An Introduction to SAP Hybris Billing

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An Introduction to SAP Hybris BillingAn Introduction to SAP Hybris Billing

Presently, Organizations are investing in into new plans of action to engage customers and flourish while driving operational brilliance. With these new business models come new methodologies for adaptation: how the organization will produce income, make installments, and take part in income sharing. SAP Hybris Billing empowers you to adjust to whichever technique you pick, so you can convey a superior client experience toward the front end, while clearly and proficiently taking care of the end to end arrange to-money process successfully.

SAP Hybris Billing awards you the agility and scale that you want to grasp change, so you can advance your business to offer a superior client experience, find new income streams and streamline your primary request to money process. It permits both B2B and B2C organizations to quickly include new supporters with suitable groups and utilization based evaluating plans while tending to their accomplice biological community with convincing revenue sharing models. It enhances clearness over the whole procedure- from the client management to income acknowledgment – through adaptable, versatile and highly automated billing, invoicing and income management capacities.

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Features of SAP Hybris Billing:

Following are the essential features of SAP Hybris Billing:

  • It provides order and Contract Lifecycle Management
  • With SAP Hybris billing it is possible to Quote to cash capabilities
  • Managing Revenue/Billing for subscription
  • Easy integration of Revenue with Sales, service and Marketing solution
  • Order Orchestration
  • SAP Hybris Leading Edge public cloud platform

SAP Hybris Billing Solution Components:  SAP Hybris Billing allows you to select best meets your business’s billing and revenue management needs from the available package or as individual solution components.

Subscription Order Management: Design new subscription contributions, enlist clients in administrations and bundles, and actually, target offer to build income per client and lessen beat.

Mediation by Digital Route: Simplify, streamline and standardize cross-framework use information consolidation supporting both real-time and bunch preparing of usage events for estimating and charging.

Charging: This component helps to quickly design and change customer pricing and partner offers with flexible pricing models supporting both pre-paid and postpaid business models.

Pricing Simulation: It is used to create, test and adapt pricing models to increase potential income, using real or statistical customer usage data to forecast changes in customer behavior.

Invoicing:  It delivers clients with a solitary, united receipt for all items and administrations (counting outsider charging streams), decreasing client perplexity and quickening money accumulation

Digital Documents by OpenText: This component transforms invoicing and other client confronting correspondence into an amazing promoting channel with tweaked solicitations that consolidate focused on informing.

Customer Financials: It deals with the income stream with exceedingly computerized receivables and installments taking care of, and advanced credit and accumulations, including support for granular client debate and other money-related issues, all with customized client collaborations.

SAP Hybris billing


Benefits of SAP Hybris Billing:

  • Faster increase in market share via decrease time to market for customer-centric offers
  • Diminished income spillage with better coordinated and computerized forms, empowering more noteworthy money related transparency and consistency with full end-to-end traceability of all transactions.
  • Less client support calls and enhanced client maintenance with disentangled, straightforward invoicing
  • Lower days Sales outstanding, i.e. , DSO on account of automation dependent on proper business rules for individual cases and treatment in accumulations, cautioning staff of repeating issues
  • Lesser operational expenses for billing and collections with improved gatherings and question taking care of, empowering debt claim operators to intercede in different cases only.

Features of SAP Hybris Billing Module: Following are the features of the SAP Hybris billing module:

  • SAP Hybris Billing offers a grouping of multiple billing streams and allows for billing to a single invoice.
  • SAP Hybris Billing enables revenue sharing agreements for various frequencies.
  • SAP Hybris Billing offers payment billing for different charge types like one time or periodic.
  • SAP Hybris Billing comprises of support for complex discounting including invoice level discount and customer level discounts.
  • SAP Hybris Billing supports for complete revenue management practices.

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Conclusion: SAP Hybris billing is a part of SAP Hybris that provides various possibilities to the customer for automating the invoice process. SAP Hybris Billing enables customers to manage billing and ordering processes automatically. SAP Hybris Billing provides the quickest and gauge which customers require to hold changes so that they can revolutionize their business to provide a better customer experience.

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