What are the prerequisites for a newcomer to get SAP FICO Job?

Category: General, SAP FICO Posted:May 09, 2013 By: Ashley Morrison

Let us start with the most common question,

Q1. Do I require a Finance Degree to apply for SAP FICO job ?

A1. NO. I know few Non-Financial background guys doing great in SAP FICO world and have seen CA/MBA finance guys struggling to get it cause they just won’t learn.

It is more EASY if you are a Finance Graduate/Post Graduate/CA/MBA Finance etc. to start syncing in the concepts easily. That is the only differentiation from a degree perspective. How fast can you understand Debit-Credit , Balance Sheet/ P&L ? Of course the Finance degree guys have an edge. They learnt these topics for 3/6 years compared to a Non-Finance degree guy.


Q2. Can I join SAP FICO fresh out of college after my Graduation/Post Graduation ?

A2. Yes you can. Many services companies like TCS, Infosys etc. have always been recruiting fresh CA’s/MBA’s from colleges.


Q3. Does experience matter to get a good SAP FICO Job ?

A3. Totally. You should hang on to your first JOB for a minimum of 3 years to learn something good and start looking out for the next switch. 1-2 years of experience is too low to make a Job switch. Of course, the better experience you have the better compensation you can demand while making a switch.


Q4. Can I fake my years struggling for job and show as experience ? Yeah ..we do get such questions.

A4. Well, personally we are totally against this foolishness. Truth is, people do it  and in fact many of them. It’s about your own set of ethics. You follow them or you don’t. Sometimes not getting a Job definitely sends your Ethics book out of the window. Still, we hate this practice and would really like to help people to try genuinely and learn and get jobs instead of faking experience on your resume.




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