Top 7 Reasons to Choose SAP Hybris

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Top 7 Reasons to Choose SAP Hybris

SAP Hybris is one of the most advanced solutions for e-Commerce project development implemented by global Enterprises such as Samsung,

SAP Hybris is one of the most advanced solutions for e-Commerce project development implemented by global Enterprises such as Samsung, Nike and Verizon. Hybris is known to the first choice in this niche market space for the top companies in the US, UK and several parts of Europe as well.

2016 saw Gartner declare Hybris to be the merging leader in its Digital Commerce Magic Quadrant. The main use of this is in shopping and Business, offering enterprises with various tech benefits. This is why Businesses that go for Hybris seemingly grow exponentially within relatively short periods of time. The benefits are such that companies even migrate to Hybris from their previous e-Commerce platforms. The SAP acquisition of Hybris only means higher functionality, more features and overall enhanced capability powered by the tech of tomorrow!

SAP Hybris Components

Hybris comes with various advantages with regard to e-commerce project development as given below:

1. Business Accelerators

Hybris offers Enterprises with the chance to catalyse Business practices powered by the best-in-class tech practices. These include accelerators for Business to Consumer – multi language and multichannel functionalities along with direct engagement with clients and customers. Business to Business accelerator will include large scale deals coupled with long-term payments. Also included is the functionality of ordering products coupled with subscriptions and services which is known as Telco. The Hybris Commerce China Accelerator is once again customized to meet the requirements of Chinese markets.

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2. Modular Cockpit Structure

The platform offered by SAP Hybris consists of quite a few of what are known as cockpits which are designated application sections with a specific focus, thus making them highly effective. It also comes with its in-house Web Content Management System, Product Cockpit Module allowing users to organize product information and catalogues, unparalleled customer service and more. Also available is an Import Cockpit which lets users of the system to import schedules and mappings. Integration with payment is a breeze in this along with Build Framework that is readily available. The back office Administration Cockpit that comes with this product offers a lot of flexibility – it offers Enterprises with the required elements and Business logic which can be easily customized for specialized Business processes.

3. Integrated but Modular

While being comprehensively integrated with myriad features and functionalities, it is also highly modular. It is important to note that the Hybris e-commerce platform is made of modules. There is also very little co-dependency between modules, making it flexible and easy to use for users throughout the organization.

This amazingly detailed solution is completely adaptable while also being wholly flexible and customizable to the nth degree for Businesses across multiple verticals. The scalability and performance when contrasted with other B2B platforms are simply unmatched.

4. Multi-Everything!

Multichannel, multi-vendor, multi-language is the set of core features in this application that seems to dazzle every customer that is into this product as an organization. Gartner has positioned SAP Hybris solution in its Magic Quadrant report meant for management of multichannel campaigns. Omni Commerce Connect is yet another interesting innovation within SAP Hybris Commerce that lets Businesses to network with customers and clients regardless of location. All this is done while simultaneously leveraging fresh channels and touch points enabling highly efficient interaction. The channels referred to here may range from direct mail, call centres, programmatic advertising, email, social media, mobile and websites.

5. Coping with high volumes of Big Data streams

This also enables Enterprises to cope with multiple big data streams. Companies standing to gain the most from this product include large scale telecom service providers such as Lebara- which in fact is Europe’s leading telecom operator dedicated to migrant communities. Hybris has been architected with a view to handle high volumes of traffic and large scale scope of B2B orders. It has also been designed to handle B2C company processes which tend to be quite cumbersome and elaborate. The persistence layer within the product allows for database data storage and retrieval. Hybris Commerce also allows for enterprises to manage intervals populated with intense demand by providing support for high volumes of customers and products in real time.

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6. Enablement of Contextual Experiences

Hybris allows for creation of contextual experiences while interacting with customers across multiple channels and at the same time delivering required content (such as timely value providing offers) which is relevant and compatible with organizational need. This means knowing customer behaviour and engaging them accordingly and staying with them throughout the user journey. Hence, better user targeting to serve higher purposes of customer retention and satisfaction.

7. Backwards and Forwards Compatibility

Integration with the latest SAP solution editions and legacy SAP products is made a reality through Hybris. This comes with a ready-to-use Hybris integration with SAP back-end product along with data exchange between the systems through Hybris Data Hub and web services.


Being the most efficient e-commerce project development tool in the market is what best sums up the SAP Hybris product. The advantages stated above are more than sufficient reason to choose SAP Hybris for your Enterprise.

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