Workday HCM: Unique Features from a User Perspective

Category: Workday HCM Posted:May 17, 2021 By: Serena Josh

Workday HCM Unique Features from a User Perspective

1. Workday Combines Finance and HR onto one platform

An approach to talent management and analytics, distinctive to Workday is that it unites Workday Financial Management and Workday HCM. A finance-HR is the combination of data consolidation and access; it enables HR and other managers to assess from an HR standpoint and the cause of low revenues.

2. Workday HCM addresses specific industry needs

For example, for certain educational institutions, Workday HCM offers software that covers the entire academic lifecycle, from recruiting, admissions, curriculum management, and student record keeping, to academic counseling, student loans, and financials. The cloud-based software’s analytics enable institutions to track, trend student performance and institutional financial performance.

Workday HCM addresses specific industry needs

Workday offers customized software for professional services organizations to help them match the right talent with existing customer projects. The software provides project managers, HR, and others with a single data repository for viewing resource utilization and project progress.

3. Continuous Development Model used in Software Development

Workday uses a single code line and a continuous development model. This means Workday software, is continuously being enhanced, leading to all customers being on the same release of the software. This means new enhancements (updates) immediately take effect in the software. Workday Software updates are issued weekly, and major features and enhancements are released twice each year.

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4. Universal Compatibility

Workday’s Cloud-based platform ensures universal compatibility limited only by the browser or mobile OS through which it is accessed (available on iOS, Windows, and mobile platforms).

5. New Feature Preview for Subscribers

Workday’s Preview Tenant allows subscribers to test new features of the software but free trials are not available for Workday HCM. Workday HCM is available via subscription only and subscription terms are decided on a modular basis and are dictated by the nature and size of the organization.


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