Top 4 Key Features of Workday Advanced Compensation

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Managing compensation efficiently can indicate the difference between surpassing or missing your business objectives. From attracting the right ability to fulfilling employees based on the larger image, not simply performance, Workday Compensation fosters collaboration and also offers clients with the right tools for making ideal decisions across their organization. Here are some of the key features of Workday Advanced Compensation:

Comprehensive Compensation Management

  • Flexible: Workday provides a highly configurable, worldwide system that enables you to specify compensation packages, plans, programs, and procedures making use of data throughout Workday as well as the industry.
  • Global: Use adaptable area profiles and also currency options to extend configurations around the globe. Workday Advanced Compensation immediately adapts to global allowance plans based on modifications made to salary while making sure that allowance plans stay within statutory limits.

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Plan Design

  • Compensation Plans

Equip your administrators to easily craft the strategies required for your global organization. Workday supports salary, allowance, unit allowance, merit, bonus, commission, stock, long term cash, future payment, one-time payment, and multiple time payment. 

  • Compensation packages

Quickly combine several plans, grades, and compensation basis to create global compensation packages. Apply grades with grade profiles, such as job level within a particular geography, to provide comprehensive package options. Drive plan assignments by using eligibility rules that reference the worker’s job profiles and also other characteristics. Worker movement negotiated in Workday will immediately activate strategy and/or package analysis relying on the eligibility rules you set up.

Compensation Process

  • Process Configuration

No two companies manage their compensation procedures similarly. Workday supports your unique strategy with a framework that enables you to choose the strategy types to include, develop pools for each and every strategy, manage holdbacks, and also allow for lump-sum modifications and promos as part of the compensation procedure. In addition, businesses can make adjustments to targets throughout the merit procedure as performance, results become available.

  • Insightful Process Flow

The Workday Business Process Framework (BPF) enables you to direct activities and attention to suitable people throughout your compensation procedure. For activities ranging from the authorization of pools to final submission, the BPF can be set up by your compensation Administrator to route approvals, notifications and also alerts. Appropriate, contextual details, such as market survey data, talent data, as well as virtually any type of data in Workday can likewise, be provided to customers at the point of action so that decisions can be driven by data.

  • Tailored Worksheet

When the process prompts managers to engage with their assessments, the worksheet experience is tailored for efficiency, simplicity, and also insight.

Utilizing the Workday Configurable Grid, compensation administrators deliver an intuitive worksheet to the manager that contains the data they need to make compensation recommendations, complete with warning notification to help keep teams on a budget. Furthermore, high-level managers have visibility in their reporting managers’ organizations as well as can complete merit tasks on behalf of their team. The smart panel feature on the grid can be configured to display particular worker characteristics, giving managers with extra information.

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Event Management

The organization does not quit throughout the compensation procedure. New employees, transfers, promotions, as well as terminations should not wait on your procedure to complete. Workday allows clients to coordinate events through rules which automatically manage these transactions,  eliminating the manual intervention traditionally associated with compensation solutions.


  • Dashboard and Reports

Making decisions without relevant information can be costly as well as lengthy. Workday provides a unique dashboard, Audit trails and records for a comprehensive evaluation for executives, managers, as well as administrators. Alerts on both desktop and mobile devices prompt customers to do something about it. Harnessing compensation data to supply a full picture of the company’s pay is easy with the pay equity dashboard, which provides you the capability to drill down as well as take action.

  • External Data

Workday allows you to save as well as update data from various other systems and sources. Salary survey data, finance data for customers are not using Workday Financial Management, cost of living by location and also more can all be brought into Workday and used in penetration analysis, reports, as well as pay increase recommendation. Make smarter decisions with better insight making use of Workday for your compensation management.


Compensation is the total cash money and non-cash payments that are given to an employee in exchange for the work they provide for business. It is normally among the most significant costs in the businesses for the employees. Compensation includes other kinds of wages as well as benefits above the employees’ regular paid earnings.

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