A Roadmap to SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central – Flexible Options for Core HR

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All these years, after talking with many companies, we fully understand that changing an existing core HR system is nothing our clients ignore. Certainly, it can become a problem, taking into consideration the number of business processes depends on it, how many compliance guidelines should be obtained, and how many connection points to other service systems exist.

On the benefit, it is also clear that relocating from an outdated core Human Resources system to a modern-day cloud-based solution elevates these business procedures to a brand-new (digital) level of customer experience and provides many possibilities to drive innovation and employee engagement. Consequently, it is commonly the focal point for a larger Human Resources digital transformation job and the subject of a complete roadmap planning procedure.

At SAP SuccessFactors, our rule is “Begin anywhere, go everywhere!”. We believe that each consumer’s situation and needs are different and we create our solution to provide maximum adaptability. This likewise is true for deploying our core HR service SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central.

Generically speaking there are four implementation options, providing consumers with the choice to create their private roadmap:

  • ‘Full use’: Here SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central is used as a full-on core Human Resources system. This consists of record-keeping for internals and also contingent labor, the organization and position management, time monitoring, and international benefits.
  • ‘ Extend and Connect’: Here SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central extends to an existing traditional core Human Resources system and serves as a ‘view-only’ core Human Resources system, for document viewing for org., position, and people information on all devices for internals and contingent labor, and can additionally be utilized as a ‘data layer’ or ‘integration center’ for one or several tradition Core HR solutions based on the Employee Central data version and integration devices. This release option is made commercially appealing due to the fact that clients are not using the full abilities within SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central. Note that this option replaces the former catalog list’SAP SuccessFactors People Central Hub’ (commercial change just, technical infrastructure continues to be the very same).
  • ‘ Side-by-side’: In this release option SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central is incorporated with an SAP ERP HCM on-premise core HR system. Both systems serve as ‘master system’ for part of the workforce, and information is combined for e.g. reporting purposes.
  • ‘ Core-Hybrid’: In this deployment option SAP SuccessFactors, Employee Central is integrated with an SAP ERP HCM for consumers that intend to keep running pay-roll and/or time management in their on-premise system, and intend to modernize all other core Human Resources procedures.

These implementation alternatives allow consumers to change to SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central directly or in a two-step process, as displayed in the following picture. 

1. Top scenario “Full usage”: one of the most commonly used scenarios is when the client changes their legacy system completely in one transition project. Advantages: Right away use all advantages of SAP SuccessFactors Worker Central and the larger SAP SuccessFactors Suite

2. The second scenario “Extend and connect”: this deployment choice is often an intermediate circumstance where the legacy core HR system remains in a place, for now, however, SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central is added/connected and functions as an extension. This suggests that the legacy system is still the system of record and all data is maintained there, but the data can be transferred to Employee Central to integrate it and make use of additional integration solutions. Advantages: First of all, all employees will certainly have internet access to people’s information with innovative functions like org charts or people search on mobile phones. Secondly, for clients with multiple distributed core Human Resources systems, SAP SuccessFactors Staff Employee Central can be made use of as a consolidation center for central corporate reporting, and all integration devices and content can be made use of to connect to various applications within SAP portfolio or beyond.

3. The Third Situation “Side-by-side”: also, an intermediate situation where SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central is implemented for part of the organization while the remaining continues to be with SAP ERP HCM as the master core HR system. E.g. an international business may decide to move one country over first, then follow the rest in stage two. Our integration between both solutions ensures that data is kept in sync and that global reporting is possible

4. The last scenario “Core-Hybrid”: Once again, an intermediate situation where time management and/or payroll keep running in SAP ERP HCM. Typically chosen by the consumers who want to move to the cloud in a phased approach. In the very first stage, the majority of the self-service procedures are applied as part of Employee Central and connected using criterion (pre-packaged) integration to the time and payroll processes in SAP ERP HCM. In a later stage, pay-roll and time can be migrated to the SAP SuccessFactors cloud.

Transitioning a core Human Resources system is always a challenge, yet with the versatile deployment choices for SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central, customers can make the change a lot easier and create their optimal specific roadmap to bring individuals to the heart of the Intelligent Business.


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