How to Start Your Career with Workday HCM

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How to start your career with Workday HCM

Traditionally, the HR modules were created to carry out few HR related functions in an organization. They were not developed to provide a complete HR solution. The organizations needed to buy these distinctive modules from different vendors and required to combine them to carry out a specific HR errand. This procedure of integrating the modules was extremely troublesome and had various disadvantages too, for example, the frameworks acquired from various vendors may change frequently.  But nowadays most organizations are utilizing a solitary solution to perform HR-related functions. Workday Human Capital Management is the one such solution provided by the former CEO of PeopleSoft, David Duffield, and his chief Strategist Aneel Bhusri. This solution is also referred to as Enterprise Resource planning, i.e. ERP system which is utilized by companies to keep the record and deal with the information on each individual.

Workday HCM has an extensive variety of applications in the areas of financial management, Human Capital Management, planning, professional services automation, and student management. It is a solitary source of information, with a single security model and user experience. It is basically a cloud-based software system that delivers several HR functionalities into a single system. Workday HCM is a one-stop solution for onboarding, recruiting, learning and development, compensation benchmarking, payroll, benefits, time off, and analytics. It is a very user-friendly, global system software, which offers the latest version with updated competencies to the customers both on the browser as well as mobile.


Career Opportunities in Workday HCM:

Generally, once a person is finished with their graduation or a post-graduation always come up with a question of how they can begin their profession in a particular field. Well, nowadays there are various career options in every field. But those aspirants who want to begin their career in the field of Workday HCM, there is a wide range of career opportunities available. In order to start a career in Workday HCM, one has to attend the training and get certified in Workday HCM. Getting certified in Workday HCM won’t just help the applicants who are seeking a career in this particular field, but it will also allow the experts to enhance their career trail in the field of finance and human resource management. The Workday HCM is a standout amongst the most respected professional course for finance and Human Resource role in almost all the business industries. The workday HCM course is suitable for candidates who have completed their masters in Finance or HR management. It is also suitable for professionals who are planning to change their IT careers in the field of finance and HR.

There are plenty of job opportunities available in the field of Workday HCM, as it is now implemented in most of the countries. There is a tremendous growth in Workday HCM and it would proceed to a long run. The competitor can land a position with a decent scope of pay. The annual range of salary for Workday professionals is ranges about $60,000, where a non-certified candidate can get the salary around $30,000. Workday HCM these days is utilized by a large portion of the multinational organizations. The Workday experts are getting a high scope of compensation as a contrast with different technologies. There are different employment parts accessible for the workday HCM professionals, few of them are:

  • Workday Consultant
  • Workday Architect
  • Workday Manager
  • Workday Analyst
  • Workday Project Manager
  • Workday Functional Consultant

Well, there is no such pre-requirement to learn this certification course, however, it would be an added advantage if a person has the experience in the HR and recruitment. The following job roles will get benefit from this certification training:

  • All the executives
  • Lead
  • Managers and Employees
  • IT professionals
  • Project managers
  • System administrators.
Why it is required to learn and get certified in Workday HCM?

The Workday is currently utilized by most of the organization to carry out the human resources and finance operations in an easy manner. The human resource technology is the big field for most of the companies. Subsequently, it would be constantly beneficial to learn and practice workday HCM to carry out the various HR and finance related functionalities. With Workday, it is conceivable to improve the HR and payroll compliance, as it reduces risk, and delivers a better data to make the decisions and improve the efficiencies throughout the organizations. It enables people to work more effectively by having a reliable, efficient and modern practices. With Workday, it is possible to control the out-of-the-box integrations for many third parties using the cloud technology. Not just this, there are several other benefits of learning Workday HCM. Some of the benefits include:

  • The workday HCM provides one flexible database, it offers more prominent adaptability to set up a business procedure.
  • It is easy to integrate workday HCM with other systems as compared to other HR systems.
  • Workday HCM uses Saas i.e. Software as a Service as all customers use the same version, the software updates can be delivered over the mobile phone.
  • The managers, executives, administrators are able to access the existing information regarding their team members.
  • It allows 24/7 entrance to inform over a secure network.
  • With Workday HCM it is easy to access the information related to routine personnel items, for example earning statements and leave balances.
  • Workday HCM streamlines and schematizes the entry of academic staff to confirm the correct track.
  • The Workday team continuously introduces new HR and payroll features frequently, at least twice a year.
  • With the help of the Workday community, all the customers can get ideas for performing the work regularly.

Features of Workday HCM:

The Workday Human capital management is a cloud-based solution using which it is possible to handle a wide range of HR functionality within a single system. It is one of the global business solutions that combine human resource management, talent management, payroll, time and attendance as well as recruiting and onboarding, etc. It offers various exclusive features that one can easily learn and operate.


Some of the features of Workday HCM are:

Talent Management: It is a practice of searching, training, and keeping the employees who are best suitable and meeting the requirements and goals of the company. Talent management’s primary objective is to recruit the top affordable employees so that the company can achieve the maximum potential of success. With talent management, it is easy to enhance the way to manage, keep in line and reward the employees.

Recruiting and Onboarding: With Workday recruiting, organizations are able to acquire true visibility through the entire talent-acquisition process and can get the best talent. It is possible to hire a team with great perspective, configurable workflows, and a positive candidate experience. In the Workday recruiting process it is easy to communicate and co-operate with the team members to fasten the process of hiring.

Time Tracking:  The Workday time tracking feature is designed to work flawlessly with Human Capital Management i.e. HCM, Payroll, and Project and work management to deliver an easy user experience through the internet and mobile devices. With the help of this feature, it is easy for the employees to enter the time or check in and out easily using any of the browsers or a mobile device.

Human Resource Management: This is one of the important features of Workday HCM. It provides self-service skills that help to arrange, operate and pay to the global workforce. If any alteration is happening with the business conditions and requirements, comprising business-process rules, worker assignments, and reporting priorities, etc. will be instantly updated in the Workday HCM. With Workday HRM it is possible to create a global as well as local uniformity. It helps to keep the record of the worker’s compensation by consolidating numerous information. With the workday absence feature, it is easy to access and process the absence information of any employee.

Workforce Planning and Analytics: This feature provides an authority to the business leaders to take better and informed decisions regarding crucial business issues. It is possible to know the capacity, ability, cost, and quality of the people so that the resources can be enhanced and the correct planning could be developed to achieve the organization’s objective. Workday provides you a way of dividing the roles and openings, analyzing the capacity and capability gaps, judging the talents, and taking an action in recruiting, development, and performance programs.

Payroll Solution: This is a flexible feature that allows you to take complete control of payroll processes, data, and costs. The Workday payroll provides, payroll software for the enterprise requirements for the US and Canadian companies. It provides a powerful calculation engine that supports unlimited pay groups, using which the companies are able to regain and act on payroll data instantly anytime whenever required.

Learning and Development: With workday’s learning and development feature, it is possible to engage the employees at any phase of their career via shared learning experiences that can be accessed on any device. With this feature, the employees are able to manage all the aspects of learning, including informal as well as compliance training. The employees can measure the effectiveness through built-in, actionable reporting.

Time and Absence Management: This feature allows you to manage the complete staff, at any time anywhere. It offers people with a true mobile and spontaneous system. Using this feature it is possible to decrease the compliance hazards by automating the calculations. With this feature, one can easily track and analyze the requests generated by any of the team members. It is used to manage the staff very efficient.

Benefits: With this feature, it is easy for HR to define and design various benefit plans such as retirement, insurance, etc. from a single benefits system. It offers an easy way to take care of each and every employee of the organization via saving a lot of time and money.

Audit and Internal Controls:  This feature improves the efficiency and effectiveness and lowers the cost of the audit and internal controls. With workday, it is possible to work further than compliance to enhance the business performance by applying cost-effective audit controls.


Workday HCM is a very demanding cloud-based Human Resource Management and finance software. Due to its various features, it is easy to learn and implement. Thus, the professionals who want to build their career in the HR and finance field can get trained and certified in Workday HCM. Also, it is helpful for professionals who want to enrich their career track in a similar field.

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