How is SAP S/4HANA Simple Logistics Unique from Other Modules?

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How is SAP S4HANA Simple Logistics Unique from Other Modules

In SAP S/4HANA Simple Logistics systems transactions are used to convert purchase order to purchase requisition which ultimately increases the speed and deficiency of open source assignments. SAP S/4HANA Simple Logistics helps one to look at transaction informational even by at glance of master data, also it helps one to remove unnecessary tables lined up to the scenario which can be helpful for the scaling up the business graphs the initial NAST output system has been modified to the latest BRFplus systems which modify and escalate business progress with its client and customer-friendly database. Redundant tables have been removed in the latest version.

SAP S4HANA Simplification Model


Procurement: this feature enables one with the process of procure-to-pay with increased efficiency and also including new analytical apps and annualize KPI’s spends.

Order Management and Billing: this feature empowers one with to perform end to end and order to cash process very efficiently and performing all exceptional issues such as simplifying data model with lower TCO, FSCM credit management with providing support for its most recent versions, performing GTS foreign trade and even performing various new analytical capabilities.

SAP S/4HANA Enterprise Management Features Compared to its Components

The new aim with which this suite was developed was to process a huge amount of data with supporting HANAs computing power at very high speed. The SAP S/4HANA Enterprise Management is not an updated version of SAP ERP, but it’s completely a newer product. The product SAP S/4HANA Enterprise Management is loaded with completely new tools.

The data model of SAP S/4HANA is beneficial in aggregating all fields and tables and reduces the tiresome work of performing updates on aggregation tables. The latest tools help one to add new stocks based on the necessity with increased high-speed evaluation. With the exponential growth in social media and big data analyzing there has been the greatest development in business development.

Top Features of SAP Simple Logistics

The latest SAP Simple logistics is designed based on role-based user experience which makes it fascinating for the new Fiori user. The connection of SAP Simple Logistics with different real-time application makes it easy to access all the real-time information.

SAP simple logistics fascinating thing that makes it different from others is its access to in-memory which helps the user to remain away from any sort of indexes and aggregates which results in redundancies.

The latest SAP simple logistics aims at providing deployment based on choices which makes use to choose from any sort of services such as on-premise, cloud or even from the hybrid model.

Why go for Simple Logistics


SAP Simple Logistics is loaded with new architecture which makes the user experience new along with the latest data models.

Migration from other systems to new SAP Simple Logistics is a concern of developers so they have made this migration tiresome process by providing awesome tools.

Other of digital era SAP Simple Logistics empowers its users with the latest generation business application that makes user experience simply with large dating holding. SAP Simple Logistics is available on the cloud network and its usage depends upon the type of listened and subscription.

SAP Simple Logistics

To meet inventory demands as per customers demand is one of the toughest challenges and rate of expectation have race dusky rocketing with the development of new technologies

Inventory management

The creation of one table document has resulted in SAP Simple Logistics has resulted from improvements in inventory daft management. SAP Simple Logistics has empowered to refer to saving aggregate tables carried on fly aggregation. There arises a situation where there is no requiring of merging the header and item level along with the corrected master data table.

Material evaluation

The use of SAP Simple Logistics has resulted in a valuation of material through its standard price, moving average price and along with keeping an eye over actual costing, this results in the generation of master tables to be separated from transitional tables. SAP Simple Logistics suite-only consists of four tables instead of multiple tables which reduces memory footprint and data footprint. Very peculiar and important data are stored which prevent reporting of material ledger along with concealing financial information.

Material Requirement Analysis and Planning run

With the usage of SAP Simple Logistics, the user is provided with an overview of performance and its improvement in prices. A real-time view is maintained on material flow, which makes it to determine effects on normal function due to delay in material procurement.

The latest models enable users with scenario depended on analysis with speed 10X faster than other competitors. User is provided with in-house support production and delivery schedules, tools at SAP Simple Logistics helps one to plan for capacity and discontinuation with its classic mode.

The on-cloud model of SAP Simple Logistics helps one to access any set of information that can be ranged from the retail price of products to consumption raw material so industry to be accessed at any place and anytime. The user interface of SAP Simple Logistics is adaptable and can be personalized as per requirement. Sales order fulfilment department look for a solution to any problem raised that can be countered through its predictive tools.

SAP Customer Friendly Logistics

The ease of simplification with SAP powered management tools and estimation helps one to create simplified lists which come with functional capabilities and transaction details of all individuals. This simplification list consists of simplified category carries information about possible impacts of the certain decision on customers and business targets. Check analysis in SAP Simple Logistics are executed based on custom codes and simplified lists.

Tools in SAP Simple Logistics provide one with capacities to change the relationship existing between production versions, product versions. The great amount of time can be saved by streamlining the revision process by combining bills of material and routing one entry. The product feels length which was constrained to 18 has been increased by 40 characters. In older ERP systems names were given to entity such vender mater and customer mater which with the advent of SAP Simple Logistics has been revolutionized by the screening of centrally managed master data for business partners, customers, and vendors. Business partner aiming to join SAP Simple Logistics is provided with a customer-friendly system database that used to create, edit new databases and tables. Specializations list of SAP Simple Logistics helps one to take accurate decision with complete information and create overall project plans. With simplification list, some can get access to divergent types of information in a very single table that can be accessed in any number of times.

SAP HANA in-memory capabilities enable a user to configure and optimize as per requirement and take action which is backed by powerful SAP Simple Logistics. The functionality decisions are very enclosed in the same core and containing business details of user and perspective remains the same.

Business Partners in SAP Simple Logistics

The powerful SAP S/4HANA in-memory is used to manage master data of business partner’s, customers and vendor which are all secluded in a single place. This system benefits in all function such as create to entry edit the data. All the latest transaction can visualize in BP transactions. The other function which is mandatory for the systems and tools to take analytical decisions are management of credit functions and even perform integration functions along with data exchange.

On-Premise Solution In On-preface sending model, the client buys programming and equipment, the tasks are overseen by the client itself. All the organization usage and support undertakings are performed by the client. Any new programming augmentations are dealt with by an on-preface bolster group. Cloud Solution in this arrangement, equipment and programming is given by the cloud arrangement supplier and it is leased to the client. The cloud specialist co-op is in charge of playing out every one of the updates, augmentations and new executions. Crossover solution in this organization situation, some piece of the product is controlled by the customer on-start server claimed by the customer and extra arrangement is given by the customer-supplier. You have to play out a joining between on-start and cloud condition for better administration.

SAP S/4HANA gives different arrangement models, for example, On-premise, Cloud and Hybrid arrangement. When you send S/4HANA framework in the cloud organization situation, information replication is performed utilizing similar components that are utilized as a part of on-introduce establishments – SLT.

To perform information replication using SLT, SLT segments should be accessible on both the sending (On-commence) and the accepting framework (Cloud). Non-SAP announcing and examination and extra SAP Simple Finance or accomplice items should be associated with the cloud occurrence or be made accessible inside the cloud establishment as required.

Expository applications are utilized to give part based on ongoing data about business activities. Expository applications coordinate the energy of SAP HANA with SAP Business Suite. It gives continuous data from the expansive volume of information in the front-end web program. Utilizing expository applications, you can nearly screen Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). You can perform complex accumulations and estimations of your business tasks and respond quickly according to the adjustments in the economic situation.


Reality sheets are utilized to penetrate the key data and relevant data in business activities. In SAP Fiori tiles, you can bore down to additional subtle elements. Truth sheets likewise enable you to explore to Transactional applications to run SAP exchanges. A couple of certainty sheets additionally give a mixed alternative of topographical maps. Reality sheets just keep running on the SAP HANA database and require an ABAP stack. They can’t be ported to SAP HANA live level-2 designs.

One can use demand planning tools to plan out specific demands of customers depending upon customers and areas with a specific requirement which can be season and culture-dependent. One can define planning level with the help of SAP S/4HANA Simple Logistics levels which can helpful in pre-planning the entire data and product requirement. Historical consumption values are taken into consideration which can result in producer consumption-based planning. At the time, tools of SAP S/4HANA Simple Logistics sets basic demand value of the component at the time of placing order cross-checks the minimum requirement and refilling of stocks at the correct time depending upon the consumption rates. Master Production Scheduling component is the most important tool of SAP S/4HANA Simple Logistics helps one to remain acknowledged about the flag materials which mainly affect the profits of the company and critical steps and process necessary to be undertaken to smooth running of a business.

Material requirement and planning are the most complex parts of any SAP system as it includes information from inventory records to determine the requirements. The procurement function of SAP S/4HANA Simple Logistics helps one to ascertain about the possibility of the material that can be procured in-house services or needs to be procured on the external ways. The possible restriction is left for overload conditions which can be accessed on a later basis. In consumption-based planning, procurement can be done based on a plan to plant wise. One can also exclude storage locations of the plant with MRP run tools. The operational tools can be handily used for a variety of purchase requisition which is controlled by displaying open purchase options.


In SAP S/4HANA Simple Logistics systems transactions are used to convert purchase order to purchase requisition which ultimately increases the speed and deficiency of open source assignments. SAP S/4HANA Simple Logistics helps one to look at transaction informational even by at glance of master data, also it helps one to remove unnecessary tables lined up to the scenario which can be helpful for the scaling up the business graphs the initial NAST output system has been modified to the latest BRFplus systems which modify and escalate business progress with its client and customer-friendly database. Redundant tables have been removed in the latest version.

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