday continue its enormous growth?

I can see the advantages of experiencing formal training to be Workday Certified and how that assists with ensuring a reliable standard with regards to designing and configuring Workday. However, there are other effective approaches to become familiar with the system without certification training, for example, working for a direct customer and gaining exposure to the system in-house which will probably give you access to practical experience straight away. Most customers will usually grant access to the Workday Community so new functionality videos will still be promptly available. 

In fact, some would argue that a potential drawback to Workday Certification classes could be that the training standardizes processes and methods to the point that consultants may concentrate on just a single method to configure Workday instead of truly understanding individual customer requirements before translating them into Workday functionality. That is probably a more complex skill that would take more time to teach, however, consultants will more likely learn that eventually from experience being on different projects.

Many Workday experts who as of now work for a Workday partner organization, who wish to go contracting independently but are reluctant because they would prefer not to lose their certifications. I do understand the mindset of not having any desire to lose certifications, however, I’ve yet to work with a Workday customer who has stated certifications as a requirement so far. 

Let’s dive deeper into Workday – It’s Time to Open the Workday Cloud Platform- Why?

While recruiting in the space, I make an effort not to exclusively depend on certificates as an indicator of how competent a candidate is and how good of a fit they are for the role. Rather, I focus more on their individual experience with respect to past implementations, what platform they entered the project, the amount of full end to end life cycle implementations they have, and the kind of ventures/organizations they’ve worked in. I take a gander at work history, references, flexibility as well as the way they communicate with me during the discussion. To me, those are the first few things I search for to evaluate how good a Workday candidate potentially is and certifications are a reward.


Workday provides employees the capacity to run a variety of reports based on their role. Many of these reports can be viewed as results on the screen, based on the criteria entered by the users. 

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