Why RPA UiPath is unique RPA software?

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 RPA IMAgeUiPath is a Windows-based desktop Robotic Process Automation software tool architects to automate business processes within Enterprises. This tool enables organizations to execute processes more efficiently by automating monotonous and repetitive tasks. This includes testing web and screen scraping, data or content migration and straightforward data entry.

UiPath leads the group of companies that deal with RPA Technologies. This is because their Robotic Process Automation technology is fast, affordable and highly efficient. It is also simple to integrate UiPath into legacy systems in the organization without causing much disruption.


This is a technology that is constructed for both information technology and the Enterprise. UiPath has over 700 enterprise level customers along with government organizations using its automation tool to deploy software robots at an accelerated pace. These software bots are used to emulate and implement repetitive processes, which will enhance business productivity in real time. They can also be used to ensure compliance and improve customer experience across the front office and back-office operations. Deployment of the UiPath enterprise RPA platform is possible on-premise or in the cloud and includes three combined elements.

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UiPath Process data


Components of Uipath RPA Software:

UiPath studio  

This is a process modeling; environment, consumers can model process automation visually through the use of powerful recorders. For users to make use of this feature a minimum amount of training is required with no coding required at all. Such recorders can actually build automation by observing the user during work and building are types of activities on a template basis making automation simple and fast.

  • High Productivity Integrated Environment
  • Process Mapping
  • Screen Recorder
  • Visual Business Rules
  • Built-in Process Actions
  • Online Activity Library
  • Integrated Debugger
  • Automatic Deployment
  • Revision Control
  • Industry Standard
  • Extensible
  • .NET Integrated Environment

UiPath Studio


 UiPath robot

This is a digital worker, which performs scheduled work in massive batches or completely on its own. And this is done without any human inputs or intervention such as invoice processing. This can also run on the user’s computer while following their direct commands such as call center processes.

This tool is powered by modern and Advanced Computer processing used to execute accurate and accelerated automation for Citrix, SAP and even Mainframe processes. This activates and acts on and closes every cloud Legacy and local applications while extracting process and transferring data between data sources. The data sources can be structured or semi-structured including documents, applications or databases. You can also harness optical character recognition technology and embedded cognitive technology from Microsoft and Google to create the industry’s biggest automation footprint.

  • Desktop Automation
  • Web Automation
  • Business App Automation (SAP, Oracle Apps, PeopleSoft, SharePoint, Dynamics)
  • Screen Scraping
  • Mainframe Automation
  • Citrix Automation
  • Robotic API, RESTful web service
  • Auto Login Windows Session
  • Computer Vision-Based Automation
  • Email Automation
  • Intelligent OCR
  • Run Processes Under Locked Screen
  • Text Based Automation
  • Data Automation
  • Batch Execution Mode
  • Web Scraping
  • Office Automation
  • IT Automation

UiPath orchestrator

This is a management console, which licenses configures and deploys UiPath robots. It can assign automation and work lists to the robots and also schedule activities for the said robots. The orchestrator also handles all mission-critical enterprise responsibilities centrally. Such duties will include Asset Management, workload management, remote control, auditing and monitoring, and centralized reporting and logging. It also handles release management, particularly well.

  • Transaction Queue
  • Web-Based Control Panel
  • Centralized Scheduling
  • Integration Queue API
  • Fully auditable Execution Trace
  • Credential Management
  • Enhanced Exception Handling
  • Web-Based Control Center
  • Release Management
  • Process Monitoring
  • Remote Control
  • Fully Configurable Analytics and Dashboards

UiPath has several powerful benefits to offer enterprise-level uses which are unique to its product

It has the fastest and most dependable automation in the industry currently:

The UiPath also has the fastest speeds in automation. Automation processes happen three to four times faster than any other RPA product. Automation for Citrix is even higher with speeds going up to 9 times faster than other products available in the market. This is made possible through computer vision which enables robots to do real-time automatic adjustments for changes in the screen in the middle of robot activity. This will reduce downtime and maintenance significantly. When compared to other products there are the robots will not find the element but will come up with an exception and stop functioning.

Attended and unattended automation:

UiPath is also unique and its delivery of unattended and attended automation using individual enterprise RPA platform. Competing products which provide RPA neither provide attended automation or the ones that provide are restricted to executing a single process at a time.


This unique feature allows UiPath to maximize cost and operational efficiency by offering segregated and secure spaces for multiple users across departments in the organization such as HR, CFO, etc. It can also work across actual geographies without overriding automation within the same project.

Intelligent scheduling of process automation:

This feature in orchestrator can scale and prioritize work use and required robots on demand to meet service level agreements. And when automation is developed in UiPath studio and then placed in a queue they can be given priority levels or fixed deadlines for completion. Orchestrator will utilize such priorities and respective deadlines to arrange work queues and give each work assignments precedence which is relative. This can power intelligent scheduling and avoid an unprecedented spike in work volumes. Since such a spike can threaten service levels, this is a very useful feature to have.

Rest APIs to enable collaborative integration with Enterprise systems:

Integration is possible with any BPM ERP and DMS from Oracle and IBM along with new artificial intelligence Technologies. Organizations can integrate such systems using UiPath enterprise platform through the orchestrator feature. It can also use UiPath robots as a very efficient way to integrate with legacy systems which are non-API.

Industry’s largest community of RPA developers, education and certifications:

There is also free RPA training Through the UiPath Academy. This will give access to a global community of RPA experts handling 1 certification at a time. Also, UiPath certified training partners are fully authorized to offer on-site certified and completed advanced training.

The industry’s only available downloadable free trial:

UiPath also offers Community Edition that is free for customers to try out their product before making a decision to buy it. It has a thriving developer community exceeding the number of 120, 000 the world over. UiPath is looking to make a mark in the current marketplace to help speed up the digital revolution of our time.

Largest RPA and AI ecosystem:

UiPath partner ecosystem is extensive and worldwide. It includes Global support for implementation, certified training so that users can be self-sufficient and thrives on sustainability. There is also support for native integration with other innovative technologies that are up and coming. UiPath has extensible and open enterprise RPA platform that enables integrations which are pre-built, and drag and drop with other partner technologies. It can also allow inbound and outbound integration and provide a powerful product roadmap to unlock any opportunities for AI faster.


Native integration is also possible with NLP, OCR, and machine learning capabilities using Global Technologies that are at the forefront of innovation. UiPath provides a comprehensive solution for automating semi-structured data sources using intelligent optical character recognition. UiPath robots can also automatically interpret process and classify documents and forms which is non-standard.



Positioning yourself against the competition

UiPath is known to be the only RPA providers to be named as a star performer for two consecutive years by the Everest group in the RPA category in 2018. The Everest group has assessed UiPath as vendors for comprehensive market impact in terms of product capability, support, overall vision and other parameters. This is also in terms of market impact, vision and capability dimensions. UiPath emerged as RPA leader with the highest impact on consumer value delivered in time and across various industry domains and geography.

Client feedback from the product has indicated high levels of customer satisfaction with regard to the use of a product, use flexibility, robot development, product vision and roadmap and overall ease of deployment. Lots of positive feedback from customers in terms of support services and product training has also been clear globally. UiPath Studio is a feature rich integrated development environment and is proficient and enables one to design automation on a visual basis using the drag and drop editor. UiPath also enables hundreds of automation blocks which are predefined such as web scraping.

Reasoning -Process mining


March 2017 saw the Robotic Process Automation software provider UiPath being valued at 1 billion US dollars. This is a rare event for a company and such a company is called the Unicorn. UiPath has had a lot of teething problems initially and faced closure a number of times but has currently emerged as the Global leader in the RPA market. March 6 2017, saw UiPath receiving 153 million US Dollars in investment from series B funding, which puts its valuation to 1.1 billion US dollars. This funding was the culmination of a year of record growth and UiPath was named market leader by Forrester scoring the highest when evaluated for its Technology. The year 2017 also saw the organization’s enterprise customer base grow from hundred customers to over 700.  This pushed the organization’s annual revenue up by 7 times.

To sustain such massive growth this company went on an expansion spree of its Global presence. It doubled its workforce to, opening up offices in 10 countries. Japan was one of those countries. UiPath also has the special distinction of beginning development of a product, independently of the market which it knew very little about. UiPath is Romania’s very first Unicorn with the valuation over 1 billion US dollars having its origin in a company that was founded by UiPath see your CEO Daniel Dines and its Chief Technology Officer Marius Tirca. It was initially a software Outsourcing company. It started off at Delea Veche and its name was DeskOver, which built automation libraries and software development kits for organizations such as Microsoft, Google, and IBM so that they could embed them in their proprietary products. This all started in the year 2012, a startup company had only 10 employees and discovered the market for Robotic Process Automation and began to put together resources for constructing a platform for training software robots.

Computer vision


At UiPath, clients are major players across various industry verticals including Allianz, Dairy Farm group Huawei, Morning Star and BMW. The CEO of UiPath Daniel times has said that this company’s growth is the most unique in the world as it is in the enterprise software field.  This means that their investors have ever witnessed such a degree of growth from enterprise software other than the consumer type.

Market experts have generally considered 2017 as a stellar year for RPA as it emerged as an independent enterprise software category that almost matched the size, scope and impact of the database, ERPs, and security software. This supports markets, which are worth billions where massive technological conglomerates are concerned. UiPath is known for its quick response times in terms of getting back to specific customer needs.  As a company, it went the extra mile to meet customer expectation and surpass client standards for product and delivery teams.

UiPath’s Success in Japan

March 2017 saw UiPath becoming the first leading worldwide RPA vendor to establish a stronghold in Japan. UiPath has Japanese subsidiary UiPath K.K. and is led by its CEO Koichi Hasegawa. Currently, its popularity is considerable amongst Japanese organizations as the nation is coming across the major issues due to aging. The issue of aging would lead to the reduction of the workforce in the near future. RPA will support employees in offices and boost the productivity of Japanese organizations. It is also well suited to the Japanese work culture and its cultural nuances.  Japanese Enterprises are known to have well-organized enterprise processes and RPA can help its workforce adopts such processes relatively easier. Japanese working culture includes elements of meticulous attention to detail, dedication to customers’ needs and thoughtfulness. This means the requirement for manual tasks for various processes is a huge burden and hence would prove to be a major burden for employees. RPA will provide a great relief to such Japanese workers.

The CEO of UiPath’s Japanese division has said that the business sectors most receptive to the adoption of automation and RPA services are the Automotive and Banking sectors. This is because the banking system relies heavily on the efficient use of digital data in the current market scenario. Other business sectors are interested in enhancing business processes, including the automobile sector. But UiPath is perceived as a versatile tool irrespective of industry or domain.

The beginning of 2017 saw UiPath having three employees in the office and by the end of the year is 60 employees working in the UiPath Japan division. The first year of operation saw UiPath creating fully functional Japanese operations, which are meant for both local Japanese clients and global clients to meet Japanese client’s enterprise operation needs.

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Even though RPA markets are still considered up and coming, there is potential for massive growth and by the year 2024, this market is expected to grow to 8.7 billion US dollars. The CEO of UiPath Daniel Dines says that if you are a newcomer to a nascent market, they will be more advantageous than challenges. This is because you are permitted to establish market dominance and presence. Daniel also says there are new startups in the market that are trying to duplicate their RPA technology. And even if such companies succeed in building better versions of RPA Technology it is going to be extremely impossible to replace UiPath in its current market position.  This is because they have already built good relationships with other vendors and Enterprise level clients and they will always have more time to construct better Technology. Starting first in the market lets you get a head start in the race to market dominance and it is very difficult to catch up with, let alone displace a market leader.

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