IT Training and Consulting Services at ZaranTech

New Bitmap Image (2)ZaranTech is a global IT consulting and training company, which was founded and developed by IT experts who have created and implemented huge scale custom and commercial projects using various types of software development tools across different domains, methodologies and platforms. The goal of our organisation is to develop and provide excellent and highly expert IT consultants to various types of Industries and companies. We simply do our best to satisfy the IT needs of Fortune 500 companies and  are proud to provide these companies with their top notch IT advisers. We distinguish their development and training programs by presenting Role-specific training as an alternative to product-based training. Our primary goal is to provide the excellent IT consultants so that companies and clients are truly satisfied with the services they receive.

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SAP Business objects Data Services (BODS) Tools

bodsBusiness objects Data Services (SAP BODS) is a complex platform for the data integration process and constitutes the latest version of Business objects (SAP BO) application. In comparison with previous versions of Business objects (SAP BO) ETL (Business objects Data Integrator – SAP BODI), a Data Quality module is the integral part of Data Services.

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Basics of JAVA Platform

java (1)Developers build applications to suit a particular set of users. The Java platform realizes the differing challenges facing developers and offers the choice of different Java technologies depending on the user’s needs. The two most important components of the Java Platform are the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) and the Java Development Kit (JDK). The JRE is contained within the JDK (i.e., if you just download the JDK you will be able to create and run java programs). The Java platform editions contain additional Java APIs for creating different types of applications:

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Financial Accounting with SAP FICO

sap fFinancial Accounting is the core area of SAP ERP. This deals with reporting the financial transactions regarding the business as per the external requirement. Financial Accounting is integrated with SAP to provide comprehensive functions for a business. Let’s see what these sub modules are which help in deciding the financial status of an organisation:

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The key habits of Quality Focused companies

qualityThe key performance area for small business is not creativity but the excellent service that they provide to their customers. Hence the superior focus on Quality service is very important for any business. To develop as a successful organization, a company needs to have well defined habits to achieve their goals and targets. Let’s see what these habits are:

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Inside Java2 Virtual Machine

javaWith the recent advancement in virtual machine technology, Java has been the heart of the discussion. The use of first Java machine was seen in 1995. After those years things have been changing for Java platform. As Java is network oriented, the speed of performance is low as compared to C++. With the help of adaptive optimization, this problem has been overcome for Java technology. Sometime, performance is a limitation for Java application. Nevertheless Java is a flexible tool.

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The future of QTP testing

paid_robotIf you are a developer who writes a test case, you must be aware that Selenium is the leading technology that is growing fast in the testing market. As we know Selenium is the core area of automated testing and automated testing is the heart of software testing.Many US companies are rapidly increasing their automated testing tools. Hence the developer uses different testing strategies to perform optimized test. If we take a look at the test, we need to run the tests across the browsers.

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HP LoadRunner in the cloud

loadA performance testing solution has been recently launched as a part of Quality Assurance. This cloud version has been launched for as alternative collaboration with Amazon EC2. The launching of cloud version has enabled multiple functions. The performance testing is done with the help of web version and AJAX. Rising demands for cloud application on mobile devices has led to this solution. This solution finds the best suitable answer for the clients in terms of budget, time and deadlines.

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