Are you ready to Learn SAP FICO and get Certified? Find out Today

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Are you ready to Learn SAP FICO and get Certified- Find out Today

Test your skills by taking this questionnaire and to figure out if you are ready to get trained and certified in SAP FICO

1. SAP support packs can be applied to which type of landscape?
a. 1-System landscape
b. 2-System landscape
c. 3-System landscape
d. All of the above

2. On SAP installation which of the following client/clients are made by default?
a. Client 000
b. Client 001
c. Client 066
d. All of the above

3. Is it possible to have multiple landscapes in one transport domain?
a. Yes
b. No

4. The systems in a system landscape share customizing and repository objects via ________?
a. Transport requests
b. Consolidation route
c. Remote function call
d. All of the above

5. Development classes contain ____________?
a. Repository objects
b. User master data
c. Customizing data
d. All of the above

6. Is it possible to define more than one consolidation and delivery routes in a transport domain?
a. yes
b. no

7. Which of the following information about transport requests not present in cofiles?
a. information of transport types
b. required import steps
c. trace files
d. post processing exit codes

8. Which of the following function physically writes files to the operating system level in transport management system?
a. import
b. export
c. both a & b
d. none of the above

9. Which version can one use enhanced transport management system (tms+)?
a. NW 700 sp12
b. NW 700 sp10
c. both a & b
d. none of the above

10. Which of the following transaction code used to release a task?
a. se05
b. se07
c. se09
d. se04

11. Copying of one package name to another package name is called?
a. transport of copies
b. relocation
c. customizing request
d. workbench request

12. If we write an ABAP program in client 800 and make a transport request for this then the request of which type?
a. transport of copies
b. relocation
c. customizing request
d. workbench request

13. While doing system copy, you have to preserve RFC destinations (sm59), what procedure will you follow -?
a. export sm59 tables using transport request Answer
b. Take snapshots and preserve them
c. this is not possible, the data will be overwritten
d. user SAP* and install

14. What is the full form of SSCR?
a. SAP software change requirements
b. SAP software change requests
c. SAP software change registration
d. SAP software change representation

15. In which subdirectory the support packages should be uncarred?
a. /usr/sap/trans/eps/in
b. /usr/sap/trans/out
c. /usr/sap/trans/log
d. /usr/sap/trans/supp

16. In which client should we configure STMS?
a. 000
b. 001
c. 800
d. any client

17. Which of the following SAP tool/tools used in a customizing project?
a. SAP img
b. Transport organizer
c. ABAP workbench
d. a & b

18. In a three system landscape, the project manager will export his request from quality________ system?
a. right
b. fake

19. What are the components of the R3 system with respect to three tier architecture?
a. Database, application, presentation
b. Development, quality, production
c. Demo, training, sandbox
d. ms, icm, gn

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20. When a user sends request to SAP system via browser, web requests are first handled by?
a. icm
b. ms
c. gw
d. sdm

21. Which system is responsible for maintenance of infrastructure & configuration of STMS?
a. Domain controller
b. Software development system
c. Portal system
d. Production system

22. Is transport request made up of?
a. Cofile
b. Datafile
c. Both a & b
d. None of the above

23. Transaction scc1 copies changes from one client to another client based on?
a. Task
b. Transport request
c. Transport request & it’s task
d. All of the above

24. Which of the following does not come under /usr/sap/trans?
a. Bin
b. Profile
c. TMP
d. Log

25. Which of the following contains a message server?
a. Dialog instance
b. Central instance
c. Both a & b
d. None of the above

26. In SAP netweaver as ABAP+JAVA two different databases are required, one for ABAP, another for java?
a. Right
b. Fake

27. Communication between ABAP stack and java stack is done through ___?
a. SD
b. JCO
c. SCM
d. ICM

28. Basic functionality 7.00 matches with core component?
a. 6.0
b. 5.0
c. 4.7
d. None

29. Data from different clients is kept separately?
a. At the O.S level
b. At the kernel level
c. both
d. None.

30. A new patch deployment in java stack is done by the tool?
a. Spam
b. Saint
d. SDM

31. Which of the following will be default name of consolidation route for a three _______ system landscape containing, QMS, DMS and PMS systems?

32. Which of the following strategies is most recommended as a transport strategy ______ in SAP?
a. Queue controlled mass transport
b. Queue controlled single transport
c. Workflow controlled transport
d. None of the above

33. In a transport domain containing 8 systems, two systems can share a same system id?
a. Right
b. Fake

34. Is it possible to define more than one consolidation and delivery routes in a transport landscape?
a. Yes
b. No

35. Which of the following property should one consider when deciding the domain?
a. /usr/sap/trans/eps/in
b. /usr/sap/trans/out
c. /usr/sap/trans/log
d. /usr/sap/trans/supp

36. When does the buffer of production gets populated in standard three system landscape?
a. Export from the development
b. Import into quality
c. Import into production
d. Export from quality

37. In a three system landscape, how can you apply a snote throughout the landscape?
a. Apply in development, then in quality and finally in production
b. Apply in development, export, then import in quality and finally in production
c. Apply only in development and production
d. Through transaction – landnote

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38. Which of the following will change after applying support pack to a component?
a. Component release version
b. Ancient license gets deleted
c. Support package patch level
d. Kernel patch

39. Which of the following is client dependent request?
a. Tickting request
b. Customizing request
c. Workflow request
d. Workbench request

40. A project manager makes ______ and distributes individual ______ to the customizing team?
a. Project, transport request
b. Project, task
c. Task, transport request
d. Transport request, project

41. When you want to add a new component to your existing NW 700 system, for example, fin_basis 700 – you will use?
a. Spam
b. Saint
c. SDM

42. When you want to add a new patch to your existing component, for example, fin_basis 700 – you will use?
a. spam
b. saint
c. SDM
43. Three systems in a single landscape can have different transport directories?
a yes
b no

44. The following tables are used for communication between RDD* jobs and TP while import of a transport request?

45. What will you check when you see a truck symbol in import queue, and the transport is hanging?
a. You will check the logs in /usr/sap/trans/tmp
b. You will check if the user TMSADM is locked
c. Check if RDDIMPDP is running as background job
d. Contact the developer for clarity

46. What is the T Code for payment with printout?
a. F-18
b. F-19
c. F-20
d. F-17

47. What is the T Code for post incoming payments?
a. F-27
b. F-28
c. F-55
d. F-11
48. What is the T Code for document archiving?
a. F145
b. F045
c. F405
d. F05

49. What is the T Code for the clear customer?
a. FB1D
b. FBD1
c. F1BD
d. FB1C

50. What can be the reasons for archiving data?
a. Improve response time
b. Keep data secret from auditors
c. Reduce system downtimes during software upgrades
d. None of the above

51. Which of the following are required settings for foreign currency valuation?
a. Define exchange rates
b. Define valuation methods
c. Define expense and revenue accounts for exchange rate differences
d. Specify balance sheet adjustment accounts for receivables and payables
e. All the above

52. The posting period can be defined for each:
a. Company code
b. Accounting principle
c. Posting period variant
d. Accrual type
e. All the above
f. a,b and d

53. What is the purpose of account determination?
a. Document type
b. Debit account
c. Credit account
d. Balance sheet account
e. All the above
f. a, b and c

54. Which of the following are the fields of ‘General Data’ in customer/vendor accounts?
a. Insurance
b. Account Management
c. Both the above
d. None of the above

55. Which of the following process dimensions of SAP business workflow?
a. Organization4 structure
b. Process structure
c. Function
d. Information
e. All the above
f. None of the above

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