All you wanted to know about the SalesForce MVP program

Category: Salesforce Posted:Nov 24, 2016 By: Robert

All you wanted to know about the SalesForce MVP programBy the standard definition proposed by Salesforce – ‘“This program recognizes exceptional individuals within the Salesforce community for their leadership, knowledge, and ongoing contributions.”

There are no defined prerequisites, set parameters or any qualification criteria than just your ability to participate and resolve complex issues posted over the web through different channels. It’s a rare recognition that puts you amongst the finest tech consultants in the world.
Who is a MVP in Salesforce?

An exceptional Consultant driven by years of substantial experience and a penchant towards contributing to the community in different forms; defines a Salesforce ‘Most Valued Professional’.  A Salesforce MVP indulges into deep research and puts forward expert opinions on day to day developments.

A Salesforce MVP proactively advocates for the technology through relevant Active user groups, discussion forums, responding to queries on ‘AskForce’ and sharing original yet valuable content through blogs. In a nutshell, a Salesforce MVP brands for the brand (directly or indirectly).

What interpersonal skills do I need?

Confidence and Communication sufficiently define the prerequisites here. A MVP can resolve what most can’t and thus deep knowledge backed by a confidence to pitch is hugely needed. Add to it committed availability across platforms to take up more and more queries is important.
Thus, staying connected and covering wider audience makes for a popular Salesforce MVP. Work on your communication before pursuing Salesforce MVP training.

How should I start?

Get a Mentor

Becoming a Salesforce MVP is a tough challenge and calls adept guidance. Begin by shadowing a current MVP who could push you delve deep into the concepts and retrieve valuable insights. Beyond your acquired knowledge and what is known to the community, you need to develop innovative ways of making the system better and better.

Social Networking

Now is the time to put your networking skills to professional advantage. Follow all major groups and accounts on Facebook, LinkedIn and especially Twitter. Go through the discussions and everyday activity. It works! Firstly, you get to engage with MVPs and fellow aspirants. Secondly, almost all Principle Consultants flock to these portals for publishing their content.

Pioneer a user group

User Groups are extensively followed since they cater to doubts and queries of a specific user type.  They have been instrumental in promoting many MVP aspirants. Create a User Group for an exclusive type such as Region, Industry Type or any other that could appeal to a large audience.

Events and Conferences

Participate in more and more Salesforce events and tech fairs. These are valuable stages that bring the best from the industry under one roof. Check out for DreamForce, CloudStock and other related prestigious events.

Get Trained!

Try your hands at Salesforce certification exam. While it’s not a prerequisite to become a MVP, it could be substantial test to evaluate your skills. Even if Salesforce certification training is on your mind, go ahead minus second thoughts.

Check for available Salesforce training courses and get enrolled on one. Even better would be to go for Salesforce online training.

As a Salesforce MVP, you’ll be expected to shoulder the burden for critical issues and remember, no one’s going to ask you officially for the same. However, the followers and the administrators would be observing your contribution closely.

Before plunging at it, understand the motive behind rewarding MVPs everywhere. It’s the initiative you took to serve the community than just consider it a game.

Finally, push yourself to the limit and give your best. Don’t let the background of existing MVPs influence your penchant. If you are confident, you too could make it!

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