Planning to take SAP HANA 2.0 Certification Course.Test Your Skills Today!!

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Planning to take SAP HANA 2.0 Certification Course.Test Your Skills Today

Like SAP’s endless research work to improve its products and services, even the SAP professionals have to update their technical knowledge and skills to remain insistent professional in IT industry. We offer SAP HANA 2.0 training to help our trainees in gaining knowledge and hands-on experience in the cloud and analytics environment.

1. SAP HANA was introduced in the year
a. 2016
b. 2015
c. 2010
d. 2017

2. SAP HANA 2.0 offers new functionalities for
a. Database management
b. Data management
c. Analytical intelligence and application development
d. All the above

3. Identify the benefits of Data Management Enhancements in SAP HANA 2.0
a. Leverages remote metadata synchronization to simplify alignment with remote data schema copies.
b. Create richer predictive applications using more pre-packaged algorithms.
c. Run scoring functions faster with parallel processing across large-scale partitioned data.
d. Analyze graph data more efficiently and achieve results faster with new visualizations.

4. In SAP HANA studio which type of packages can contain information object and sub-packages?
a. Structural package
b. Non-structural package
c. Both a and b
d. None of the above

5. Why Migrating HANA 2.0 from x86 to IBM Power Systems is easier than ever?
a. User can move data seamlessly between HANA 2.0 on Power Systems and HANA 2.0 on x86, as IBM power systems supports a little endian version of SAP HANA
b. Advanced analytical processing enhancements in SAP HANA 2.0 supports IBM Power Systems in migration process
c. Data management enhancements helps IBM support system in migration process
d. None of the above

6. What is the minimum memory space required for HANA2 Cockpit?
a. 16Gb
b. 32Gb
c. 16Tb
d. 32Tb

7. Which of the following are the general sections in HANA cockpit2?
a. Monitoring and administration
b. Security
c. Performance management
d. All the above

8. Which type of user group is used for automatic role assignment?
a. LDAP group
b. Local user group
c. Global user group
d. LTAP group

9. Which tool allows you to reuse objects created in the current model in your diagram?
a. Global search tool
b. Local search tool
c. Search tool
d. Local search analyzer

10. In SAP HANA Data replication, replicating data from a table in ECC system to HANA database, target table should have?
a. Equal number of columns in target table as of source system
b. Name of columns should be same in Target table
c. Target system data definition doesn’t matter and it prints null for blank values
d. Same columns with similar data types

11. Consider different DW systems in place, which of the below DW system focus on predicting future outcomes using complex mathematical models?
a. Predictive Analytics
b. Data Mart

12. In a Query panel, Report developer wants to add multiple conditions in a Where clause statement. Which of the operator type should be used?
a. Arithmetic operator
b. Relational or comparison operator
c. Boolean Operator
d. Set Operator

13. In SAP HANA Modeling, which of the view type provides Modeler with an inbuilt nodes-Projection, Join, Union and Rank?
a. Analytic view
b. Attribute view
c. Calculation view
d. All of the above

14. Which of the below is used to handle queries and manipulates multidimensional data stored in OLAP cubes?
a. SQL Processor
b. MDX Processor
c. XS Engine
d. Name Server

15. Which of the below component in HANA system architecture ensures database is restored to most recent state and ensures that all the transactions are completed?
a. Transaction and session management
b. Preprocessor server
c. SAP HANA studio repository
d. Persistence layer

16. To connect Microsoft Excel to HANA Modeling views, which of the below can be used for direct connectivity to create reports?
a. MDX provider
b. SQL provider
c. XS Engine
d. Name server

17. A SAP HANA developer has two tables and while joining the tables he is getting output as number of rows in table A multiplied by table B. Which of the below Join type is used?
a. Cross join
b. Inner join
c. Outer join
d. Self join

18. In SAP HANA Modeling, to copy an existing view and without making any changes to it, which of the below option should be used?
a. Copy
b. Derived
c. Standard
d. Time

19. To perform Analytical reporting in SAP Business Objects on the top of HANA views, which of the below BI reporting tools can be directly connected to HANA system?
a. Dashboard
b. SAP Lumira
c. WebI Report
d. All the above

20. To manage remote objects from Teradata, Sybase IQ and Hadoop in HANA database, which of the below option can be used?
a. SAP Smart Data Access
b. HANA XS Engine
c. HANA Application Perspective
d. HANA Sybase

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