You Should Know Top 7 Most Thrilling Tech Job Position in 2020

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There is no dearth of jobs in the tech industry. With the expansion sought after for new technologies, organizations crosswise over various industries are hiring techies with new-age skills. The demand for talented engineers who are equipped for dealing with new-age technologies keeps on rising. If you are pursuing a career in one of the most in-demand technologies, the chances of career development are probably going to be higher. 

DevOps Engineer 

Companies have a popularity for DevOps Engineers who are ready to help the Organizations to improve their customer’s experience. The job of the DevOps engineer is to make cloud formation formats and build cloud services to help custom applications. The DevOps Engineer needs to have a solid experience of a Linux-based infrastructure, cloud computing platforms like AWS, GCP, and Azure. Knowledge of databases, for example, SQL, MySQL, Hadoop, Elasticsearch, and Mongo databases is a plus point.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Engineer 

Artificial intelligence and Machine Learning (ML) have the most popularity in the technology field. With automation, almost every industry vertical, the job role of AI and ML engineers has the highest demand at this moment. Developers with skills in AI and ML will command the highest salaries in 2020.

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Cloud Engineer 

Cloud Engineers are answerable for helping organizations explore the cloud needs including infrastructure design, maintenance, support, and planning. The person should be knowledgeable about cloud-based technologies, alongside a solid knowledge & experience of the cloud platform,  applications, and knowledge of how to customize these attributes to support the organization. 

Data Scientist 

Tech organizations around the globe have understood the value of data. Data scientists are hired to enable the organization to make smarter choices to provide better products. The candidates need experience in working with data architectures. The knowledge of different Machine Learning strategies and their real-world applications is a must. Applicants with excellent written and verbal communication skills get preference. 

Scrum Master 

Scrum Master is a go-to person for applying scrum to create top-notch improvement work. The work of the scrum master includes managing timetables, resolving issues, and instructing team members on agile methods. Software developers with 10+ long stretches of experience can grab this job role. However, having a Scrum Master certification improves the chances of getting the job. That’s why Scrum Master is becoming famous among job seekers.

Information Security Analyst 

With expanding information, the interest in information security analysis keeps on developing. The position requires the expert to secure user data and sensitive information. Information Security Analyst ensures that the user data is secure and organizations are utilizing effective protective systems.

Python Developer 

The programming language, Python is the most popular language used by developers today. Python developers create and test code for different applications. The programming language is utilized for Machine Learning(ML), Artificial Intelligence(AI) and more. Python skills enable developers to work data mining, cloud, machine learning development, and so forth.

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