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SAP is a global business that specializes in enterprise service software, including consumer relationship management, enterprise resource planning, supplier relationship management, and much more. SAP began in Waldorf, Germany, in 1972, headed by five former IBM designers who wanted to provide standardized software applications to integrate service procedures. Today, SAP has more than 437,000 clients and more than 96,600 employees.

SAP reports that 92% of Ford Global 2,000 firms, in addition to 98% of the 100 most valued brand names, make use of SAP remedies. In addition, 100% of the top-scoring sustainability business, as reported by Dow Jones, also uses SAP. To fulfill the business requirement for qualified professionals, SAP takes care of a large certification program to ensure a high-quality product and client support which helps in minimizing the IT skills void. Presently, SAP’s certification program is home to more than 350,000 accredited SAP professionals worldwide.

SAP Certification Program Introduction

SAP provides almost 130 certifications, each targeted at a particular SAP product. You can go through these SAP qualifications on the company’s website by-product, solution category, or delivery technique and location. Accreditations are typically found at the partner, associate, specialist or professional levels, which may be understood as follows:

  • Associate Certification: These are for people who are new to SAP options and may have found out about SAP technologies from handbooks or training programs.
  • Specialist Certifications: These build on the associate-level qualifications and recognize professionals with skills in specific components or roles.
  • Professional Certifications: These identify people with deep knowledge of SAP services and hands-on experience.

No requirement skills, training, or other qualifications are needed for the associate- and professional-level qualifications. To acquire an expert designation, candidates should have an associate-level credential.

In addition, SAP Certifications do not need recertification. Nevertheless, to guarantee skills remain up-to-date, SAP displays your credentials and alerts you when your certifications are nearing to expiry. The company creates Delta exams when an SAP service is launched that has undergone significant modifications. Certification holders have to take several Delta exams within 6 months to be up-to-date with their skills, understanding, and certifications present.

SAP Certification Exams

Associate and professional-level certification call for a single test. Specialty certification needs prospects to pass both the specialized and associate-level exam. You can buy an examination voucher from the SAP site and then take the examination at an SAP Training Center, via Pearson VUE, or in the cloud.

In April, SAP announced that all of its Global Certification examinations will be offered online in the cloud as a service through SAP Certification in the Cloud program. By June 2019, all certification tests should be readily available through the Certification in the Cloud program. According to SAP, over half of all certifications issued in 2018 were obtained through online examinations.

For an annual subscription cost of $571, candidates might take up to six tests in a 12-month tenure. (To recognize the significance of this deal, the Certification in the Cloud cost is approximately equivalent to the cost of one exam when taken at a physical screening center.) For those seeking several certs, an Accreditation in the Cloud membership is a clear winner.

Stay Current Program

A new campaign, the Stay Current program is designed to aid certification holders maintain skill currency. Today, the new program is tailored to cloud services and is available for SAP S/4HANA Cloud, Success Factors, and Ariba Solutions. With SAP Learning Hub, certification holders have access to tutorials, webinars, videos, and additional materials developed to give details regarding new technologies introduced with each quarterly product release. Candidates then need to take a Delta examination on the new technology.

Learning Journeys

Designed to advertise an environment of long-lasting career learning, SAP Learning Journeys are interactive, visual overviews that give a simple and recognized roadmap for each learning path. I have to confess that I fell in love with this attribute. Not just is recommended training clearly defined, but there is no question as to what programs must be taken and in what order.

Another terrific function of the Learning Journey overview is that it is an outright detailed smorgasbord! Here, you’ll not just find recommended training, but also the various learning choices readily available to acquire the understanding (Ebook, class, and e-learning, for example), along with a time estimate to complete. You’ll additionally find web links for practice opportunities, together with self-assessment information and any other tools available to help you to understand that skill. This one-stop-shopping element is a real plus. In addition, the Learning Journey courses can be downloaded in PDF so you can quickly refer back to them. An SAP Learning Centre subscription is required to access e-learning, e-books, and assessments.

All the Learning Journey training is just an advised training, so you’re totally free to select to engage with the jobs that satisfy your learning requirements. Each SAP Learning Journey consists of four different learning scenarios:

  • Scenario 1 – Overview: Targeting newbies, this area provides suggested training tips for those who are just starting their SAP journey and have a brief understanding of the topic.
  • Scenario 2 – Become Competent: The main section of the learning journey, the Become Competent situation is made to provide the learner with extensive expertise in the topic. The possibility to take certification exams is provided at the end of the Become Competent section.
  • Scenario 3 – Stay Current: Geared to keeping skill currency, this circumstance consists of information on keeping skills almost up to date and present with the latest SAP launches.
  • Scenario 4 – Expand Your Abilities: Here, students will find training suggestions made to grow and expand their skills, together with training bring about expert-level certifications (when readily available).

SAP currently keeps 195 Learning Journeys. Learning Journeys concentrate on two locations: task roles and product groups. These Learning Journeys are available for 9 item groups:

  • ERP and also Digital Core
  • Digital Supply Chain
  • Network and Spend Monitoring
  • HR and People Involvement
  • Digital Platform
  • CRM and Customer Experience
  • Market Applications
  • Analytics
  • Intelligent Technologies

Job roles consist of professional, designer, architect, administrator, organization customer, or information expert.

SAP’s training certifications are widely acknowledged and demonstrate that prospects have honed their skills via extensive research study and hands-on experience in their chosen field. SAP provides certification programs based around detailed locations of focus and skill levels to SAP partners, consumers, and end-users.

SAP Programs

With more than 120 certifications and 195 Learning Journeys, it would certainly be difficult to describe every one of them in this short article. However, below you’ll find a sample of some of the programs that SAP uses.

SAP NetWeaver

SAP NetWeaver is a popular system. To figure out what NetWeaver certs are available, just plug in the keyword “NetWeaver” on the Learning Journey website. Below, you’ll find 6 various Understanding Journeys readily available tailored to the professionals operating in programmer, specialist, and manager roles across numerous product solutions.

SAP offers many NetWeaver training opportunities too, including task team training.

SAP Solution Manager

When you think of distributed systems and technological assistance, think of SAP Solution Manager. SAP Solution Manager enables specialists to manage all their SAP-based solution platforms, including choice and execution, daily operations, and making certain of system integrity.

SAP provides training opportunities and certs to prepare specialists to work with SAP Solution Manager. Training is categorized into a number of subcategories, including basic option overviews, project management, end-to-end options, how to set up, and how to utilize. The most convenient way to watch all the recommended training programs at a glimpse is to check out the SAP Solution Manager Learning Journey.

SAP offers numerous certifications to specialists in charge of implementing and maintaining systems with Solution Manager including two Certified technology Associate certifications with a focus in Landscape Transformation 2.0 and Solution Manager Mandatory and Managed System Configuration (7.2 SPS3).

SAP Ariba

SAP Ariba is a prominent e-procurement and supply chain cloud solution that allows the business to digitally change all facets of their purchase and supply chain procedures from source to repayments.

SAP uses 10 various Learning Journeys for SAP Ariba. All Ariba Learning Journeys are geared to service business users and consultants. Solution categories include Ariba Contracts, Integration, Purchase, Snap, Resource, Spend Evaluation, Supplier Enablement (Deal Side), Supplier Management, and Supply Chain Partnership.

SAP qualifications touch nearly every organization process across every significant industry. A quick search of online job websites provides a glance at the breadth of jobs readily available for SAP-certified individuals. A food and drink manufacturer in Massachusetts is seeking an SAP functional lead to manage inventory for delivery. A leading manufacturer looks for an SAP HANA database administrator to support all HANA atmosphere lifecycle stages. An aeroplane manufacturer is trying to find an SAP Cloud Application Studio Developer to develop personalized solutions, integrate external systems, and build data sources to maximize Aurora’s ERP system.

Whether you’re a business analyst, business process owner, designer, IT administrator, team lead, trainer, power user, or executive and deal with SAP products, you’ll locate a breadth of professional opportunities available. SAP provides instructor-led classroom training at its SAP Training Centers around the globe. Online live classroom training is additionally available, which is instructed by SAP specialists and includes accessibility to live SAP systems for immersive learning. You can also take interactive e-learning programs that complement class training by enrolling in a single course or subscribing to several programs.

The SAP E-Academy provides training to help you learn specific SAP solutions and to prepare you for certification tests. You receive one to five months of access to self-paced courses. SAP e-Learning offers single course access for those interested in pursuing a single training course at a time. Candidates seeking to develop their skills can sign up for Live access to, which permits candidates to exercise existing skills in a sustained SAP setting. If none of those options benefits you, have a look at the SAP Learning Center. Here you’ll locate round-the-clock accessibility to all the training you desire.

Ultimately, SAP provides sample questions, previously actual questions on previous live exams, for the majority of certification examinations. You can view sample inquiries by clicking the sample question PDF web link on an exam’s webpage.


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