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How m-learning is different from e-learning?

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A decade ago, educators considered all smart phones and tablets are deplorable distraction in class room. Now-a-days, rather than snatching those devices away, all tech-savvy teachers trying to engage students by incorporating learning methods. Even though, smartphones, tablets, and other computing devices are used in universal implementation, these devices are also used as learning tool by exploring emerging technologies.

In education technology revolution, e-learning and m-learning are the two important buzz words which characterizes the tech-savvy teacher’s whole raft of idea and resources. But the two terms are always used with some confusion about the differences between the two modes of training.

Many people assume that e-learning and m-learning are same. However, designing effective courses for these two modes can differ in many aspects.

Before we get to know the difference between e-learning and m-learning, we shall see the definition of each of these.


E-learning refers to electronically supported learning methodology in which digital communication, internet or the electronic devices are used to support the process of learning. This method includes Computer Based Training (CBT) and Web Based Training (WBT).


Source: global.acs.org


M-learning refers to electronically supported learning using portable devices which allows student to learn in different environments at any flexible time. This mode of learning is a subset of e-learning which is growing rapidly in the past few years.

This is also considered as the extension of e-learning but the quality online training will be provided by delivering the course with awareness of the limitations and the benefits of the portable devices used.


Source: http://www.gadgetsandtech.net/

Now, let us see the difference between e-learning and m-learning:


As you read these differences, you may start to wonder which mode of learning and Learning Management System (LMS) is better than the other. Fortunately, both the modes of learning are the effective and powerful modes for training people.

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