Reasons behind Simple Logistics transformation to S/4HANA Enterprise Management

Category: SAP S/4HANA Logistics Posted:Jan 23, 2018 By: Ashley Morrison

Reasons behind Simple Logistics transformation to S4HANA Enterprise Management

The announcement of S/4HANA in 2015 saw the Simple Finance product being included in it. The next S/4HANA release included the Simple Logistics product to consolidate all other existing modules onto the same platform.

Simple Logistics

There is always a variation between prior product names of early software versions and that of the final software versions. S/4HANA release has a similar naming convention with the 1511 version being upgraded to 1709. To summarize, S/4HANA Enterprise Management is the fresh name for the Simple Logistics product.

S/4HANA Enterprise Management

The most important aspect of S/4HANA Enterprise Management is that it relates to software such as RECC 6.0 or R/3 and fits nicely together as an integrated software package.

One has to keep in mind that the overall features and functions of S/4HANA Enterprise Management are identical to ECC 6.0 in terms of scope. While the code for Enterprise Management isn’t completely rewritten for purposes of function and usage, it does have a significant amount of coding in common with ECC 6.0. But the main takeaway from this is that a large part of the ECC body has been restructured and redesigned in Enterprise Management. This has been done to benefit from S/4HANA capabilities whilst removing restrictions those current relational databases has posed.

SAP S4HANA Enterprise Management


ECC functionality has always been in terms modules like LE, WM, MM, SD, FI/CO and so on. But the new S/4HANA Enterprise Management is best thought of as processes such as HR/HCM, Finance, Request to Service, Plan to Produce, Procure to Pay and Order to Cash and so on.

S/4HANA product is brand new in several ways. This includes a thorough redesign of the above mentioned process streams coupled with input from partners and customers. In turn this has resulted in enhancements in order management, capacity planning, material valuation, inventory management and procurement.

The universal journal feature coupled with the central finance approach has enhanced the flexibility of S/4HANA Finance Subsystems. This also comes with the possibilities of delivering enhanced value to the organization as against mere acceleration of financial close processes.

S/4HANA has more functionality than there was ever thought of in earlier releases. But for efficient usage of such software will require the presence of a roadmap which will clearly tell one what is included in the 1709 Release and when additional functionalities will be added. Also required will be the information about additional tools aimed at making deployment and implementation quicker and easier. For users and enterprises looking for such answers can look to the SAP Service Marketplace for the Product Roadmap.

It is also worth noting that 1709 release opens up the integration of the cloud offerings of SAP into the S/4HANA platform itself.  One will also be able to connect Hybris, Concur, Fieldglass, Ariba and SuccessFactors with the enterprise’s transactional system making business execution much easier and more convenient.

Since Cloud is the way forward for all technology currently in existence, all efforts SAP puts into making the transition to Cloud easier will yield great rewards in the immediate future. Business in hybrid environments with smart deployments blending ratios of on-premise and cloud solutions will accelerate transactions to a great deal.


The future of ERP Software is represented by SAP S/4HANA with enterprises being able to tap into the vast potential of SAP HANA. SAP can accelerate the use of this product by clarifying the licensing issues in the near future.

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