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With the number of smartphone users across the world increasing with each passing day, the importance of sound web development cannot be stressed enough. Most companies in the IT sector have their hands in the mobile application development pie with recruiters in their respective enterprises rushing to find the best talent to fill the vacancies in mobile development.

AngularJS Training helps professionals to enhance the web development process greatly along with helping the Web Developers to create mobile applications in short period of time.

Off late, all major IT corporations have started to switch the applications to AngularJS to achieve a marked increase in proficiency and productivity along with impressive improvements in the overall performance of the web or mobile application. Since AngularJS is ahead of the pack by a mile it is wise to assume and act on the established fact that a certification in AngularJS will propel any professional into career success within a short duration of time.

With AngularJS being easy to learn and providing re-usability the tool is gaining momentum for its added value in preparing Single Page Applications (SPAs). Redundant coding is reduced with cross-platform compatibility, thus increasing the efficiency of web and mobile application development by a large exponent.

AngularJS2 training equips you with skills on ‘in demand’ client-side web technologies and helps you grab the top paying job titles and packages with AngularJS2, MEAN Stack skills, Client-side SPA, Typescript, and REST Communication.

The course will enable a professional to learn how modern day JavaScript using AngularJS2 and Typescript can be used to develop highly scalable, testable and fast web client-side code. A professional will also have a good insight of entire application development. Cloud first and Cross-platform development modes are stepping up in enterprises, the demand today and in the future is focused on SPA, RESTful, and not to forget easily maintainable, modular code, regardless of the server language.

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Added Advantages of taking AngularJS Certification

AngularJS is a JavaScript framework which is used when one wants to build a web application.  It supports two-way data binding and is mostly used for Single Page Applications (SPA) and uses dependency injection. While AngularJS runs completely in browser and has many benefits, the AngularJS application works in a similar way. Start to learn JavaScript; it was helpful to develop the web. AngularJS Training guides the professionals in an easy way. AngularJS training is useful for Web Developers and Mobile Application Developers. This helps professionals kick start their career in web and application development.

AngularJS provides unique and efficient techniques for developers to build single-page web applications.  For Web Developers developing new software AngularJS2, managed by Google is the best-in industry option with which web development can be carried out most efficiently.

Angular JS Customers

AngularJS not only helps the Developer transform the user experience into a highly smooth and hassle free one, mobile applications are made easier and more intuitive, than is possible with other JavaScript frameworks already available in the market. And as far as the performance goes, there are marked enhancements in the same.

AngularJS has reusable code, allowing the developers to write the code for the mobile application on IOS without ever exchanging UI for each platform that is worked on.

AngularJS is the main buzzword in Web application development today. AngularJS is dominating the world of JavaScript framework after its entrance into the marketplace within a short span of time. It calls itself as a “Super-heroic JavaScript Framework” and is living up to its name, thus making it a valuable skill for web development professionals to focus on.

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Who can learn AngularJS?

Professionals in web development who aspire to build expertise in building Single Page Applications (SPAs) and client applications by consuming REST APIs will gain from knowing AngularJS. Software Architects, Web Developers, Testing Professionals and Project Managers, are some of the professionals who will gain from learning AngularJS.

To begin with AngularJS, a professional should start learning the basics of JavaScript and if for are a designer it means that one should be well versed in HTML AND HTML5. It is also surprisingly easy to learn and ensure that it helps get job opportunities easily in IT sectors. It is good to start creating any existing application using the AngularJS tool, once a professional has learned the basics.

Why knowing AngularJS can make a big difference to your career

1. Job Market for JavaScript Developers

While there are several JavaScript frameworks, but AngularJS seems to be the market leader in this regard. According to, the international job portal, when compared to JavaScript frameworks like BackboneJS, EmberJS, and ReactJS with AngularJS, AngularJS is the clear leader in popularity. A comparison of the tools is given below in the form of a graph through the years until 2015.

Angular JS Comparison with Competitors


The progress of the job market for AngularJS has been mapped out by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, and to be going really well with great prospects for the future. The statistics for AngularJS in terms of usage and popularity when compared to its competitors is really impressive than its competitors. The difference between AngularJS and its competitors is so great that it make AngularJS seem like it holds a monopoly over other JavaScript libraries. The diagram below shows the market position of AngularJS in terms of popularity and traffic compared to the most popular JavaScript libraries.

Angular JS Market Position


The numbers of websites that are using AngularJS have steadily increased over the years. The diagram below shows the historical trend in the percentage of websites using AngularJS.

6 Reasons for a Web Developer to Learn AngularJS

2. Demand for Skilled AngularJS Developer

Demand for AngularJS has become so high that it has become an essential skill for developers. According to Tom Renda, VP of Eliassen Group in New England, if Web Developers have Hadoop skill in their resume along with AngularJS, they are highly sought after in the Big Data and Analytics domain.

3. Massive Pay Packages

Since the JavaScript Developer job market is growing, so is their pay package. According to, the average salary for AngularJS professionals is $92,920 USD per annum. This is about 70% higher than the average salaries for all job postings nationwide.

Angular JS Salaries in the US                                                                                                   

The image given below image represents the salary trends of AngularJS and JavaScript professionals.

Angular JS Salary Trend


4. Rising Popularity of AngularJS

Since 2011 AngularJS has been associated with Google and has earned itself a great amount of popularity. Angular has gained immense popularity after its association with Google in 2011. Since then, companies like Amazon, Google, YouTube, Salesforce, Nike and Virgin, America have been actively using AngularJS in their projects facing. This is because AngularJS offers a viable solution to complex problems that have overwhelmed web development since the beginning of JavaScript client-side coding.

AngularJS Market Share


AngularJS has a lot of advantages that can be used to leverage skill by Web Developers. With the dawn of JavaScript, the programmer is now empowered with a dynamic client-side programming language.

Angular JS Popular website Verticals


AngularJS has, in a manner of speaking, revolutionized the world of web development with its Single Page Application, where additional content can be loaded on to the same page without the user really making out the difference of being on the same page.

Some ground-breaking features of AngularJS that made it so popular are as mentioned below

  • The two-way data binding greatly reduces the amount of boilerplate code.
  • Unit testing is provided, and the context-based communication is supported as well.
  • Helps greatly in packaging and deploying applications to mobile devices and the web.
  • There is no need to use observable functions.
  • Designers and developers can work simultaneously as HTML is used for templating.
  • Utilizes best programming practices.
  • Makes testability easy.
  • It is simple to modify, alter or append properties without any unforeseen complications.
  • The Software can be developed in a relatively short time and with much lesser effort out into development.
  • The framework comes provided with a complete package, implying that, a data-based web app can be built without the necessity for any other framework or plug-in.

How popular is AngularJS?

This report by W3techs, A tech survey firm, displays the market share data and usage statistics of AngularJS on the web. It shows the historical trend in the percentage of websites using AngularJS. The graph shown below displays a steady rise in the last one year and shows signs of progressing further. These are clear indicators of its increasing popularity.

Usage of Angular JS


AngularJS2 and why it is such an anticipated release

Experts have stated that Google is in the process of increasing its investment in AngularJS by doubling the size of the AngularJS development team. AngularJS2 is creating a lot of buzz in the global tech space by partnering with Microsoft and leveraging the well-established TypeScript language, making it a much-anticipated release. Angular 2.0 simplifies many of the earlier concepts, making it easier to learn. Also, the new version leverages Web standards like Web Components that ensure that AngularJS2 will continue to work well with newer technologies in the coming years. Currently, AngularJS2 is available only as an Alpha preview version. But everyone in the coding fraternity is awaiting its stable release with baited breath. Here are some of the reasons why,

  • The new AngularJS2 version will concentrate on the development of mobile applications.
  • AngularJS2 will target ES6 and evergreen modern browsers.
  • In AngularJS2 there will be three kinds of directives – Component Directives, Decorator Directives and Template Directives.
  • $scopewill be eliminated in AngularJS2 in favor of ES6 classes.
  • In AngularJS2, the template compilation process will be asynchronous.
  • The router in AngularJS2 has been reworked to be simple, yet extensible.
  • AngularJS2 will include a logging service called js, which measures where time is spent in your application.
  • The enhanced DI library will feature instance scope control.
  • Various modules will be removed from Angular’s core, resulting in better performance.
  • AtScript provides tools for associating metadata with functions.

There is a lot of excitement and buzz around AngularJS2 at the moment and this will only heighten as its release date nears.

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The strongest Unique Selling Proposition of AngularJS is that there are really no drawbacks other than the initial learning curve and the component setup. Learning and getting trained and certified in AngularJS is a great investment and is well worth the effort and is easily projected to pay a large remuneration in terms of productivity and the eventual bottom line as the application matures.  If you are thinking of getting started in your career as the web and mobile application developer, Go get started with AngularJS2 Training today!


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