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Cultural Enlightenment a critical factor for implementing Lean Six Sigma

s1What does culture mean? Culture means shared beliefs and values for a group of people. Sharing a common belief and value for an organisation improvement is the critical factor for implementing lean six sigma. We are seeing cultural changes in implementation of Six Sigma with the modern approach. The approach has become more customers oriented rather than focusing on departments. Now every team member is involved for the brainstorming sessions for projects.

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Latest news on Java Interface

J1Sometimes, when we hear JAVA a lot of questions come to our mind such as first how computer programs work in JAVA? How to write our own computer programs? In order to inform you about JAVA computer programming language I am writing this article so people who are interested to know about JAVA can read this article and gain detail information about it.

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Why does a project need a Project Manager and Business Analyst?

project_1Having both a Project Manager (PM) and a Business Analyst (BA) is critical to the success of each project. Every role provides specialized capabilities that make the difference between whether a project succeeds or struggles. PM’s and BA’s each have unique set of skills and knowledge areas. They both understand the ultimate goal of the project. They each work on their own tasks within the project to achieve these objectives. There are some Areas of a project where the PM and BA work together or serve as a backup for each other. The difference in each role is the reason that it’s very critical to have both roles on the team. The product will be built on time and within budget.

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Android compilers labelled as Jack and Jill for Google

jackThese six years have been a year of great change for Android development. This Android technology which had been developed in late 2008 has been a boon for the smartphones across the world. There have been massive changes for the existing multimedia and apps for the ecosystem. With the advancement in operating system there has been change in the existing elements. Other factors have become redundant for usage. We had earlier seen the development of Android Lollipop. But now a recent app development for compilers has been developed with the name of Jack and Jill. The Jack and Jill compilers shall replace javac and dex compilers that are used in markets by the developers. Google has planned big for these compiling times ahead. Thus enhancing the development experience in future times ahead.

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Which organisation has the World’s biggest Hadoop cluster?

yahooComparing the Hadoop installations for different organisations can be fun. The investment of a company can be inferred from the size of the installation. This also shows that big data products are bought from these vendors. Facebook has the maximum number of nodes for the Hadoop cluster as per the research study conducted during 2013. Yahoo and LinkedIn also have a large number of nodes. Hadoop clusters are also run in cloud for certain small organisations. I this article sizes are compared by number of nodes for the Hadoop clusters. They act as a specific data points for the same reason. The sizes can be compared with the help of CPU scores and data volume sizes.

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Six thinking hats for effective business management

six hatsSix thinking hats is an effective tool used for decision making purposes while conducting business analysis. This had been developed by Edward De Bono. This tool takes into consideration various factors to make an effective decision. It involves rational thinking along with the emotional factors while making a decision. It mixes skills, ambitions and various feeling. This is an effective tool used during meetings.  Different thinking hats denote different styles of thinking. Now let’s discuss different styles of thinking:

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Importance of Java SQA in Software testing

sqaIn a software organisation project timelines is very important along with the numerous quality assurance activities and software testing. Hence project management teams must ensure timely delivery and proper quality processes for the same. Hence to ensure this purpose we have Java SQA (Software Quality Assurance) is gaining popularity in software industry. Without compromising on quality the software companies must achieve their software testing processes. There are two sets of activities: verification and validation. Verification involves manual testing and scrutiny of the software product and validation involves software testing activities.

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Android Apps development cramming the market

androidRecently the market for consumers in android development has increased across the world. We can see that the current downloads have increased above 10 billion. This has been a result of people who are trying to procure those android devices. Due to increase in the market for android devices, certain companies are trying venture into android development area. Android applications have been built for various domains like weather, music, games and travel. Hence we require such applications that are quick in performance, high usability and intractability. This supports many 3D games and applications.

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Microsoft .Net framework available for Arcgis runtime SDK

aWith the recent development by Microsoft in Silverlight technology a great application for ArcGIS server had been built by the developers. During the current years ArcGIS runtime has been added to Windows platform. This has helped to integrate .Net and C++ technology. This has helped to prioritize the needs of new run time architecture. This has given an efficient API for coding. This support system has helped in sharing between Windows phone apps and windows store.  Now the reliability on the run time along with the local data has drastically increased. Hence we have faster runtime services available. This has led to prioritization and integrating core runtime to ensure high performance.

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Skills of a Business Analyst

baBusiness analysts investigate business activities. They coordinate and manage change in a business organization. The skills expected from a business analysts are :

  1. Excellent interpersonal and communication skills
  2. Good understanding of the business environment
  3. Strong IT or Business skills
  4. Keep abreast of new business and IT developments.

Apart from these skills, business analysts must be acquainted with technical knowledge like use of technology, tools required in the analysis process. He must also understand the spoken and unspoken customer needs to deliver high quality product. Conflict resolution is an important work for business analysts to ensure smooth running of the business and the process. Effective time management to deliver the target on deadline is also a key skill for them. It is expected that they have excellent persuasion and negotiation skills while competing for client project. Hence with these skills they play a major role in increasing the productivity of an organization. With the help of education programs these skills can be developed and enhanced for an individual

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