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Business analysis is the discipline of recognizing business requirements and establishing options to organization troubles. Solutions commonly include a systems development component, however might likewise include process renovation, business modification, or strategic planning and also policy advancement. The individual who carries out this job is called a business analyst or BA.
Those BAs who function only on establishing software systems may be called IT Business Analysts, Technical Business Analysts, Online Business Analysts, or Systems Analysts.

Business analysis sub-disciplines

Business analysis as a discipline has a heavy overlap with requirements analysis sometimes also called requirements engineering but focuses on identifying the changes to an organization that is required for it to achieve strategic goals. These changes include changes to strategies, structures, policies, processes, and information systems.
Examples of business analysis include:

Enterprise analysis or company analysis focuses on understanding the needs of the business as a whole, its strategic direction, and identifying initiatives that will allow a business to meet those strategic goals.

Requirements planning and management involve planning the requirements development process, determining which requirements are the highest priority for implementation, and managing change.

Requirements elicitation describes techniques for collecting requirements from stakeholders in a project.

Requirements analysis describes how to develop and specify requirements in enough detail to allow them to be successfully implemented by a project team.

Requirements communication describes techniques for ensuring that stakeholders have a shared understanding of the requirements and how they will be implemented.

Solution assessment and validation describes how the business analyst can verify the correctness of a proposed solution, how to support the implementation of a solution, and how to assess possible shortcomings in the implementation.

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