Can I prefer Workday over SAP? Is Workday a good career option?

Category: Workday HCM Posted:Apr 17, 2020 By: Alvera Anto
Can I prefer Workday over SAP? Is Workday a good career option?

Many people have a significant number of inquiries in mind when they are planning to learn Workday. Being a trending technology, it’s always better to have a proper plan. There are no documents available out there to master them. 

In this article, I’m not going to cover any technical aspects of Workday, but I will give you a concise description of my experience of how I managed to learn Workday. It’s always essential to get the sufficient basics of any technology before you learn that in full-fledge. 

And, if you are failing to do as such, then it’s a challenging task to work on it. Here are a few things to know before you start learning Workday.

Kickstarting career opportunities in Workday, Why can Workday continue its enormous growth?

Who should learn Workday?

Whenever you start thinking about learning new technologies, certainly, this question will arise in your mind. I too got it. Anybody can learn Workday there is no restriction on it. But the person with a Human Resource (HR) background will have a slight edge over others. 

1: Research about the topic

  • Unless you know the background of it, you can’t find the technology better. At least, you should know the basic idea of why Workday got introduced. 
  • Apart from that, you should also know the necessary things required to master Workday. 

2: Prerequisites 

Workday HCM doesn’t require any prerequisites. But if you want to learn the advanced topics in Workday, then, you should know HTML, EIB, and so on.

3: Search for Blogs and Videos 

To have a basic understanding, you can search for blogs and videos. Even though they don’t give complete information, at least, you can gain knowledge of it.

4: Duration to learn Workday?

The Workday can be learned within 4 – 6 weeks. You can’t learn Workday just by reading documents and preparing by ourselves. You will have to practice it daily so you will get the necessary information. 

5: Does training is required to learn Workday?

If you are a working professional, then, I suggest you join the online training with the goal that it’ll be easy for you to deal with your time. And the best thing with online training is that they give you the tenant access so you can practice it daily. 

6: Interview Preparation 

After the training, upload the resume to Naukri or Indeed. To clear any interview, you should be good at the basics. All you have to clear them is a good knowledge of the Workday and practical approach towards it. 

Let’s dive deeper into Workday – It’s Time to Open the Workday Cloud Platform-Why?

7: How would I get Certification? 

Before giving a certification test, I recommend you search for the good online training institutes that can provide the best training and certification as well. 

8: Prospectus or Scope of Workday 

There is a better future for Workday shortly. At present, you can see organizations are entirely searching for Cloud Solutions as they can save time and also can actualize the work effectively. 

Try to get upgraded to other Workdays modules too, as the advanced modules will get you a lot in your career. 

9: Payscale 

The minimum pay scale for a Workday proficient in India is around 15 lacs per annum. But, it varies depending on the organization and your experience. The Workday Consultant will be a better choice if you need to start your career in Workday. 

10: Workday Partnered organizations 

1. Accenture 

2. IBM 

3. Deloitte 

4. Capgemini 

5. BNB 

6. PWC and so forth., 


Workday is providing a lot of opportunities. So give your best and try to learn it effectively to get hold of a job in a good organization. 

If you are planning to boost your Workday skills, choose our best online training platform and learn from industry experts. So what are you waiting for? Visit ZaranTech, to skyrocket your career with the unique learning needs because Learning Never Exhausts The Mind.

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