Tips to Crack the SAP Certification Exam

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SAP Certification identifies with a scope of qualification that shows skills across the SAP landscape. There are three SAP certification levels, which candidates must accomplish in order i.e. Associate, Specialist, and Professional. All certifications demand to pass at least one precise exam. SAP exam preparation requires both theoretical learning and extensive hands-on SAP experience. 

To get ready for any SAP Certification test, SAP study materials are the best source. Learning from the SAP certification study materials is actually the way to pass the test. In addition, it is genuinely necessary to review all the suggested questions and practice a long time before the test. The tests are ordinarily worked around the book content. 

To make the SAP exam preparation simple, it is segregated exam guidance into two sections namely:

  • Preparation Phase (Pre-Exam)
  • During Exam 

Let’s see some useful tips to be followed before you take your SAP Certification Exam 

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Tips for Preparation Phase

  • Try to cover all Assessment Questions from SAP Certification Test Materials 

The best material for SAP test preparation are eBooks, SAP Study Guides, online videos, and practice tests. Besides, SAP’s official site gives all the important information if you don’t get anything. Moreover, you can take an interest in an online forum or community, whenever required. 

  • Study All 

There is a lot of content to read for the test. In this way, you should spend a lot of time studying every topic of the SAP Certification Test. It’s not a kind of test which you can pass through the night before the test. You should plan and start preparing for the exam at least a month before the scheduled test date. 

  • Take Practice Tests 

To prepare for any SAP certification test, nothing is better than performing practice tests. SAP practice tests will give you a distinct idea of the real test. After every session of the practice test, you can evaluate your performance and focus more on weak subjects. Remember, Practice tests should be as per a similar structure as in the SAP certification test just as they should have similar questions. 

  • Try to be Relaxed

Arrive at the test center before 30 minutes of the planned time. If you appear for the SAP Cloud-based test, be ready soon. Being late is a significant stress factor. So, on the examination day, try to be relaxed without giving any extra pressure to yourself.

Now, let’s see some of the important tips to be followed during your certification exam:

Tips to Help You During the SAP Exam 

  • Mark Doubtful Questions 

While you answer all SAP Test Questions, there might be some questions you don’t know about. Mark those questions and come to them later. This allows you to focus on a limited number of questions only instead of investing a lot of energy on one question. 

  • Have Confidence in Your First Choice of Answers 

Research has revealed that your first selection of answers for a question is commonly right than that of the second choice. So mindfully read the questions in the first attempt and entrust first is careful with returning back to the questions and answers too often. 

Try not to trouble a lot about time. In many tests, you’ll have the option to go over the questions a few times. 

  • Don’t Rush 

Most of the time, all parts of the question are significant, so go through the question cautiously. As a suggestion, read the question twice to get it. Don’t worry, there is enough time so don’t take any pressure…..Just feel relaxed.

SAP doesn’t give marks for half a correct answer as it doesn’t deduct too the marks for a wrong answer.

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Here we see what are the best methods to Pick the right answers.

Effective methods to pick your Right Answers 

  • Describe the Question in Your Own Words 

Read the question many times, and ensure you comprehend the question by depicting it in your very own words. Then, see the appropriate answer option and read through all of them cautiously. Even if it’s many options and you find the correct answer, always read every single given option. 

  • Exclude the Answer that Apparently appears to be Incorrect to Lessen the Trouble 

A few answers explicitly don’t make sense or are certainly wrong. Normally one of the wrong answers stands out as wrong. Finding and eliminating it first will leave you with lesser choices. Along these lines, better would be the probability of picking the correct one. 

  • Follow Reverse Method in True or False Category 

There is a category where you are required to choose one correct out of two. Here if you can’t find the right answer, follow the reverse method. This is to say, understand the two alternatives and attempt to distinguish which one doesn’t go in synchronization with the question i.e., wrong. Finding the wrong one would leave you with the right answer. 

  • Look out for the Differentiators in the Question 

Questions may appear to be comparative or might include a similar point. Though SAP evades having such a large number of questions that overlap, it happens. Look out for the differentiators in the question and answer choices, and address them as a new question. 


Gaining the knowledge to pass the SAP certification test is crucial. SAP Certification is a valuable tag in the job marketplace. It confirms, at any rate, a particular degree of knowledge. However, in the Information Technology field, especially, development never stops. You should work hard constantly and stay refreshed. For the SAP certification test preparation acquire knowledge from SAP study materials, take persistent practice tests, and continue learning.

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