Why do People Want to Get SAP Certification?

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Why do People want to get SAP CertificationSAP certification is currently the most demanding certifications in the Information Technology world. It has created a fantastic buzz among the IT experts in each corner of the world. SAP certification is one of the most evaluated certifications; therefore various candidates are dreaming of SAP and wanted to make a career in this field. SAP certification is the most successful and effective IT certifications from the past few years. SAP certification has provided job opportunities to millions of candidates worldwide. However, there are several top certification providers such as Microsoft, Cisco, Sun, and Oracle, but still, the candidate’s wants to get certified in SAP. In the present market trend SAP certification is the number one product-based IT certification. The number of people joining for SAP certification all through the globe has set a target for other certifications.

SAP was initiated in the year 1972 with the aim of creating enterprise resource solutions which will boost data management and work procedures in organizations. SAP had started its drive with inventory management, but now it is progressing by developing different ERP modules to carry out various work procedures in organizations. Presently, SAP has a software system in almost every department of an organization like SAP SD, i.e., Sales and Distribution module for the sales department, SAP payroll module for the payroll team, SAP FICO, i.e. Financial Accounting module for the finance team and many more modules. SAP intends to manage data from a single unified system, and the objective is fulfilled with the help of SAP’s various modules. The implementation of SAP is complex and challenging and thus requires enough knowledge and experience in handling SAP systems to manage multiple SAP modules. SAP certification plays an essential role in creating your expert knowledge in the universal market. It confirms your skill to utilize SAP systems for handling enormous databases and expert skills on SAP reporting. Presently, most of the candidates want to achieve SAP certification due to the following reasons.

1. Occupation or Job: Well, this is one of the main reasons. Most of the people are registering for SAP certification with an expectation of getting a decent job in the SAP field. There are various examples which demonstrate that numerous people have got a good career in SAP based on their SAP certification. Several people have achieved professional success and supported various top Global companies. With the help of SAP certification, they moved from remote areas to one of the best cities in the world. The success stories of SAP certified candidates have also inspired and motivated their friends, colleagues, and juniors with the hope of repeating the same success stories. Most of the candidates believe that they can get a good job in the SAP field and the job will turn their next generation’s prosperity. Due to this reasons, the people are ready to switch their current job and want to get SAP certification to break into SAP world.

2. Money: Many candidates who are registering for SAP certifications believe that it a better way of long term investment. They want to invest in this field with an expectation of fetching a good amount of return on investment (ROI). Some of the people believe that SAP certification can be a Millions of Jackpot in their lives. Well, this is true to some point because numerous consultants have observed fast growth in their professional careers. The market is volatile, and with the growing demand of experts, some of the employers believe that SAP certification is a good way of assessing the people’s knowledge. Thus, with this objective, the employers are looking for a more experienced SAP certified consultants. The expectation of getting a great amount of salary is motivating and encouraging people for the SAP certification.

3. Reputation: SAP certified consultants will have an unbelievable status in the organization. The SAP certified people will relish this superior reputation from their managers, friends, and associates. To become a certified consultant, the SAP consultant will imagine this kind of reputation in the society and encourage themselves to a greater extent. The example of a reputation that is being enjoyed by numerous people is one of the motivating features for doing the SAP certification. Everyone would like to see themselves as successful and reputed individuals and professionals in their lives; thus, reputation is one of the primary encouraging features for people go for SAP certification.

4. Recognition: The SAP certified consultant will get a distinctive recognition with their company and potential employers. Many employers will publish their jobs by mentioning that “SAP certification is compulsory and it’s a value-added advantage”. There are numerous jobs in the market with these statements. These statements will inspire many SAP job hoping candidate to get them certified.  SAP provides Logos, ID cards to the candidates who have completed SAP certification. The candidate will have enthusiasm for these logos and ID cards to include in their resumes and showing ID cards to the public. With the help of these logos and ID cards, the candidates are fetching good recognition from the recruiters.

5. Prospects: SAP certification provides candidates with a bolster in their career and thus unlocks many job prospects. The SAP certified candidate’s marketability has enhanced greatly. Everyone will talk about their astonishing accomplishment. Well, this is similar to get a driving license and recognized to drive on the road. People consider that one such opening will change their future. They can use these opportunities as an advantage in a professional career, by working hard to achieve their professional objectives. The candidate has faith that the SAP certification will provide them with various job prospects. This is one of the expecting reasons to go for SAP certification.


6. Promotion: In the initial thriving days of SAP, various managers have encouraged the certified consultants in their organizations. The SAP certified candidates in those days have gained several benefits form their employers and utilized SAP certification as a step to achieve the top hierarchies at a quicker rate. The number of certified consultants is increased on a higher scale within the market; however, the companies in distant zones find difficulty in getting qualified consultants and therefore, motivating their workforce to go for SAP certification. Even existing employees of a particular organization will go for SAP certification to enhance their career.

7. Prestige: Numerous people believe that having SAP certification gives them respect and reputation in their life in a similar way which most of the people achieve by having a BMW car, or a deluxe bungalow, or a Nikon high-end DSLR, etc. Well, SAP certification is only a piece of A4 size paper, but still, it is a prestige symbol for many people. You may find several parents and family members proudly saying that their son or daughter is SAP certified. Thus, this symbol of prestige is a strong reason for someone to get the SAP certification.

8. Prove: Well, this is another reason to get an SAP certification. In some organizations, there may be some employers or managers, who do not give importance to their precious employees or failed to treat them with respect. The people have to work with such unfortunate and obstinate employers, who never care about them. These types of people will never miss any opportunity to de-motivate the candidate to a great extent. Indirectly, these types of employers or managers are also great motivators. In order to prove themselves, the candidates would opt for SAP certification. This may be a strange reason to go for SAP certification, but there are large numbers of such certified people.

9. Self-Respect: Self-respect is other reasons which motivate people to register themselves for SAP certification. SAP certification is a confidence promoter; thus the candidate with SAP certification will get a lot of self-respect for them. The SAP certified candidate feel special among the people due to the recognition and reputation they got from SAP certification.  A person can develop self-respect in many ways, but having a certification from a reputed organization like SAP, will offer them a robust sense of responsibility and self-respect.

10. Benefits: Well, there are some kind employers in a few organizations, who sponsor their employee’s education. They take great effort, to assign training budget and train their employees on the significant skills. Some people in the organization are unable to invest their own money for certification. Getting sponsor by the organization will encourage and motivate them to get certified. Thus, many lucky employees are working with such employers and get easily motivated to grab the opportunity for SAP certification.


SAP certification is one of the most popular and recognized certification worldwide. It helps you to confirm your SAP expertise in the global market. In order to achieve SAP certification, a candidate should qualify the SAP certification exam which requires a lot of training and sufficient SAP skills. SAP certification also helps employees to enhance their SAP skills. It also boosts job performance of the individual towards achieving organizational goals.

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