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SAP EWM manages stock in stock types. The above system reveals the current supply circumstance on a storage space bin level. In every warehouse, the physical supply is located either in the warehouse containers or dock/staging areas. So by doing this, SAP EWM supplies had either “in Putaway” or “in Warehouse” with features like unrestricted, quality as well as blocked supplies. A means of partitioning storage space or special supply. The SAP EWM supply type indicates a material’s usability.

The ERP storage places are acquired for various purposes of stocks scheduled like AFS (available for sale-goods offered), POLE (received on Dock-goods in putaway). Based on our service request we can additionally configure storage places for cross-dock supplies and Returns.

Let’s check out supply kind from the bottom of the warehouse system into Storage space location of ERP storage area 

Product quantity in a bin with stock type,

The bin includes Storage space type,

Storage space kind contains schedule team plus non-location stock type,

Availability group is linked to a storage space area in ERP for every single storage facility number

Currently, we can go set up actions needed for SAP EWM Stock types

  • Define the supply key in the IMG LIME application setup.
  • Define Stock types for each Storehouse in IMG Masterdata for a product.
  • Define the Availability team for putaway in GR procedure for putaway.
  • Define non-location-dependent stock type,
  • Connect stock type with accessibility team plus non-location-dependent.
  • Appoint a readily available team to the Storage space type

Map Storage Space Areas from ERP System to EWM in IMG Interfaces/ERP integration/GM

see below mapping

Storage area– accessibility group– non-location dep. stock type– stock type


ROD– 001– FF (cost-free supply)– F1

AFS– 002– FF– F2

ROD– 001– QQ (high-quality stock)– Q3

Define SAP EWM Supply Enter IMG LIME application setting.

IMG > SCM Basis > Logistics Supply Monitoring Engine( LIME) > Application Certain setup >Determine Stock type.

There are 6 stock types in standard customization for SAP EWM yet you can configure your supply kinds for you

F1: Unrestricted-Use in Putaway, Q1: Stock in High-Quality Assessment in Putaway, B1: Obstructed in Putaway

F2: Unrestricted-Use Stockroom, Q2: Supply in QI in Storehouse as well as B2: Obstructed Stockroom

Specify SAP EWM Stock types for every Storehouse in IMG Master Data for an Item

Next Maintain SAP EWM Supply types for your Storage facility in IMG > EWM > MasterData > Product > Define Supply Types

You can specify the feasible stock types in your storage facility number. You should also designate all supply quantities managed in the stockroom to a supply type, as well as you can additionally specify the stock kinds to fulfill your own needs.

Specify Accessibility team for putaway in GR process for putaway


Define Schedule group for putaway in GR procedure in IMG > EWM > Product Receipt Refine > Configure Availability team for Putway.

You can specify the availability of the item, based on the storage type. The system maps the accessibility of an item utilizing the supply type.

SAP recommends: In the final storage type, set the availability group to Mandatory

In the storage type in which you publish goods receipts for distributions, do not set the schedule group to Required. This enables you to post product receipts if the stock has a stock type that does not come from the storage kind. For instance, you have assigned the goods invoice area (GR area) to the accessibility team 001. The distribution product has supply type F2, which comes from schedule team 002. You can just post the goods invoice to the GR area if the scheduling team is not required. The system just does an automatic uploading change (for instance, from F1 to F2) if:

The source and location storage types have different availability teams.

The accessibility team is necessary for the location storage space kind.

The supply type the resource storage space type does not come from the accessibility group for the location storage kind.

Location-Independent Supply type

Specifies the quality (unrestricted-use, in the high-quality examination, obstructed) of a stock, no matter the schedule group of the storage type.

The location-independent stock type is designated in customization for Extended Warehouse Management (EWM) to an EWM stock type, and also is used for the following features:

Establishing the succeeding stock type for a transfer between two storage kinds that belong to various accessibility teams.

Defines the high quality (unrestricted-use, in high-quality assessment, blocked) of a stock, regardless of the schedule group of the storage type.

Establishing the succeeding supply type for a transfer between two storage space kinds that belong to various schedule groups.

Dependencies: The location-independent supply kind points distinctively to one supply key in the SAP ERP system:

FF: Unrestricted-use stock

QQ: Quality examination stock

BB: Blocked stock

RR: Returns blocked supply (non-valuated, not visible in SAP APO).

The SAP ERP system just acknowledges the above stock types. You can define other location-independent supply key ins EWM if you do not need to interact with them to the ERP system.

Mapping between SAP EWM stock type and ERP supply type.


The location-independent supply type points distinctly to one stock enter the SAP ERP system:

FF: Unrestricted-use supply, QQ: Quality inspection stock, BB: Blocked stock, RR: Returns blocked supply (non-valuated, not visible in SAP APO).

The SAP ERP system only recognizes the above supply kinds. You can define other location-independent stock types in EWM if you do not need to connect them to the ERP system.

See below instance of producing Returns new storage space location as “RETN” with schedule group “RET” with supply type like as “Z2” plus “FF” as non-Dep stock typemap-ERP-EWM-stock-type.


EWM-stock type-link-avl group.

Storage type-availability-group.


Generally, the Stock type Function is empty for storage kinds. I only see someone configure supply type role instances as scrapping supply would certainly make certain that Extended Warehouse  Monitoring (EWM) instantly articles the goods to junk stock when they are moved to the junking area.

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