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Five Most Specialised Trending Lean Six Sigma Tools

The quality and quantitative techniques are used by Six Sigma to enhance processes. They are applied and integrated even though the tools are not unique.

Before we see the specialised tools of Lean Six Sigma, let us see Introduction to Lean Six Sigma.

Lean Six Sigma is a methodology that is based on the collaborative effort of team to enhance the performance by removing waste systematically. Combination of lean manufacturing/lean enterprise and Six Sigma eliminates time, inventory, motion, over production, over processing, waiting and defects in the system process.


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Job market for Lean Six Sigma

Job-market-for-Lean-Six-SigmaAt the point when Sun Life Financial goes to market to reinforce its developing group of “incline” business pros, it confronts far reaching rivalry – shaking on employment sheets with organizations as fluctuated as Telus, Bombardier, Toronto’s Hospital for Sick Children, Shoppers Drug Mart, Kraft Foods and the City of Vancouver.

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Statistical Lean Six Sigma

Lean Six SigmaSix Sigma operates at a ninety nine.9997% quality level and limits the quantity of risk of defects to but 3.4 defects per million, by banking heavily on applied mathematics techniques. The standard and the productivity of the organization are improved by streamlining the processes, not like ISO-9001, that may be a quality certification system, Six Sigma may be a method improvement methodology meant for reducing quantity of defects to a really minute amount and thereby enduring a boon to the value of the corporate progress.
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More about Lean Six Sigma certification

Lean Six SigmaOnce you perceive your wants, you will have an improved plan of what to appear for from a possible Six Sigma-certificated worker. Within the same approach, if you are looking to look for organization to coach your employees and issue a certificate, you will have an improved understanding of what data and skill that certificate ought to guarantee a professional.

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Lean Six Sigma Tools

Lean Six SigmaThis article gives a review of the 10 most vital specialized tools in Lean Six Sigma:

Tool 1 – The Critical to Quality (CTQ) Tree

The Critical to-quality tree is utilized amid the configuration period of DMAIC. It is utilized to conceptualize and approve the needs and necessities of the client of the procedure, focused for development. Recognize the first level of necessities of the need, that is, some normal for the need that figures out if the client is content with the need.

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Understanding DMAIC

Lean Six SigmaDMAIC in Lean Six Sigma technique is also a management system that will result in refined, efficient projects. The Lean Six Sigma DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, Control) method is the roadmap for problem solving. This methodology helps in product/process improvement. Most of the organizations begin implementing Six Sigma using the DMAIC methodology. DMAIC method is an iterative process that gives structure and guidance for the project and helps the analyst to focus on the improvement areas for the project. Now, Let us understand the DMAIC process:

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Learn more about Lean Six Sigma

Learn-more-about-Lean-Six-SigmaLean Six Sigma thinking originated at Toyota Company with the Toyota Production System (TPS). The original concepts were given by Sakichi Toyota in the year 1920. Taiichi Ohno began to see these ideas getting implemented in the system in the year 1940 but there was a transformation only in the year 1950. The concepts for lean Six Sigma came from American supermarkets where only small amounts of selection of inventory is filled by the customers and they pull them from the shelf. This is also known as Kanban System.

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Five Key elements of Lean Six Sigma

Lean Six Sigma Training and CertificationTo score a project in Lean Six Sigma five key elements have been identified. These are:

1.Common vision and goals: Vision for a company and common goal, making it common goal for all the employees. Vision means the final result after the things have been implemented.

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Lean Six Sigma in Healthcare sector

Lean Six Sigma E-LearningThere is a rapid increase in the cost of medical care that is alarming and unsustainable rate across worldwide. There has been significant increase in the cost that has been credited to the ageing population and advances in technology. There are two factors, inevitable because of the demographic developments of the modern society and technological features that are out of control.

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Characteristics of a great Lean Six Sigma project manager

Lean Six Sigma TrainingThese are some common traits for Lean Six Sigma Green Belt project manager:

  1. A fantasist. Project manager must be proactive and should manage with the resources he has. He must be optimistic and not complain about lack of operating environment.

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