Why you Need to become a Certified S/4HANA Enterprise Management Consultant?

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Why you Need to become a Certified S4HANA Enterprise Management Consultant

What is the scope of SAP Simple Logistics?

SAP S/4HANA Enterprise Management is also known by the name – SAP Simple Logistics and includes modules ranging from Finance and MM to SD. They are now available as a component of SAP S/4HANA. Enterprise management is known to be a complete business suite and is the most challenging realm for young professionals.

The SAP S/4HANA platform enables enterprises to function in a collaborative and proactive way with both the suppliers or vendors and customers. All this is done while users are offered real-time data internally, with such data being needed to concentrate on issue resolution and applying corrective actions.

SAP Simple Logistics acts as an accelerator to the dissolution of barriers between lines of enterprise and departments. It also simplifies data models, thereby enhancing throughput while the new UI will offer simulation and collaborative features. This takes care that users are provided with sufficient insight to execute the right business decisions.

SAP S4 HANA Enterprise Management


SAP Simple Logistics comes with a sea change in the domains of SCM, MM, PP and even Sales and distribution. SAP Simple Logistics training will ensure stability will be brought about in plan to product, procure to pay and order to cash. Simple Logistics utilizes the data processing capabilities of S/4HANA to offer approaches that are far superior in terms of simplicity, the sheer speed of execution, and plain efficiency for supply chain and logistics issues and challenges.

What You Need to Know

SAP S/4HANA Enterprise Management is known is the next best thing from the house of SAP HANA, within the release 1511. This is considered as an expansion of features and functionalities that extend beyond the domain of Finance and into Logistics like inventory management and production planning.

Simple Logistics and Simple Finance have been aggregated into the singular name so Enterprise Management in SAP S/4HANA. This can be explained as a group of central S/4HANA business suite features that connects to a host of Lines-of-Business or (LoB) applications based out of S/4HANA.

While On-premise and cloud are widely considered to be the main deployment types, also available is managed cloud, but this serves as a transitional functionality in transit to the public cloud.

Naming Considerations – Enterprise Management

Market experts and Regional SAP Heads have explained SAP S/4HANA Enterprise Management as the holistic realization of Business Suite which has been conceived entirely on HANA. This is in terms of both visual and functional elements.

In the past, S/4HANA has stressed on what the nature of the financial component of the Business Suite would appear as on HANA.  Enterprise Management (EM) aims at addressing the features which extend well beyond financials, and into what SAP defines as Logistics which includes inventory management and production planning. Data model simplification paves the way for higher and more complex functionalities such as predictive analytics aimed at materials planning and finance. This is why SAP thinks it makes sense to give the product a new brand in itself.

A Bird’s Eye View

S/4HANA Enterprise Management consists of the core or central components of asset management, service sales marketing, commerce, manufacturing, supply chain, sourcing, procurement, research and development and HR.

A high ranking global representative of the SAP Global enterprise has said that the changes effectively amount to the re-unification of product capabilities. Such functionalities could not be included in the Business Suite earlier on, due to the inherent limitations faced by database architecture for R/3. These were earlier offered as add on solutions, packaged separately.

The representative went on to say that what S/4HANA Enterprise Management has started will inevitably continue with the upcoming releases so that a higher number of capabilities in SCM can be redeployed and unified with S/4HANA. The same ideology and process flow will also apply to SRM or Supplier Relationship Management, wherein certain components such as core contract management are being incorporated into S/4HANA Enterprise Management.

SAP’s primary objective in this side of its market share is to reclaim higher degrees of CRM, SCM, SRM and BW into a central element while breaking down the landscape into simpler elements for all global customer of SAP. While this is bound to take time even for the EM giant, they are already dispatching re-integrations in droves across various other components.

S/4HANA aims at projecting itself in the market with dual image of loosely coupled and hybrid and compact suite as well at the same time – all to the S/4HANA Lines-of-Business (LoB) solutions. These solutions and implementations include components of SAP’s cloud product and on-premise portfolio. Such dual functionalities are offered by SuccessFactors, Hybris, Fieldglass, Concur and Ariba. Such offering may be available in multiple deployments or just in the cloud.

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While the restructuring, re-integration and repackaging of software suites by SAP is a constant and progressive phenomenon, the latest Enterprise Management offering in its SAP S/4HANA business suite is touted to be the most promising development off late. Enrol our SAP S/4 HANA Simple Logistics training to gain insights in SAP S/4HANA Simple Logistics certification.

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