Why Should I Choose SAP S/4HANA Cloud?

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In today’s, all types of information can be gauged and delivered all over the world instantaneously. Navigating on the backwind of upcoming technologies, the S/4HANA cloud plays a crucial role in re-shaping the Business processes. Basically, it indicates that a Digital Business needs to deliver on the ubiquitous promise to truly serve a segment of one: The end consumer. The whole value chain will result in a highly flexible feature to execute in real-time for live Business.

SAP S/4HANA is known as the next-generation Business suite to reinforce Digital Businesses. The main part of the innovation with S/4HANA is the in-memory capabilities of SAP HANA that permit both transactional and analytical data to occupy in a single system, which provides our customers with the capability to analyze, report, simulate, and predict in real-time, to make quicker and smarter business decisions. Along with SAP Fiori, a role-based user experience is also provided which looks great and delivers intelligence to the user in an instinctive.

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Clearly, this has resonated well with the market and S/4HANA now boasts over 5400 customers, making it the fastest growing product SAP has launched.

Digital Business Framework 2.0

Evidently, this has reverberated well with the market and S/4HANA now possess over 5400 customers, making it the fastest growing product SAP has launched.

Intelligent ERP in the cloud

SAP introduced S/4HANA Cloud at the SAP Capital Markets Day. At this event partners, clients and SAP executives exhibited the new S/4HANA Cloud solution from the trusted global leader in the ERP sector. S/4HANA Cloud is an ERP cloud contribution that provides from the same game-changing innovations that were delivered with S/4HANA. SAP S/4HANA Cloud is a cloud-based ERP solution clients, it is best suited for enterprises with more than 1,500 employees, and for subsidiaries and operational units of larger enterprises.

Reasons to choose ERP cloud

Changing a company’s core to the cloud initiates a fast deployment and reduces time to value there by stimulating faster innovation cycles and decreasing TCO and TCI, combining a fit authorizing agility in use. But there are few new rules of the contest for its customers and partners to digitally transform and adopt. Technology advised innovation to alter the corporate basically it goes along with changing Business abilities for each Line of Business. Customers await SAP to re-shape its core asset like ERP, and deliver it as a SaaS deployment model.

Over decades there are few gauges on market shift to use ERP in the cloud which is set to emerge rapidly in the upcoming years. Majority of the analyst enterprises forecast up to 20% growth rates in the next two years for the Cloud ERP market. Analyst states that, Finance is leading the charge as the next LOB already shifting to a SaaS approach, especially for more service centric companies.

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A closer look on S/4HANA Cloud

Imagine that a Cloud ERP solution as just a successive version of an ERP on premise system, adjusted with in technology or the ability in some method. With S/4HANA Cloud it’s a unique approach where end to end processes reinforcing finance, plan to product, order to cash and procure to pay offer enterprise-ready service for Digital Businesses.

However, S/4HANA Cloud shares the same in-memory architecture as S/4HANA and provides the same benefits. With transactional and analytical data together, you can achieve the performance to execute a truly “live” Business. This gives the trusted information it requires to make quick decisions across the Business.

S/4HANA Cloud comprises a standard set of Editions that deliver an extensible and flexible ERP platform that scales up and down according to business requirements. New abilities and users can be appended as you require them, quickly and easily.

The prime requirement for a responsive, easy to use, and consistent consumer-grade ‘business user’ experience is a prime design principle that has managed the direction of S/4HANA Cloud. The Embedded Analytics and SAP FIORI have eased in realizing the importance of requirement and to release the intelligence and data within the system to the user in a meaningful way that directs the productivity and smarter decision-making regardless of device. Few important innovations like Overview pages, Enterprise search, and the Fiori Launchpad has helped to navigate and push crucial information to the end-users, which in turn changes the way software is traditionally used and drive changes in the way business is done in a digital world. Distinguishing is also an incorporation of a digital assistant, improving Machine Learning abilities to take decisions more instinctive based on the available internal and external data-learning as you understand further.

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The conclusion

Finally, S/4HANA Cloud implements SAP Activate known for its best practices content and methodologies to provoke customers in deploying and going live with an ERP cloud solution within weeks.

I hope that by now you have had an overview of SAP S/4 HANA Finance. Before you enroll in ZaranTech’s certification course on SAP S/4 HANA Finance, do check out the S4 HANA Finance demo:

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