Salesforce1 Helps in Mobile Development

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Salesforce1-Helps-in-Mobile-DevelopmenThe Salesforce1 is a platform that allows everyone including ISVs, developers, administrators the freedom to develop apps. It uses Software as a service (SaaS) as a platform to provide a completion assistance from app management to distribution.

Today’s world uses apps for their own needs. Apps are driven according to context and provide an intelligent solution. Apps can be developed with clicks, approval processes, and dynamic user interfaces by administrators and business users without basic knowledge. A wide range of businesses due to security issues create apps with less visibility. But Salesforce1 helps the businesses to manage the apps without any limitations. This flexibility has enabled every business, administrator, and developer to create customized apps that are mainly supported by mobile back-end services.

The components that are automatically installed when the user installs the Salesforce1 downloadable app from the Google Play Store are:

  • Salesforce1 for Android
  • Salesforce1 for iOS

The Salesforce1 app cloud platform brings together Heroku and ExactTarget fuel into the group of social, mobile, and cloud services. The Salesforce1 downloadable apps are interconnected apps. In a company, all users can log into Salesforce1 downloadable apps. For each of these apps, security and access policies are controlled using settings provided in the Salesforce1 connected apps package.

The Salesforce1 platform Heroku allows the apps to be developed using Java, Node.js, PHP, Go, Python and Ruby. This wide range of options provides developer to a platform to create an integrated application with the use of open source APIs. The Heroku’s Elements Marketplace has more than 150 add-ons for monitoring, analyzing, maintaining and testing.

ExactTarget, a Salesforce1 platform develops apps using Java, .NET, PHP, Python, Ruby, and Web languages. This platform helps in developing standalone apps, which are best suited to integrate with the Salesforce marketing cloud products.

With all these flexible options, Salesforce1 helps businesses, administrators, and developers to develop innovative mobile apps. The Salesforce app cloud delivers the following


  • Social Data – In businesses, the Salesforce1 app helps to share the data, updates, workflow, and collaboratively working with a team. This results in increased productivity and also in creating new business opportunities.
  • Complete app development – Salesforce1 provides developers with latest open-source languages and tools to build customized apps that comprise of workflows, processes and formulas, and other user interfaces. Salesforce1 enables storing and working with data through the use of the common platform.
  • Action-based app model – The Salesforce1 app designs and develops a process by analyzing the requirements of customers. Apps are developed using simple steps like create an order, set a delivery date, select a route and much more. This procedure is streamlined and actions are successfully executed with the click of a mouse.
  • Connect all with help of open APIs– Salesforce1 APIs include data loading, social APIs, cutting-edge streaming APIs, and metadata APIs. These APIs describe their roles when used within a suitable business environment


The Salesforce1 platform provides extensive support to resources to develop apps by everyone. Some of the resources include webinars, product documentation, and workbooks. The Salesforce Company has a dedicated server that provides many technical and provides peer-to-peer resources.

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