Top reasons why you should learn AWS

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Presently, cloud computing has taken the technical world to a new level. It is an on-demand delivery system which delivers computing power, applications, database storage, and other IT resources. These services are available on-demand or go with pay as you go. The cloud computing environment is capable of holding any kind of applications no matters whether it’s an application which is used to share your pictures with various other millions of mobile users or it is a business-critical application. The demand for cloud services will only grow at a fast speed because the cloud becomes essential to IT and all types of businesses. As per Forbes, the expenses on public cloud services is expected to raise at an annual growth of around 19.4% from $70B in 2015 to more than $141B this year. With a cloud computing environment, it is possible to execute and operate all the applications at low cost IT resources. Cloud computing also provides safe access to the servers, storage, databases and offers a lot of application services over the internet.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is one such service provided by cloud computing. AWS cloud services are delivered to every size of companies no matter whether it is a start-up, small-scale or medium-sized enterprises. Due to its pay, as you go service model, AWS has become common in the IT service market. It has become a leader in the cloud computing market nowadays. In the initial quarter of 2018, AWS has produced an income of $5.44 billion, which is increasing every year. AWS is currently utilized in almost every company such as General Electrics, Netflix, IMDb, AirBnB, and various institutions such as NASA. Thus, today most of the peoples want to learn AWS. This article presents a few reasons which demonstrate why you should learn AWS.

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Reasons to learn AWS:

1. AWS is the rapidly developing public cloud: AWS was introduced in 2006, and there were around 180,000 developers on this platform by 2007. Since the year 2015, AWS revenue was around $6 billion USD per annum, and it is getting doubled every year and enhancing at an exponential rate. AWS appreciates the benefit of a seven-year head start before facing like-minded competition, and from then onwards it has never slowed down. AWS is constantly enhancing its development in each quarter. It has extended by 42% in the third quarter of 2017 which is improved to 45% in the fourth quarter and then 49% in the first quarter of 2018. Most of the customers are using AWS products nowadays, the frequently used AWS products are data crunching tool Amazon EMR (Elastic Map Reduce) which is increasing at an annual growth rate of 24%, network monitoring providing Amazon Cloud Watch growing at an annual growth rate of 23%, and Serverless product AWS Lambda is enhancing at a compound annual growth rate of around 18%. By considering this annual growth rate of AWS, a remarkable acceleration in AWS is expected in the future.

2. AWS skills are one of the most demanding skills: Well, if we know the direction of the wind accordingly, we can move our self in the same direction. And nowadays, the wind is propelling towards the AWS cloud. According to the Google trends, organizations are facing a severe skills scarcity in AWS. The professionals who desire for a profitable career should move towards the AWS. There are more than 350,000 professionals who are required to fill the cloud job titles, and there is an excellent opportunity for people in this field who can demonstrate their abilities. AWS skills are at the top list of the most demanding skills for employers nowadays. AWS has excellent career opportunities with around 25,361 jobs openings and around 60% of cloud computing jobs needed AWS skills. As per an Indeed report, there has been a significant growth of 37% in the Australian job market for AWS professionals in the past few years. The number of open AWS jobs is six to twelve times more than the number of job hunters. There are not enough people with AWS cloud services skills, and thus there are many vacant jobs in AWS with a high range of salaries. It is obvious that the cloud computing skills and especially AWS skills will continue to be in high demand in the upcoming years.

3. AWS careers offer a high range of Salary: AWS certified candidates can receive an excellent range of salary. AWS certified solutions architects; associate professionals can get an average salary of around $121,292, over $13,000 which is greater than the average salary of top 15 IT certified specialists. The average salaries for AWS skills in best zones like San Francisco, Washington, or Boston are 25% more than the normal salary range. As per PayScale report, non-architect related AWS jobs can get lower range of salary as compared to the architect jobs. AWS Enterprise Cloud architect and AWS senior Cloud solutions architect are the top paid job titles in the AWS field. The average salary for AWS enterprise cloud architect is around $138,051, and for Senior Cloud Solutions Architect it is $132,092. According to, the average salary for the jobs related to AWS is shown in the below figure.

average salary for jobs AWS


4. Most of the companies are transforming towards AWS: Today, not only small companies are migrating towards the cloud, but the commercial enterprises are also moving towards the cloud rapidly. As per McKinsey’s Silicon Valley group’s report, around 77% companies were reliant on traditional infrastructure till 2015, but it is expected that this number is going to drop down to 43% by the year 2019 because the large enterprises are also moving towards cloud-based infrastructure. The organizations which are transforming their services and applications to the cloud are facing various challenges and barricades. The cloud platforms such as AWS, Azure, and Google provide numerous automatic features, but not migration. This shows that organizations have to rely upon customized, professional services from the providers. The demand for cloud professionals is increasing day by day who can manage migration projects in a secure and organized way. This requires experts to have deep knowledge of any selected cloud platform such as AWS. If a candidate becomes a certified AWS solution architect, it will provide them with the complete migrating process from a current on-premise application to AWS cloud.

5. Reasonable Pricing and access to free tier for learning AWS: The experts who are new to the AWS field and want to achieve practical practice on the technology can easily create an AWS account and can easily access to the free tier offered by AWS for a year. The most common AWS free tier services are Amazon RDS, Elastic load balancing, EC2, S3, etc. Each of these services has some bounds on its usage without being charged.

6. Scalability: AWS is highly scalable. With the help of AWS, it is possible to decrease overall time and effort in setting up and handling the complete infrastructure. AWS provides flexible pricing which enables you to up-scale and down-scale according to your requirements.

7. Application Programming Interface: AWS APIs is available in numerous programming languages which allows you to manage your infrastructure programmatically. With the help of APIs, it is possible to launch a new instance; take backups and support utilizing all time and cost-saving features of AWS.

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Conclusion: Thus, in order to increase your employability in the present cloud market, it is essential for the candidates to gain AWS skills and certifications. Once you become a certified AWS solution architect, it is easy for you to move from current on-premise application to AWS cloud.

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