Top 15 websites and Applications built with AngularJS

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Top 15 websites and Applications built with AngularJS

AngularJS is a JavaScript framework developed by Google to create dynamic web applications. Without depending on any other frameworks or plugins, AngularJS provides a complete solution to develop front-end based application. Some of the significant features add rich look to your web application. These include:

  • The concept of “Two Way Data binding” ensures that any modifications made in view are reflected in the model and vice versa.
  • It offers support to MVC (Model, View and Controller) architecture. The developer has to divide the components according to MVC and AngularJS handles the alignment.
  • JavaScript embedded in the model acts as an intermediary in controlling the flow of data between controller and view.

The 15 best websites and applications built with AngularJS are:

  1. YouTube for PS3

The most popular YouTube is built with AngularJS for a Sony PlayStation3. It is customized to support all types of videos and enables to watch and share videos to millions of users.


  1. is designed to give the most accurate weather reports from every part of the world.



This mobile application built with AngularJS helps to find the ratings of movies represented in a graphical form. GoodFilms application gives genuine reviews and can be shared with others.


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It is the world’s most preferred website by freelancers. Generally, employers post the projects and hire an efficient freelancer through bidding on the project.



Netflix provides internet streaming videos including latest movies, TV series on request. It also delivers DVD at your doorstep by placing request via mail.



Upwork is again a freelancing website. Employers can find the suitable freelancers through interviews and hire them to complete their projects.



The website provides a platform for many individuals to learn AngularJS. The site has videos, tutorials, case studies, and free course to promote learning.



Istockphoto has a vast collection of videos, images, and photo clips. These can be purchased at nominal prices.



Jetblue website is customized to manage all airline-related services in USA, including South America, Latin America and Caribbean.



Landsend is an e-commerce website, offers various apparels, home furnishings, accessories, and luggage items. The company has its head office in USA.


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WikiWand is the redesigning of Wikipedia. It gives a rich look with added features to improve the interaction between users and website.



MobileRoadie is the most renowned website that offers individuals a platform to create mobile applications without any knowledge of coding and iOS.


Posse, a mobile application brings the travellers closer. You can join a group of travelers who are heading towards the same location using the app.  It lets you explore the places too.



MealShaker is the right application to clear your dilemma of which place to eat. It gives information about restaurants around your vicinity.



MallZee is the shopping app, which brings a wide range of latest clothing collections and keeps you ahead of the fashion curve.


A modified version of HTML enables AngularJS to build web applications. The powerful AngularJS has improved web performance and high ratings that is not possible with other browsers.

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