Why SAP EWM Deployment is Necessary?

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SAP’s Extended Warehouse Management (EWM) solution has become an indispensable part of any type of organization’s warehousing and distribution operations. For big and high-volume warehousing, a decentralized implementation is usually the most suitable alternatives to go with as it can additionally handle a greater output. For smaller and mid-sized warehousing operations however, a decentralized deployment can seem like overkill and the cost of execution ends up being a deterrent.

For those circumstances, SAP instead provides an alternative to deploy a centralized EWM option as an embedded application component in S4HANA. This can be a  more cost-efficient method for a business to handle and optimize storage facility operations in the best conditions and also provides an array of benefits over a much more complicated decentralized deployment.

SAP EWM Deployment

Simplified System Landscape

An established EWM solution dramatically streamlines the IT landscape and decreases the total expense of ownership. With a single solution to manage and common customer experience throughout all facets of ERP and warehouse management, user engagement and productivity is additionally increased.

Smooth Integration

The advantages of using a single solution encompass producing an atmosphere where all procedures, consisting of those across planning and implementation, item advancement, warehouse quality, and delivery can be easily integrated to allow easy end-to-end procedure management.

Accelerated Execution

Built after many years of collaboration with organizations operating at every stage of the supply chain, SAP Best Practices are a substantial offering of pre-configured processes, sample structures and automated operations that can be released “out-of-the-box”, speeding up both the system execution and the ROI.

Adaptable Licensing

SAP provides two choices for deploying an integrated EWM solution, with varying capability relying on the individual organization requirements. The fundamental Embedded EWM choice includes the price of S/4HANA licensing, assisting to maintain deployment and running costs down. This option consists of functionality for stock transparency and control, including supply, process, and design management. The Advanced Embedded EWM alternative includes boosted capability, yet incurs an additional certification fee. This option consists of more detailed functionality that assists to additionally enhance the optimization of warehouse procedures, including wave, yard, and labor administration.

Real-time Insights

With EWM embedded into the S/4HANA system, the performance of S/4HANA’s Embedded Analytics engine can be leveraged to offer thorough analytics and reporting of not just live transactional data, but also enables real-time surveillance of warehouse procedures. Pre-configured reports and live dashboards are available to a vast array of users, tailored to their specific requirements. Having actually combined access to critical efficiency details in real-time helps to boost accuracy and performance while making it possible for decision-makers to take informed actions based on the real-time status of operations.

Decreased Data Duplication

As all warehousing and transactional data are held within the S/4HANA database, the need for data replication is substantially minimized. Master data does not require to be copied and it subsequently removes the need for Core Interface (CIF) to be made use of. In addition to this, as transactional information can be checked out straight, the demand for an Expected Goods Invoice (EGR) document will not be necessary anymore. Getting rid of the requirement for multiple duplicates of the same data indicates storage expenses are much reduced and network tons are reduced, freeing up useful sources.

It’s critical for organizations to evaluate the most effective alternatives for their individual objectives, but with the versatility to deploy EWM in several ways SAP has actually boosted the value of one of the most preferred storage facility management options offered today. 


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