Top 6 most demanding Artificial Intelligence jobs

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Top 6 most demanding Artificial Intelligence jobs | ZaranTechNowadays, the artificial intelligence field is becoming more popular, and it is expected that in the upcoming years, AI will going to interrupt the job market. According to Gartner’s report, the year 2020 will be an essential year for Artificial Intelligence related services. The report highlight that, AI will become a positive job promoter; however, there will be a variation in many jobs affected by the AI industry. The industries like healthcare, the public sector, and education will see a continuous increase in AI job. At the beginning of 2020, AI-related job making will be going to cross the positive space, and it will be reaching around 2 million new jobs in the year 2025. According to a report provided by The Hindu Business Line, there will be a huge demand for professionals with skills in evolving technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning.

Effect of Artificial Intelligence:

Its turn out to be common these days to say that how robots will drive numerous individuals out of their jobs. Due to the automation, machine learning, and Artificial Intelligence, most of the job will be at higher risk over the next years. Artificial Intelligence, Automation, and Machine Learning are altering the job aspect of the global economy. Let’s focus on the influence of Artificial intelligence:

  • Today about 15% of organizations are using AI, but by the next year, 31% of organizations are expecting to use AI.
  • Since 2000, there is around 14% increase in the AI based start-up companies.
  • Total expenditure on AI is expected to increase more than $7 billion per year by 2022, which is double the $2 billion, spent this year.
  • 77% of the customers are using an AI-powered service or device.

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A recent report found that 83% of companies are using AI which means that the AI technology itself is creating jobs. There will be a continuous growth in Artificial Intelligence related jobs for the next 5 to 10 years. Well, at present there are many employments in AI. So, any candidates who want to develop their career in this field, below are the top six most demanding AI jobs and their average salaries. Let us have a look at them:

1. Data Scientist: The job role of a data scientist involves gathering of the massive amount of data and analyze it using artificial intelligence technology. So that they can understand the data and from it predicts the trends. A data scientist is responsible for developing and implementing new machine learning models to make timely business decisions.

The data scientist is expected to play a role in empowering the business development in the future, specifically for those businesses which entirely relies on data to take the necessary business decisions. Commonly, a data scientist is a problem solver. The primary job of a data scientist is to change the raw data into useful information.

Qualification and Average Salary: Presently, data scientist jobs are in huge demand and expected to increase nearly 40% by the year 2020, because the data scientist jobs are highly paid, and there is a great need of data scientists in wide-ranging industries. The average salary of data scientist is $105,000. To become a data scientist, a candidate must have a Bachelor’s or master’s degree in IT, computer science, mathematics, and physics and should know about statistical programming, big data handling, and machine learning. The data scientist will get a job in finance, insurance, and IT industry.

2. Machine Learning Engineer: Machine learning engineers are developers who aim to go further in creating a program or an application. They mainly concentrate on programming machines to carry out specific tasks which help in achieving the organization’s goals. Machine Learning engineers should possess strong programming skills, should be able to apply multifaceted predictive models, and use natural language processing while working with broad data sets. Additionally, they should be aware of software development methodology, agile practices and all the advanced programming advancement tools such as Eclipse and Intelli J.

Qualification and Average Salary: Well, Jobs in machine learning is very high in-demand and challenging to get, because most of the companies are looking for the candidates with masters or doctoral degrees in math or computer science along with the robust programming language skills like Python, Java. Also, it would be an added advantage if the candidate has experience in cloud applications.

Machine learning engineer is responsible for arranging, examining, and supporting machine learning solutions for business objectives. The average salary of machine learning engineer is $120931. The machine learning experts can get the job in Aerospace, and defense, technology, manufacturing, and finance industry.

3. Robotics Scientist: Presently, robotics science is used in numerous industries such as manufacturing, aerospace, healthcare, and security. Well, it is correct that robots can automate a task, but they should be programmed in such a manner, which ensure their proper functionality. The robotics scientists are responsible for developing and maintaining robots that perform tasks as per the human directions.

Qualification and Average Salary: The robotics scientist should hold an engineering degree, either in robotics or in mechanical; additionally they should have advanced mathematical skills, knowledge of physical science, and computer-aided design. The robotics scientists should be able to create and enhance computer programs. They should work together with professionals and SME’s to develop prototypes.

The average salary of a robotics scientist is $88,900. The robotics scientists can get the jobs in manufacturing, security, healthcare, and law enforcement industry.

4. Business Intelligence Developer: There is a vast demand of Business Intelligence developers, they are responsible for studying and analyzing the complicated data and look for the current business and market trends so that they can help to enhance profitability and productivity of the organization.

Qualification and Average Salary: The business intelligence developers are mainly engaged in designing, modeling, testing, creating and maintaining cloud-based data storage systems. Thus, they should hold a bachelor’s degree in computer science and engineering also should be expertise in data warehouse design, data mining, SQL queries, etc.

The average salary of business intelligence developer is $70,056. The business intelligence developers can get a job in the public sector, healthcare and medicine, finance, and insurance industry.

5. Software Developer: It is not enough to develop only AI and Machine learning technology, there should be someone who is responsible for creating software that helps for designing, developing, and deploying in machine learning and AI systems. Well, a Software developer who is expertise in AI and machine learning is responsible for performing these tasks. He or she should have experience in developing and enhancing the huge and complex system, and also should be able to write effective code.

Qualification and Average Salary: The software developers can get a salary of $104,463. The candidate should hold a bachelor’s degree in computer science. The software developers can get jobs in telecommunications, law enforcement, healthcare, defense, and medical industry.

6. AI Research Scientist: A research scientist who is proficient in AI is an SME in various artificial intelligence fields such as machine learning, computational statistics, and applied mathematics. The job role of an AI research scientist is to use AI and machine learning principles so that they can accomplish the business objectives.

Qualification and Average Salary: A research scientist should hold a master’s or doctoral degree in computer science or the associated field. It will be an added benefit if they have skills in parallel computing, AI and machine learning algorithms. They should also know about deep learning, graphical models, reinforcement learning, computer perception, natural language processing, and data representation.

The average salary of an AI research scientist is $136,233. They can get the job in Aerospace and defense, pharmaceutical, manufacturing, and IT industry.

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How to get an AI job: Even if a candidate has a standard skillset and education, there are various methods to be a robust candidate for these rewarding AI roles. A candidate who is looking for a job in the artificial intelligence field can enhance their application by considering the below points:

1. Enroll for an online course: Nowadays, various online training institutes offer online courses; this enables the candidate to learn more about AI and get an expert in the field. Some of them provide certifications as well which in turn help in enhancing their resume.

2. Build your network: If you are looking for a career in AI, try to attend more and more AI conference and build your network; this will help you to connect with the AI experts and gain more knowledge in the AI field.

3. Add regular business skills: Most of the AI jobs are technical, but the organization should know how they can transform those enhancements to other businesses or clients. Since the AI professionals are very technical, they don’t have the business expertise which is essential for transforming the outcomes of these models into functional AI systems, this effect the bottom line and have a positive impact on the client too. Thus, this increases the demand for a varied skill set that involves familiarity with AI as well as business domain expertise.

4. Read a lot: The AI professionals should always keep on learning and keep themselves up-to-date. They should read the latest articles on AI as well as related areas. Roman Yampolskiy, director of the Cybersecurity Laboratory, recommended getting subscribed with the scientific publications.

5. Keep yourself Updated: The artificial intelligence field is enhancing rapidly; thus the candidate should be prepared to explore skills and opportunities in AI as many as possible.

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Conclusion:  AI technology is growing at a fantastic speed, and hence there is great demand for AI experts. Artificial intelligence field has a bright future, and if the candidate develops the right skills, he or she can get a highly paid job in different industries, and have a stirring technical career for several years.

I hope that by now you have had an overview of AI & Machine learning. Before you enroll in ZaranTech’s certification course on AI&ML, do check out the Machine Learning with Python tutorial for Beginners:

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