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A path to well paid and dynamic IT career with mastering Java

Java and the factors that make it the most popular computer programming language


With the passage of every day, some new and unique computer programming language is introduced to the market. However, if you do a head to head comparison between the popular computer programming languages, the slot for the most popular choice would go to that of Java. This is an advanced programming language in the categories of C & C++. Continue reading A path to well paid and dynamic IT career with mastering Java

Programming trends for 2015

JAVA JEE SOAJava is the core technology for 2015. Java is a programming language made by James Gosling from Sun Microsystems (Sun) in 1991. The primary freely accessible variant of (Java 1.0) was discharged in 1995. Sun Microsystems was gained by the Oracle Corporation in 2010. The Java language permits programming engineers to compose system code in different dialects than the Java programming dialect which still keeps running on the Java virtual machine. The Java stage is generally connected with the Java virtual machine and the Java centre libraries.

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What is Service Oriented Architecture

JAVA JEE SOAUnderstanding SOA starts with the basic question of what a service-oriented?  Service-oriented architecture (SOA) is an evolution which is a result of distributed computing that is based on the request and response mechanism for any type of applications. The applications may be synchronous and asynchronous applications. An application’s business logic is defined in modular form and is shown as services for client applications. These services are loosely coupled in nature this means that the service interface is independent of the implementation. Application developers have built these applications by composing one or more services. For example, a service can be implemented either in Microsoft .Net or JAVA J2EE, and the application using the service can be on a different language or platform.

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Why JAVA JEE is used in enterprise edition instead of spring?

javaLet us see some pros and cons of JAVA JEE and spring. We need to decide amongst the both while working on a project. JAVA JEE has the following advantages over spring. These are: JEE follows a set of standard specifications and is not dependent on vendor. Many big companies support this sustainability advantage. JAVA JEE certification has become the need for the IT market.

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Latest news on Java Interface

J1Sometimes, when we hear JAVA a lot of questions come to our mind such as first how computer programs work in JAVA? How to write our own computer programs? In order to inform you about JAVA computer programming language I am writing this article so people who are interested to know about JAVA can read this article and gain detail information about it.

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Current Trends in Java technology


cThe information technology market is waiting for Java 8. So let’s see what’s new in Java 8. It has been the most anticipated version. There has been an introduction to lambda expression. What is lambda? It is simplified method for a class. In this version only one abstract method is defined with functional interface. The best thing about functional interface is that they can be assigned to anything that gives meaning to the contract. Interfaces can have many default methods. Time parameter has been represented as period and duration. Continue reading Current Trends in Java technology