Benefits of Integrating Workday with ATS

Category: Workday Integration Posted:Apr 28, 2020 By: Ashley Morrison

Benefits of Integrating Workday with ATS

Workday is an enterprise global talent development and talent management SaaS tool, and a global recruitment CRM provider. You can design-centric online experiences with Workday ATS and drive candidate engagement. Workday also assists with career pages, work templates, quest, interview scheduling, screening, appraisal, offer management, and compliance management, in addition to the ATS features. 

Workday Recruiting is a good technology, but many organizations are still using other suppliers’ applicant tracking systems (ATS). Others are satisfied with their current recruiting technology, and others need a more comprehensive platform with special capabilities.

You would want to create a seamless integration, whether you are introducing Workday to use with your current ATS or adding an ATS to your existing Workday portfolio. 

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The Enterprise Interface Builder (EIB), an integration platform designed for ordinary business users, can combine most recruitment apps with Workday. Workday Studio is available for developers if you need more comprehensive integration.

How to Get Ready for Integration:

  • Some organizations only submit sufficient information to establish a record of the applicant. Others specify a file that is complete. Therefore, first you should have to decide which field you have to send to Workday. 
  • Consider which technology you will use to handle each operation. Color code the objects in your process maps is the right way to handle.  
  • To define the requirements for your integrators, create a data mapping specification worksheet. 
  • Decide your plan from the moment a manager becomes aware of a vacancy before new hire screening is completed by the employee and work begins.
  • Consider which types of hiring you will proceed with.
  • Check the integration until the integration works with every scenario.

We wish this overview aids you with a smooth ATS/Workday Integration. If you have a concern, leave it for us in the comment section below, our subject matter experts will help you with the answer.

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