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SAP is one of the world’s biggest software development companies offering some of the most effective software solutions for business. It was founded in Germany by a team of 5 IBM engineers. In the present circumstance, countless companies all over the world are utilizing SAP products because of a diverse array of benefits they offer. Actually, there are various modules in SAP as well as you can also go with the expertise of any. Possibly you need to crack the SAP certification exam after which you can have a lot of job opportunities. A research states around 7 out of every 10 organizations in the world are utilizing SAP Modules or software. This clearly shows that SAP certified professionals have a lot of jobs presently and the same will enhance in the future up to a great extent.

SAP is capable of handling most of the business work simply and the good thing it has a wide scope all over the world. In this article, we will likely provide you a summary of SAP modules to let you understand them all in an easy manner. Check it out below.

SAP Controlling

Controlling is another powerful SAP module that is incredibly prominent at the present time. Reporting, planning, as well as monitoring the business operations & activities become incredibly easy with this module. The fact is financial reporting requires a lot of money. SAP Controlling serves in arranging assets needed for the same. Employees can merely track, plan as well as report concerning everything related to finance. All the data related to cost elements, functional area, orders, along with cost centers can merely be managed by SAP Controlling module that makes it the most effective alternative to think about in a business.

SAP Financial Accounting

sap financial accounting

Managing financial transactions and activities is not a simple strategy in a business. A single error can create a lot of concerns, and sometimes the consequences are extremely negative. Keeping an eye on all financial transactions is not feasible with traditional strategies. Hence taking into consideration SAP FI (Financial Accountancy) is an excellent choice. Organizations can simply handle the data related to financial transactions in a very reliable and in fact, simple manner in the system via FI module. The financial solution doesn’t matter for SAP FI as it is capable of doing its task simply and properly. This module is beneficial when it comes to meet the legal requirements at various phases.

Material Management

Material Management is frequently considered as among the crucial difficulties in business. It is really challenging to keep up the speed in this matter without investing in the technology SAP Material Management module is capable of simply managing material needs, production, as well as the material used in a company. Obviously, this lets you keep a close eye on the material which in fact avoids wastage and saves money up to a great extent. Consumption-based preparation, master data, inventory management, purchasing as well as verification of invoices are some of the key functions of the SAP Material Management module.

Sales and Distribution

It is another effective module of SAP which is helping companies in handling operations related to quotations, inquiry, rates, as well as proposals. Inventory Control Management can be made very simple with the help of this module. There are particular sub-modules of Sales and Distribution as well as therefore a lot of tasks can be managed easily. A few sub-modules are sales support, Credit Management, sales shipping & transport, and sale details.

Human Capital Management

This module is valuable in enhancing the work and data management in the HR division. It doesn’t just aid in hiring employees but also assists in monitoring their efficiency, managing compensations, payroll, along with promotions. Thus it is useful in assuring an adaptable workforce.

Project System

Businesses in the present situation are paying a lot of attention to the projects. In fact, presently, everything in a business is considered a project. It is actually a module that is very helpful for managing as well as planning the project. Project management procedure has various problems and this module is very powerful in handling the same thing simultaneously. Starting from budget planning to actual execution cost, all can be made easy with the help of this module. Utilizing is not a big deal at all. With this module, it really does not matter exactly what is the size of the project, everything can be managed easily with the SAP project System. Sometimes a project involves many activities as well as they can also be handled with this module.

Plant Maintenance

It is a comprehensive module offered for maintaining an entire plant regardless of its size. Actually, there are a lot of sub-modules available in this SAP Module that makes all the tasks incredibly basic. The good thing is that cost from the Plant maintenance procedure can significantly be decreased without doing much. SAP Plant maintenance module can offer the most accurate information related to preventative maintenance, Inspection as well as Repair. Additionally, this module can easily be integrated with other SAP modules.

Production Planning

Production Planning is a difficult strategy. There are specific things that can go wrong and organizations have to bear loss due to errors. SAP Production Planning module normally consists of software that is created for management and production planning. Accomplishing plan procedures for the production can additionally be made simple with this module.

Quality Management

There is barely anything in a business that is essential than quantity. Quality always boosts the consumer base and the reality is with quality, any business can rise to its success. As a result, managing quality is extremely essential. The SAP Quality Management Module is extremely valuable in numerous facets. Companies can constantly make certain of a practical and also structured technique of managing the quality. Tasks such as inspection, audit, and production can be made easy with this module.


These are the SAP Modules that have added a lot in enhancing the popularity of SAP and its items. As an increasing number of businesses are taking on SAP software solutions, being an SAP professional can be among the very best choices in the present situation. There are specific advantages businesses can braw and because these modules are best in every aspect, there is absolutely nothing to worry about.

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