3 Best Practices for Workday Release Management

Category: Workday HCM Posted:Sep 30, 2020 By: Alvera Anto

Annually, Workday launches 2 big software updates presenting a range of new improvements and features designed to make life less complicated for its clients, and this month sees the arrival of its latest upgrade– Workday 33.

Amongst the many attributes available in Workday 33 is the ability to ask for pause with Workday’s mobile app, a completely redesigned open enrollment experience and a new drag-and-drop device for composing and also recommending structural reorganisations.

Yet before users can begin using many of these features, varying amounts of configuration and testing are called for.

With that in mind, organizations require to have actually a specified technique for release management if they intend to efficiently take advantage of these attributes.

Below are the 3 best practices to aid your company to identify and implement one of the most beneficial features with each new Workday launch.

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1. Stay Informed With Workday Community

Workday Community is an important resource for anyone who uses Workday on a daily basis, and this is especially true when it comes to planning for a new Workday launch. If you have not already, we advise bookmarking the Workday 33 Release Planning Center. This page provides users with a centralized location for educational materials, well-known issues, answers to common questions, and more.

2. Know What You Need

To get most from any of the Workday upgrades, you need to know what improvements are available, however, you should also know which ones you will be most likely to leverage. Whether you’re configuring new enhancements internally or collaborating with a solution partner, updating your tenant is a process. Know what you truly require before you do anything else.

In addition to this, you need to be aware of any kind of issues with your tenant that can slow down the configuration process. Human beings aren’t the only ones that benefit from regular checkups. Having a partner who can do a health check for your Workday tenant is essential for maximizing your investment.

3. Find An Application Management Partner You Trust

As we have already discussed, configuring new enhancements is a process. Even if your company has all of the expertise it requires to do this work internally, your team might still deal with obstacles. People change jobs, their kids may get sick or other tasks to become a priority. In any of these scenarios, and others like them, having an experienced application management partner to lead you through the process is the most effective way to ensure that your improvements are configured properly when you need them.

Partners have the benefit of configuring the same improvements over and over for customers just like you. Therefore, they can frequently operate more adeptly and effectively than organizations that are functioning alone.

Get More From Each New Workday Launch

Workday, like a fine red wine, gets better with age. That’s since yearly brings new enhancements and features made to drastically improve the user experience.

But if you don’t have a plan for implementing these improvements, you’re not fully leveraging everything your Workday investment has to supply.

Keeping these tips top of mind and following them will equip your organization to be successful with each new Workday launch to come.

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