SAP HANA Skills Required in Future

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SAP HANA Skills Required in Future

Vowing to the efficiency of processing huge business data in a few seconds, SAP HANA is becoming the most sought after Database Management System (DBMS) for most of the companies today. A lot of companies that use ERP systems that come from SAP, are finding HANA very compatible. Thus, companies who are using SAP functional tools are plugging in HANA. As a result, the jobs in HANA are increasing.

On the same note, the in-memory architecture and efficiency of SAP HANA has drawn attention of Fortune 500 companies who are handling enormous data on a daily basis. The growth curve of installation and usage of HANA is rising. Henceforth, the technology has become one of the hottest trends in the current job market.

Some of the top companies that have switched over to SAP HANA are Asian Paints, Mercedes-AMG, Vodafone, EMC, eBay, Colgate Palmolive, Coca-Cola, Accenture, SanDisk, Unilever, Lenovo, Infosys, Cisco and many more.

Now, these companies certainly need HANA experts. The most popular jobs in SAP HANA include, SAP HANA DB Admin, SAP HANA Modeler and SAP HANA Application Developer.


As a SAP HANA Database Administrator, an individual generally does HANA installation, upgrades, configuration, performance optimization, backup and recovery and replication process. The employers expect the prospective candidate to know and be aware of some of these tasks.

SAP HANA Modeler: A SAP HANA Modeler should have an idea about different data provisioning methods that are available to fetch data from different sources to SAP HANA, build information models (modelling objects) based on business requirements, Performance tuning, Data Security, Different Reporting tools that can connect to SAP HANA and much more.

SAP HANA Application Developer: For a developer role, there are no such fixed tasks. It would depend on the nature of the project development and in which area the developer is working. It could be a functionality, design by ABAP, or some application development with Java, could be user experience design that is a UI deign by JQuery, HTML5, CSS etc. After the introduction of HANA Cloud, even a professional with developer role would get an opportunity to find work related cloud application deployment.

As SAP HANA is making technological advancements, the area of SAP HANA is becoming vast with Cloud being introduced, the concept of Internet of Things (iOT) coming up, and beginning of apps development for iOT. Henceforth, there several works would open up for the role of developers.

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