Interview Questions: Core Connectors (Part 1)

Category: Workday Integration Posted:Apr 24, 2020 By: Alvera Anto

Interview Questions: Core Connectors (Part 1)


The following are some of the most frequently asked Workday Core Connector Integration interview questions and the answers for them.

What are Core Connectors and the type of connectors?

Workday connectors are a type of integration where we can send out or get information from external endpoints.

Whereas, Core connectors is a pre-build integration layout used to connect third-party endpoint, which provides a method to integrate with Workday and make certain that exterior systems receive only the information you wish to send.

Now talking about the types of connectors, there are two types:

Packaged Connectors— Also called as delivered ports. These integration adapters are developed for specific vendors. No added coding is required. We require to perform some fundamental configuration and they are ready to launch.

Core Connectors— These are a lot more common templates which we can use with any third-party vendor. For this, we need to do coding to satisfy vendor-specific demands like file format, etc. So, for these connectors, more configuration is needed in contrast with Packaged connectors.

How do you configure a Field Override Service?

The following steps are performed to configure a Field Override Service:

Step 1: Go To Relevant actions of integration >> Configure Integration Services >> Custom Integration Services >> Click on Create >> Click on “Create Combination Field Override Service”.

Step 2: Enter the name to the service and select the business Item on which you want the fields. Likewise include the alias for the fields that you wished to use. Click ok.

Step 3: Go to Integration system >> Configure Integration Field Overrides and after that click on the service that you have created on the left-hand side (usually after Define eligibility).

Step 4: Select the fields that you intend to, later on, add under override external field section. These areas will show up under an additional section in the XML outcome file of integration.

What is an Area Override Solution?

Area override solution is used to include extra fields such as calculated fields in the output as these fields are not readily available under any type of solution.

How can we include additional fields in Connectors?

Through Field Override Solution

What is the use of XSLT in integration?

You make use of XSLT (eXtensible Stylesheet Language Transformations) to change the input or output information going into an XML file.

What is WSDL? Why are they essential?

WSDL stands for Web Service Description Language, and they are important because they specify exactly how XML files should be formatted to be accepted as input or define the output of Workday Web services.

What is the search prefix that you can use to browse all integrations?

intsys: is the search prefix that can be used to browse all integrations.

List out some of the Integration ID types?

Workday ID, External ID, Reference ID

What are the various audit files that get generated for your Cloud Adapter?

Data Adjustment Audit – This audit holds relevant data changes. For each worker, presents the Integration field Override Solution name, field name, existing and previous field names, worker transactions for each field included on the integration output file.

Diagnostic Audit – This audit holds the information belonging to eligible entrants from the core port. Both of them are of file type.html

What is the use of the Suppress Audit Report and where to configure?

In Configure Integration Connect, you have the choice to enable/disable “Suppress Audit Reports” integration attributes by checking or unchecking the checkbox you set up. If you examine this checkbox, Core port doesn’t generate this audit data – DiagnosticAudit.html. By default it is unchecked.

Which file is deliverable when you run your Core Port?


This is the genuine output data that can be sent out to the vendor. We can also use a transformation on this to change the output documents format or data in it according to requirements. This file will have by default “deliverable” tag which specifies that this data is deliverable to the vendor if delivery is configured.


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