Top 5 Reasons to get certified in Agile ScrumMaster

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Top 5 reasons to get certified in agile scrum master|ZaranTechIs your job being involved in Project Management? Is your job being centered on Software Development? If your answer for anyone of these questions is ‘Yes’, then you’ve top reasons to choose an Agile ScrumMaster certification. If you are an agile certified professional, then it could bring you to the high level in the IT domain. Having certified on the agile methodologies will benefit the professionals in the IT field. In recent times, the programs of agile have been developed to benefit everyone committed in the operations of the business especially in Marketing or Product Management. The agile certified professionals can attain enhancing the productivity and team performance effortlessly. Here are some of the Top 5 reasons to get certified in Agile ScrumMaster. Before that, it would be worth of knowing some general things about the Agile ScrumMaster.

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A Short Note On Agile

Agile is known to be the training of innovative and new methodologies and approaches towards efficient project management and software development. The methods of agile are based on the cross-functional, collaborative and self-organized workgroups and teams. The tactics of agile are designed to power to advanced efficiency and team performance. These tactics are focused mainly on generating result comparatively better than the result of the traditional methods. Particularly training in the agile, support organizations to respond to the ever-changing requirement of the customer. It also supports to reduce business risks, solve uncertainty raised by changing market forces as well as raise Return on Investment (ROI) of the business by focusing more on the value of the customer.

Main Types of Agile Methodologies

The methodologies involved in the agile vary to an excessive extent. Every methodology teaches various managing software development and project management. When having certification in the agile, you will determine that one methodology focuses completely on different things from what other covers. This is because of the various approaches and methodologies of the agile. There are six main methodologies in the agile. They are

  • Scrum
  • DSDM
  • Lean
  • XP
  • Kanban
  • TDD

Why Agile Certification?

As similar to other popular domains like Service Management and Project Management, agile has matured now. The enterprise now prefers the candidates with agile certification and experience. This is one of the reasons that why people desire for the certification; hence, they can able to enjoy all the advantages when they plan to change jobs or seek a new career in the agile domain.

Top Agile Certifications

There is an abundance of certifications available in the current market to select for receiving identifications in the domain of the agile. Sometimes, when you have an abundance of choices, you are tangled with which certification to choose as per your requirement. The following diagram shows the various certifications currently available in the agile domain.Agile Certified Professional PMI-ACP|ZaranTech

Each and every certification is beneficial for professionals based on their needs. However, here we are going on the ScrumMaster Certification.

There is no surprise that considering in terms of time and money, professionals used to involve in countless research on what certification fits best for them to invest in that they can receive maximum ROI.

As based on the various researches on the Internet from various bodies, the certification on Scrum is determined as the most popular agile methodology. That is the main reason of having multiple range certification in terms of Scrum. Since Scrum sounds simple to learn the methodology of the agile it becomes the most obvious choice. In addition, it becomes the widely used methodology; it is possible to come across a wide range of case studies regarding Scrum. In our discussion, we shall focus on the Scrum Master Certification and shall explore why it attract the professionals.

The following are some of the certifications that remain best in the market for the agile professionals who like to put their career in the field of agile.

  • Agile Certified Professional (PMI-ACP)
  • Scrum Alliance – Certified Scrum Professional
  • Scrum Alliance – Certified Scrum Product Owner/Certified Scrum Master/Certified Scrum Developer

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Top 5 Reasons to Get Certified In Agile ScrumMaster

Scrum Master Certified professionals are enablers who guarantee that the Team of Scrum is offered with a setting favorable to finishing the project or process successfully. The Scrum Master enables, guides, as well as shows Scrum practice to the entire members of the project team in order to make them clear and make them comfortable in the functioning of the Scrum processes.

Once the candidates passed the exam successfully, then he/she will be awarded the Scrum Master Certified certification by the SCRUM study.

  1.     Receive a Base Knowledge on Scrum

If you haven’t aware many details about the Scrum, then having this certification will let you aware everything you have to apply it efficiently. If you achieve Scrum Master Certification, you will develop a sturdy base knowledge about the subject. Achieving this certification will also bridge the gaps between the professionals and Scrum. You will have to learn every factor of the Scrum in order to clear the certification examination effectively. This certification will also offer you the tools as well as the motivation to gain the completely rounded knowledge you require.

A professional certification of the agile is a valuable exam to do, particularly if you’re working in the software development. With the certification, you will be specialized in the following skills. You can able to provide:

  • Higher customer satisfaction
  • Better product quality
  • Effective team structure
  • Frequent client updates Real-time feedback regarding product features
  • Flexible working strategy
  • Fewer defects
  • Take quick response to the issues

There is a requirement for the competency and Quality Engineer as well as Managers, who are skilled and well technically packed. Undoubtedly, this certification will be highly valuable.

2. Growth in the Number of Companies moving to the Agile

In the early days, there was a custom in the software productiveness to launch products on two to three-year cycles. However, now the requirements of the current customers have changed and the organizations are in need to speed up their product release process in order to remain a top place in the marketplace. Allowing both disciplined and rapid innovation to meet the customer requirements, companies like Salesforce, Amazon, Microsoft and Spotify have been creating the migration to the agile field. It is a great decision for the companies to accept a new and effective methodology since it influences every factor of the business like processes, people, management, and clients.

Due to this, it is vital for everyone to achieve some tangible and real advantages rapidly. With repeatable as well as predictable release schedules, and self-managing team, Scrum Master Certification shines brightly in this respect. However, an absence of Scrum skills may not provide the notable outcomes that management will be expecting for. With the prerequisite knowledge and certification, you gain; you would never miss out the crucial path opened by Scrum within the organization.

Management will find more convenience investing in the agile methodology in case there is proven certified professionals among them. Because of the preference of the organization, there is a necessity for the professional to achieve the Scrum Master Certification. The certification conveys management that you are capable of implementing an agile methodology.

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3Lead an Exciting New Career Opportunity

With so organizations migrating to the agile domain, there is also a raised requirement for the professional agile coaches. Agile training supports team members and leadership route the challenging approach of migrating to agile by working as a forerunner of innovation, enabling stakeholder dialogues as well as stimulating the status quo. Mentioning as a certified professional in the resume will sound good and make the companies shortlist for in the selection process if the other measure that you have, matches your need. As a development attitude, Scrum will permit you to explain several things as well as professional who have achieved certification, you’ll possibly aware some cost to profit ratio of the choice that your team select.

However, for some company generating some tricky software are in need to select the appropriate candidate to invest better contribution. As a scrum master, in order to meet your responsibility in such scenario, you will need some technical knowledge. Without the thorough knowledge of technical aspects, nobody will able to offer the service that is expected. Hence it is essential to have certification in the Scrum Master in order to function well in the Scrum adopted the system. The recruiters well known about this fact and they used to prioritize the certified professionals.

4. Work Better Together with your Peers

When it comes to functioning with the colleagues, training, as well as certification, will possess a positive impact. As a certified person, while working together with your colleague, you will able to build and strengthen the base understanding and same vocabulary of the scrum.

Even though, if you don’t have the same certification as your colleagues, ScrumMaster Certification will still benefit you. As a result, you will capable of using your skills for a wide range of agile and scrum methodology.  Especially, it is highly advantageous, if you are a tester who are going to work with an agile team, a Scrum team or an organization that wants to migrate its development process to the Scrum. Looking it in practical in a company supports you to gaze where major issues lie. Depending on that, you can begin to show your contribution to the process as well as support the team to become an efficient team, building a notable increment and working towards a seamless goal.

5. Long-Term Benefit

Completing a professional study regarding ScrumMaster means that you’ve to learn its approaches from entire angles. This can support you achieve a fresh outlook in addition to functioning knowledge on agile implementation methods. You’ll be capable of inserting agile mindset you achieve among your team members; this approach enhances the cooperation as well cohesion among the team. As we all aware, unity in the team has a great impact on the project success.

Being certified at ScrumMaster can support you convey yourself in an attractive way to your prospective employers. The professionals of Scrum aware how company functions, this will expand your career opportunity largely.  In case you are already employed, you have a great capacity to enhance your organization, along with the required knowledge you gain. This is an excellent way to make your company consider you as their asset.

In case, your team includes any certified agile workers, then this certification supports you enhance your functional knowledge with them. Remember that, even though your colleagues have learned other agile methodology, there is no change in the underlying method. You will be capable of communicating in your technical language and exchange your ideas with them. This process will strengthen the working culture of your organization. This will improve the work environment; since, you can easily understand how your peers function or think, to a certain extent. Getting ScrumMaster Certification doesn’t require you to study the entire different factors included in the Scrum methodology implementation.

Another notable benefit included in the certification is none other than a support system. That is, you can join the community of recognized Scrum experts or professionals. These experts have been functioning to enhance entire areas of implementation of Scrum including its methodology. It is possible to avail the advice of these experts when you become a member of their community. Certification supports you attain the honor of their guidance.


With the above reasons, hope you must be clear about the importance of Agile ScrumMaster Certification. Besides these benefits, you can experience an abundance of advantages and career opportunities with this certification. Choose the right reputed training center and achieve certification to step forward in your career.

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