Reasons why SAP HANA is the Best Career move

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SAP HANA is the Best Career move

With the development of digital technology, today’s world becomes more creative and dazzling. The development of future technologies and systems leads to the digital world improvisation and enhancement of its database. The key factors, which constitute the enhancement in the digital world, are minimizing the time required to transform the entire prototype to a product, implementing portability and regulating the components utilized. In addition, these factors influenced in the standard growth in the mobile industries.

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Enhancing Digital World

Enhancing Digital World

Our digital world is obscured with huge interface, databases as well as high-end applications. There is no doubt that this is very difficult to sustain such a globalized environment. Improvising in the digital world probably depends on the progress in the processing architecture and capability of its interfaces and database. Similar to other technologies, portability and speed are considered as the main factor for the success of this technology. Today’s world requires these features in every product, which are resulted from the IT industry.

Currently, Deutschsprachige SAP-Anwendergruppe, German User Group (DSAG) conference on recent progress in science and technology focused mainly on the cloud computing, SAP HANA, and analytics. Experts have stated that SAP HANA would have great impact and contribution in the development of Information Technology.

Implementing, improvising, processing, architecture and artificial intelligence, SAP HANA has made a tremendous impact in the industry of database management. The main reason for SAP HANA to develop as an effective database management system is its capacity to achieve complex data processes like real-time applications and analytics.

This database management system has the ability to efficiently analyze the data, which is stored in the real-time setup. It also supports to achieve the conclusion in the real-time and analytics decisions. It can able to evaluate the vast database from wide range data with dazzling accuracy and flow.

This system also offers an outstanding basement for developers at the time of developing a wide range of enterprise applications. SAP HANA can quicken the application’s computation speed by reducing or eliminating the unwanted processing layer identified from the real world analytics. In addition, this system enhances the confidentiality of the applications by decreasing as well as increasing the security constraints based on the real world analytics. This shows that it is worth to learn about SAP HANA and it includes many things to aware. The following details provide you some essential details that you should aware about this system.

Introduction to SAP HANA

Introduction to SAP HANA

SAP HANA also known as SAP High-Performance Analytic Appliance is a technology that is specially designed to handle structured data from the databases, SAP applications, non-SAP applications and other systems quickly. With this system, it is possible to use three modes if data replications based on the data sources, including ETL-based, log-based and trigger based. The structured data that is relocated is stored in memory directly. This feature allows accessing the data quickly by the SAP HANA real-time applications.

This in-memory platform allows processing high volume data in real the world. It allows the professionals, especially data analyst to access large volumes of data. The in-memory database infrastructure of HANA prevents the analyst from overwhelming tasks like the necessity to write back or load data. The column-based data store of HANA is ACID obedient. It supports industry standards like MDX (multidimensional expressions) and SQL (Structured Query Language).

It also comprises a programming component, which allows IT department of the company to develop and execute personalized application programs on the apex of SAP HANA. In addition, it also serves as the suite of spatial, predictive as well as text analytics libraries. SAP HANA allows the analysts to access real world transactions and operational data since it has the ability to function in parallel to a SAP ERP application source. This feature benefits the analysts in the way that they do not need to pause their work for a weekly or daily report to execute. The companies can deploy SAP HANA on-site like an appliance.

This next generation business suite brings together the following things:

  • Mobile experience
  • Social media
  • Business transactions
  • Collaborative business
  • Advanced analytics
  • Design connections

There is a wide range of use cases that is supported by SAP HANA for real world analytics. The following are some of the examples:

  • Fraud detection as well as security
  • Monitoring as well as optimizing telecommunication network
  • Profitability and forecasting
  • Retail and supply chain optimization
  • Energy use monitoring and optimization
  • Demand for HANA professionals

The professionals who are expertise in the HANA database management finds great demand in the today’s job market. On the other hand, there are only very few professionals who meet the demand of the SAP HANA requirement. Since it is a demanding profession, right candidates who belong to this demanding domain are possible to receive an average salary in the range of $51,994 – $145,093.

Advantages of SAP HANA

Advantages of SAP HANA

Here are some of the notable benefits of SAP HANA.

With the feature of real-world insights into action, it is possible to make decisions or conclusions in no time. It includes the ability of faster reporting and analysis; hence, it is simple to accelerate the main business process. With leveraging groundbreaking solutions, it is possible to make fresh business processes. It has reduced the TCO (Total Cost of Ownership), hence, it needs less hardware, testing, and maintenance.

With SAP HANA, the function date can be taken into memory when the business works as usual. HANA provides a flexible view that discloses the analytical data details, at a high speed. With this system, it is feasible to append external data with the analytic models in order to extend the analysis throughout the complete organization. This system allows the companies to immediately research as well as examine their entire data (including analytical and transactional) virtually from any data kind of data source in real the world.

It offers significant progress in the low latency between analytical and operational data stores, query performance, reduced management overhead, reduced preparation time, reduced loading time, reduces cost, reduced complexity, better TCO ratio, and price or performance ratio when compared to conventional data warehouses.

Recently, SAP introduced SAP BW that runs on the HANA as an assistant configuration. Currently, this product is a limited release. It also announced that they have the intention to bring pre-built app on the SAP HANA. Michael Krigsman, Asuret CEO states that if business customers understand the huge value of HANA, sure they will demand their IT departments to buy HANA.

What makes HANA different?


SAP HANA is fundamentally different by its design. It used to store the entire data in-memory, compressed and in columnar format. Since HANA is too fast, indexes, sums, aggregates and materialized views are not needed.  This can minimize the footprint of the database by 95 percent. In HANA, the whole thing is calculated on the fly, on-demand and in main memory.  This feature allows the companies to execute OLTP as well as analytics applications in parallel without any constraints.

A major benefit is that the SAP HANA built answers to entire issues related to columnar databases including concurrency (since HANA uses MVCC) and row level update and insert performance (since HANA uses a wide range of mechanisms like delta store).

In addition to these features, SAP appended a set of engines with HANA to offer data virtualization, functionality, search, text analysis, graph, geospatial and the web. It also supports open standards such as JSON, REST, ODBO, JDBC, MDX, and ODBC. It offers superior functionality as like an IBM software track or Whole Oracle in one database.

Learn SAP HANA from Experts

Applications Run on SAP HANA


Bill McDermott, the CEO of SAP states that the SAP HANA can be attached to the whole thing we have.   Now, almost all the SAP applications can run on the platform of SAP HANA.  Most notable applications are:

  • Business Suite (CRM, ERP, SCM, PLM)
  • SAP BW Data Warehouse

Data services, Business Objects Enterprise and SAP Lumira are some BI Suite which is specially intended to run on this platform.

Here are some of the applications, which are powered by HANA:

  • SAP Assurance & Compliance Software
  • SAP Collection Insight
  • SAP Customer Engagement Intelligence
  • SAP Accelerated Trade Promotion Planning
  • SAP Tax Declaration Framework
  • SAP Liquidity Risk Management
  • SAP Convergent Pricing Simulation
  • SAP Operational Process Intelligence
  • SAP Demand Signal Management

How is HANA the best suited for resolving ERP performance problems?


This system offers businesses the capacity to achieve difficult calculations quicker than ever. It also supports successful deployment. It is capable of functioning large volume of the date that supports to solve performance issues of ERP. The best use cases of HANA include countless of simple table contents and data structures, which must be searched, aggregated and joined.  The most successful SAP HANA use case continues to offer rapid ERP profitability of products without any management issues of the business re-engineering functions as well as data aggregation. That means any kind of huge data list can be formed by simply downloading several tables utilizing transactions SE16. The feature of removing latency between implementing of data in enterprise resource planning and the reporting process is considered as the most adventurous advantage of SAP HANA.

On the other hand, it should be noted that poorly selected use cases of SAP HANA compromise the result. For instance, situations with complex transformation rules or difficult business logics like currency translation, time-dependent logic, and alphanumeric conversion are not an ideal fit for HANA.

Essential Skills for Deploying SAP HANA

essential skills for deploying SAP HANA

Most of the risk comprised in the deployment of SAP HANA can be diminished by engaging in fixed-cost and pre-defined installation. By this contract, SAP commits to a fast-paced installation of HANA in a couple of weeks. The following items are the scope of this contract:

  • Installing as well as fixing HANA in combination with the SAP hardware partner
  • Installing as well as fixing of one kind of replication including SAP Landscape Transformation, Sybase Replication server or SAP Business Objects Data Service
  • Setting up and handling SAP HANA at the time of customer knowledge transfer
  • Making a data model, which attaches it to any one of SAP Business Suite apps
  • The front-end reporting device like SAP Business Objects Explorer or Microsoft Excel
  • It claims that it accelerates analytics and applications on a combining databases as well as single, in-memory platform, data processing, and application platform capabilities

HANA as an Analytical Appliance

HANA as an Analytical Appliance

The BW accelerator situation is the entry point or the most common scenario for first time HANA adaptation into a company. However, HANA includes something more to provide than BW acceleration. With a super fast in-memory database as its features, native analytics that is built on the SAP HANA can accelerate any process, which needs abundant analytical processing power. In addition, a large number of SAP analytical applications are emerging to use HANA as its own database, including Predictive Analysis and Lumira. HANA provides new outstanding possibilities to those who are requiring additional or crunching power.

HANA for Real-Time business


When compared to other analytical applications like Teradata Aster, IBM Netezza, and HP Vertica, HANA is specially designed to serve equally and an OLTP (business transaction database). Even though a business suite of SAP on HANA is quite new, it is common to come across ever raising business applications of SAP which will be adjusted to the functions on HANA.

With HANA, the real world business processes offer a new level of chances for business. For instance, e-commerce transactions or real world processing of POS, real-time maintenance and service processes or real world call center operations facilitates a completely new way of appealing to customers. In addition, the former transaction process, including recording -> analysis -> segmentation -> advertisement will be changed to fully customized and real-time product.

SAP HANA as a Big Data platform


The feature that makes HANA a more powerful big data platform is the data amount, which it can store and the amount of speed that involves in job execution. Certainly, data management is the major deliberation with HANA when it comes to big data. Going forward, being capable of concluding whether a data is allocated to in-memory or disk will be the next important step in the architecture of the HANA.

The advantage of offering closed-loop analytics are the most powerful HANA feature as a big data framework. This proves that it is possible to couple the big data analysis with the business process.

Is SAP HANA the right user choice?


It will be impossible to evade HANA in this SAP ecosystem. In addition, it will be tricky to carry out the business process and customer engagement in the future without HANA. Hence, as a customer, it will be ideal to explore what are the opportunities that HANA offer for you.

In case you are a SAP customer, soon you will need to adopt HANA. Inevitably, more than 14,000 customers who use SAP adopted HANA BW today. Since HANA become so associated with the SAP Business Suite, more customers are willing to involve in this migration. Hence, if you decided to utilize SAP Business Suite continuously, there are more benefits awaiting for you if you would adopt HANA. Most customers are puzzled with whether this is the right time for HANA adoption or they should wait for some time. However, the simple answer for their confusion is that it is wise to begin their HANA adaptation as soon as possible, in case they have an excellent business case in their organization that requires this migration.

In case, you already own BW license without HANA software, then the cost of this HANA appliance comes with a few thousand dollars. However, on the other hand, if you are not having BW currently, then starting the process for HANA adoption might not be a wise decision for your enterprise. In case your organization comprises following features, then you should seriously consider BW on SAP HANA:

  • Analytic applications or reports, which run very slowly to offer an optimal business advantage and your business require 5 to 10000 times of performance enhancement
  • Unacceptable downtimes (data warehouse is unavailable because of necessity to load data)
  • A frequent requirement to monitor current as well as up-to-the-moment data
  • A frequent requirement to develop new analytical applications and reports; however, it struggles to handle BW as well as keep it working under the changing based on user demands.

Reasons for Learning SAP HANA

Start learning SAP HANA

SAP, the commercial software company has introduced the HANA (High-performance analytic appliance), the quicker data processing software. This software combines a large amount of precious data and creates relevant and desired results for the users at a faster pace. In case the volume of data that a business requires to handle raises beyond the limit of conventional data analysis, the SAP HANA software remains as an ideal choice to enhance the data processing capabilities of the company. With the advent of a notable amount of abundant SAP HANA training institute, it had become simple to implement this. Companies can rapidly implement this technology because SAP training programs include various sorts of training packages.

This system remains as the effective alternative for the time-consuming and traditional structure of data analysis as the compilation of superior memory hardware and software from SAP partner supports to evaluate more than one kind of data sources rapidly even from huge data volumes. By applying SAP HANA technologies, it becomes very simple to handle as well as evaluate huge volumes of data in a cost-effective and fast pace manner. Further, it decreases the difficulty of data manipulation and data management. It can raise the profit of a company that has structured the system; since it makes it very simple to determine the successful sales openings across the sales associated with data accurately.

SAP offers various choices for using its information. Being trained to structure SAP to match the requirements and circumstances on where the system is planned to be implemented is essential for utilizing the system successfully.

Is SAP HANA offers good career opportunities?

SAP HANA offers good career opportunities

Are you a Data analyst or Data scientist, and looking for SAP HANA training? Well, you must be clear about whether the SAP HANA offers a good career path to follow. Of course, it is inevitably true that the SAP HANA offers an excellent career option.

SAP today serves as the biggest performer in the data analysis and business intelligence domains. Authenticated SAP HANA course programs offer you the entire vital skills and make you a full packed SAP professional. At the completion of this course, your knowledge and skills will be in high demand in organizations in various domains.  In case, if you are interested in data with SAP HANA, then it is wise to go for SAP Business Object and SAP BI/BW that offers you unquestionable benefits. In addition, you’ll get a chance to understand:

  • Data Replication
  • Data Warehousing concepts
  • Provisioning
  • Data Connectivity
  • ABAP Dataflow
  • Real-time data analysis
  • Business intelligence methodologies

Having in-depth knowledge, strong fundamentals and wide experience in SAP HANA allows the profession to proficiently utilize the Database Management tool. With this, they can achieve good salary package and reach a new height in this domain.

Another important reason to state that SAP HANA includes great career track as SAP includes limitless of current customers, as well as much more are expected to move to HANA in future. Hence, there will be more demand for HANA experts in the future.

In addition, the HANA architecture supports new requirement and innovation of business by offering speed, scalability, and functionality. Hence, those who are interested in learning HANA reporting and modeling will find a tremendous change in their career. SAP HANA information modeling also called as HANA Data modeling is the key part of the application development of HANA. You can make modeling views on the apex of database tables. You can also form business logic in order to make a meaningful report.

According to expert analyst Joshua Greenbaum, SAP HANA in-memory platform not only includes faster performance but also it offers some interesting stuff beyond that. There is no wonder that plain, simple and faster are the baseline innovations of HANA.

SAP HANA Training and Certifications

SAP HANA online training and certification

Nowadays, there are several numbers of educational organizations providing exclusive learning and training programs on demanding SAP HANA domain. Top IT companies across the world prefer to recruit professionals who have completed such training programs in order to meet their forthcoming demand.

Generally, the training institute provides the SAP HANA training in two different ways,  the conventional classroom methodology that offers certification training with instructor live. Another way is the online training methodology. In this method, the student is allowed to learn SAP HANA skills online. In today’s scenario,  it is the most convenient and popular. This method involves e-learning via an online institution paid by a tuition or subscription. The SAP HANA training advantages the candidates by coaching them to access the system as well as enhancing their employable values and skills.


With the up-to-the-moment warehouse data, substantial performance enhancements, reduced complexity, reduced operating costs and other significant advantages of HANA, it seems possible that HANA will have considerable appeal as well as uptake in the customer base of SAP. Customers of SAP BW should consider at SAP HANA as the enhanced database utilization for HANA hence started piloting or planning for a HANA adaptation. SAP integrators and consultants should expect a demand for HANA expertise in both short-term as well as long-term.

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