Difference between Project manager and Business analystSo what is the distinction between a project manager and a business analyst? One way to clear up this role confusion is by outlining what tasks project managers and business analyst’s area units usually liable for throughout a project. Beginning with project managers, they’re in the main involved with finishing comes on time and on budget, and area unit generally charged with the last word success or the failure of the project.

Project managers have the responsibility for the initiation, planning, execution, and closure of a project. They have to additionally outline the project, scale back it to a collection of manageable tasks, get acceptable resources, and build a team to perform the work; additionally, to any or all of this, project managers should be ready to observe and mitigate project risks on the method, further as discover ways in which to adapt to vary, since no project ever looks to travel specifically as planned.
On the opposite hand, the business analyst’s area unit in the main involved with the top product and making certain it meets the wants and demands of the project’s key neutral. One supply of rivalry between business analysts and project managers is commonly the problem of the amendment. it is not uncommon for project managers to powerfully advise against dynamical the project scope by adding functions or options to a product (as this might considerably impact project schedule and costs), whereas business analysts usually acknowledge that changes to the project scope area unit necessary so as to effectively meet their stakeholders’ necessities.
While it’s totally common for one individual to perform each role, particularly in smaller organizations with restricted budgets, most consultants can agree that the most effective case situation maybe a project with a good project manager and a good business analyst. Presumptuous the remainder of the project team is capable; the project can strike the proper balance between thorough necessities gathering and project progress.
When a project manager and a business analyst area unit each gift on a project team, the project manager will focus their efforts on project schedule, cost, and resource management, and therefore the business analyst will spotlight their time and energy on making certain correct necessities management — all essential elements of a booming project.


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