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Android OS

Android-OSAndroid was created by Google and the Open Handset Alliance (OHA), a coalition of equipment, programming and information transfers organizations. More than 30 organizations were included in the OHA, including Qualcomm, Broadcom, HTC, Intel, Samsung, Motorola, Sprint, Texas Instruments and Japanese remote transporters KDDI and NTT DoCoMo.

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Google needs to expand its developer preview to hardware partners

AndroidThere’s never been a superior time to have a Nexus gadget. At first, the project seemed to give application designers a head begin on including backing and new elements particular to both Android M, and Sony’s Xperia line of gadgets. Such access for engineers is unfathomable in Android improvement.  For as long as two years, Google has launched an engineer review that must be introduced naturally Nexus line of gadgets, and is expected for application designers to utilize when upgrading applications for the new OS.

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Android wear changing the method of travel

AndroidSmartphones have led to transformation in the way we travel. Android travel apps have made travelling comfortable. Android Wear has improved the trip and helped in planning a trip in a better manner.  These are some features of Android wear:

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More about Android Development

AndroidAn Android application is a group of activities and tasks. Each activity that is associated with an application has a unique objective and user interface. To understand this development fully, imagine a theoretical game task and an application.

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Smartphones will become only computer

Android TrainingSmartphones will be the next computers in the near future. Most of our tasks would be accomplished at home or office with the help of these devices. Many of the television programmes can be viewed on these smart devices. In future there would be more than 8.5 billion smart devices that shall be shipped across the world. The chip maker is the heart of revolution that involves mobile and wireless technology. Continue reading Smartphones will become only computer

Coolest features of Android L

ZaranTech Android trainingGoogle had announced the launch of Android L. There are plenty of features that are cool with this release. Some things have been added, deleted and changed for the customers.

Do Not Disturb Mode:

This has silenced the incoming notifications. Earlier Android could not block all the notifications, but now with Android L all these settings can be changed. For this open “Quick Settings “and on the notification toggle one can enable Do not Disturb mode. For a period of time silent period can be activated. The notifications can be turned on after a period of time.

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How to make your Android phone safe for your kids to use

Android Lollipop TrainingIf you are the person who spend a lot of time around kids, then you must try to manage the smart devices like smart phones, tablets etc. Here are some applications from Android Lollipop that will help in protecting the apps from young users:

Setting up user accounts

This new version of Android Lollipop also supports user accounts. This is similar to Windows or Mac. While using Settings, scroll down to Users and click on Add user. This will create individual users with customization and apps which do not interfere with other’s account. Multiple accounts can be created using Android Lollipop. We can disable calling and SMS using the setting features in different accounts. You can also restrict various apps using this feature.

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Discover the future with Android Auto

ZaranTech Android TrainingAndroid Auto is a new standard that has been developed by Google to help the mobile devices running Android Operating systems to be operated in the automobiles. Android Auto was built using Android Lollipop. Android Auto has standard offering like GPS mapping/navigation, SMS telephony, web search, touchscreen and button controlled units. This whole system is supported by hands free operation with the help of voice commands. To ensure safe driving we have voice commands for the same. There are some compatible apps for this android auto. These apps are TuneIn, Google maps, Google play music etc. This Android Auto is an initiative by Open Automotive Alliance and mobile tech supplier Nvidia supports the cause.

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Android Apps for Engineers

Android TrainingWith the constantly changing technology, people have become attached to their mobile devices. Smart phones are being used to accomplish the tasks with a simple. The market has changed significantly. Android has powered hundreds of millions of mobile phones and smart devices in more than 190 countries around the globe. It’s the largest installed platform of any mobile platform. Android is growing fast. Every day another millions of people install Android and they start installing apps, games and digital content.

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Amazing Tips for Android Developer

Android Android Trainingis an operating system that is based on the Linux. Android Open Source Project (AOSP) is the project that is responsible for developing the Android system. It is led by Google. The Android provides rich user interface library, processing of background, using 2-D and 3-D graphics and having an access to the file system as SQLite database. It consists of non-visual and visual components. Android reuses the other application with the help of task. From the component of the developing application, we can trigger another system component of Android system. This shall manage the applications like maps and photos.

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