Why SAP jobs are highly paid?

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Why SAP jobs are highly paid?SAP is the most extensively used ERP systems nowadays. It is an exciting field that offers several challenging jobs and demands experienced and advanced skills professionals. The candidates with SAP skills are in huge demand and cannot found easily. Due to the shortage of qualified and experienced SAP experts, the SAP ERP software provides the candidate with a benefit of high pay and excellent career growth as compared to other IT professional’s jobs. The organization mainly wants a software product which best meets their requirements concerning product cost, enhancement in productivity and the efficiency that it will boost. SAP products are created in such a way which better satisfy all needs of the companies. The organizations adopting SAP are observing better return on investment, i.e., ROI and are primarily fortune 500 or large multinational companies. These enterprises are offering high salary package for their consultants.

SAP is a Germany based software company and helping around 388,000 customers. SAP is growing its business rapidly; due to this companies are fascinating towards this ERP software. The market share is increasing for SAP, and thus it is creating excellent job prospect; therefore the demand for SAP skilled candidates are growing day by day.

The requirement of Qualified People for critical SAP Projects:

While most ventures are saving with the pay limitations for their workers and need to save money, the risk of a failed implementation for an organization could demonstrate more costly than a set of hiked pay bundles they would offer for their employees. In a current business ecosystem, the partners and top managerial staff in an organization will watch out for investment in the project and its associated risks, and because the potential ROI is excessively critical to disregard, the companies begin with a higher salary package for SAP professionals right from the beginning.

The organizations recruit the well-trained candidates from the beginning and pay them significantly more so that they make sure that unqualified project experts should not hinder the success of the project. Such is the ROI that it starts to appear in a critical position sheet in only months than years!

The organizations executing SAP are an entrenched association with high investment and turnover. The prominent association usually pays their employees a big salary for their services rendered. SAP is not so easy to implement, and thus it requires excellent training and advanced skills to carry out configurations. Due to the challenging nature of job SAP employees are getting more benefits. SAP provides economic benefits and many opportunities to visit foreign countries because the implementation can only be carried out at the client’s location thus the consultants are frequently traveling to overseas for implementation and support. With the help of these experiences, the candidate can groom their skills and make themselves a good participant in the current market.

Reasons why SAP Professionals get high salary:

Most of the candidates who are looking for a job want to get SAP certification because it provides a fantastic salary. SAP ERP system is currently the most widely used ERP due to which an SAP consultant gets lots of opportunities. The high use of SAP in large organizations has offered a bright future for the SAP consultants. As compared to the other IT professionals SAP consultants are paid higher salary due to different reasons:

1. The growing demand of SAP experts: Even though there are numerous SAP experts available in the market, but still there is a lack of trained, skilled and qualified SAP professionals which in turn increases the demand of the SAP professionals. Because of this reason, the companies are eager to hire qualified SAP professionals at the highest salary packages.

2. Demand-Supply ratio: The all-pervasive dynamics of demand and supply shows that if the supply is high, then the demand is low and vice versa. In the case of SAP, the supply of SAP experts is decidedly less from the perspective of an enterprise. This, in turn, increases the demand of trained SAP professionals in the market. Thus, the employers are ready to pay the extra to achieve the need of highly trained SAP employees.

3. Growing ROI of Companies: The companies are paying a higher salary to SAP consultant so that their Return on Investment, i.e., ROI increases over the time frame and the expense can be handled with intensified performance.

4. The challenging task: Well, the SAP consultant has to perform quite challenging tasks which refine their learning and enhances growth rate, as this is the primary person of any organization. SAP consultant has to take care of all the critical tasks because a small error will result in billions of wastage. Due to this reason, the career of the SAP consultant is gratifying.

5. Implementation of SAP in high budget companies: SAP’s implementation is usually carried out in enterprises with high budgets or the large-scale enterprises as compared to the smaller enterprises. The large companies are capable of paying their employees with a massive salary package as compared to the small scale companies. Due to this reason, the SAP consultants are getting an attractive salary package than the other IT fields.

6. Employee’s Education: A modern study shows that the qualification and education level matters a lot in the employee’s salary increment. But it would be an added advantage if you get the experience in the SAP field; this will add more value to resume.median salary by job function

Advanced research by prominent technological research corporations has shown that:

  • Salary drifts for SAP individuals are much higher for high expenditures enterprises, their partners and integrators than the organizations utilizing SAP or SAP clients.
  • Research has also specified that the educational sketch of a candidate plays an essential role in gaining SAP jobs as well as hikes after achieving the SAP job.

The average salary of SAP consultant is indeed very high as compared to other IT professional. There is a scarcity of skills in the SAP domain worldwide which is influencing SAP customers, partners and finally SAP AG itself. A candidate can achieve significant benefit from the relatively high salaries to SAP professionals, no matter whether it is a full-time or contractual position in the SAP domain. Such a salary even trumps the salary offered to an IT specialist. As a market leader in the current market situation, SAP rules the branch when it comes to enterprise application software. Due to this reason, SAP is the most popular and became the top career choice amongst the students and professionals.

Well, there are different kinds of SAP consultant such as:

  • Sales/Business Consultants: The sales or business consultant is responsible for getting the projects from the customers. Such professionals generally won’t have much knowledge of SAP.
  • SAP Functional Consultants: SAP functional consultant is responsible for modifying the software according to the clients’ requirements. They help in designing the ABAP programs.
  • SAP Basis Consultants: These consultants are engaged in the installation, performance tuning and maintenance of SAP databases and servers.

If an SAP professional does not able to perform well, it can directly affect the organization by manipulating its critical functions like inventory, sales and distribution, and finance. Due to the poor implementation of SAP ERP software, if a business is incapable of having the correct inventory planning it can’t fulfill the consumer’s requests on time and thus will result in loss of business.

SAP Market and Salary: In the past year, SAP has reduced Greenfield implementation activity. It has also moved the SAP expertise demand to transformation activities to improve already existing SAP landscapes which may be out-dated. SAP has observed a high demand in various divisions like utilities, manufacturing, and government sectors. The first industry expected to such increased demand is the mining sector which has shown passive demand because product prices have remained soft with most projects in this sector has reached the development phase.

The SAP roles which are currently in huge demands involve:

  • Senior Functional Consultants and Solution Architects
  • Business Analysts
  • Data Analytics Consultants
  • Integration/PI Consultants
  • Data Migration

The most appreciated skill ranges for SAP professionals include:

  • PI/PO
  • HANA
  • SuccessFactors

The demanding SAP consultants should have excellent communication skills which support for customer engagement. They are also expected to understand, articulate, and create enterprise concentrated solutions and market benefits of the mentioned solutions. Such type of participation in the enterprise will exceed and go beyond the simple execution of the technology solution at hand. From a technical point of view, SAP experts should be familiarizing with cloud, integration, digital and mobile world.  The demand for what can be described as commodity-based learning can be easily offshored and outsourced. Examples for this include Basis and ABAP.

The evolving skill areas for SAP professionals in which market specialist expect future sustainable demand are:

  • HANA
  • Ariba, SuccessFactors, Hybris
  • Mobility/Digital
  • Integration (cloud to cloud, cloud to on-premise of both SAP and competitor products)
  • Simple Finance and Logistics cloud solutions

It is worth noticing that permanent vacancies result mostly from erosion in the SAP domain, with most enterprises looking towards a permanent appointment with a fixed end-date. Organizations are observing implementing gradually flexible employee solutions with a combination of offshore and onshore supply which in turn can be sourced from a partner, internal, direct and agency resource groups; this enables enterprises to scale up willingly or down possessions as enterprise needs would require.

Sizzling spots in the SAP Market

According to the Managing Director of SAP worldwide, the senior functional consultants and solution architects are in high demand in the IT market. Data migration experts, integration and PI developers, CRM specialist, and business analyst are also in much demand nowadays.

Recruiters across the globe are demanding for module-focused skills about SAP HANA, SAP Business Planning and Consolidation (BPC), SAP BI, and Business Objects, SAP Business Rule Framework Plus, SAP CRM, and Fiori and many more.

Also, there is a robust demand for manufacturing-related skills in SAP WM, MM, APO, and QMPP in the existing market.


SAP has occupied every layer of the enterprise, improving conservative business processes by simplifying process flows. By considering the continuous evolution of SAP products and their compatibility with current enterprise structure SAP has become a complete requirement for growing businesses to adopt SAP to stay competitive in the changing IT market. This means that SAP experts will observe an exponential increase in their salary packages which are maintainable and advanced. SAP is very demanding technology nowadays and has some of the best modules to make careers such as SD, MM, SCM, FICO, ABAP, BASIS, HCM, and HANA. If a candidate has experience in any of these modules, he will get better salary package which will get enhance with experience.

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