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Workday uses a number of applications to help businesses procedures running – none more important than the Workday Human Capital Management(HCM) suite. As companies advance and adopt a “best of breed” approach to their enterprise ecosystem, Workday HCM Integration with different applications, systems, solutions, and APIs across the enterprise is important.

HCM and Integration Demands

Workday’s HCM Suite covers an extensive range of applications that includes human resource, talent management, recruiting, benefits and more in a single system.

  • HR Management keeps the organization in order with solutions to assist organize, staff and compensate employees.
  • Talent Management help with employee onboarding, performance management, and career development.
  • Workday Recruiting helps employers to engage and hire candidates as well as manage references, social network integration, offers, and sourcing analytics.
  • Benefits Management enables organizations by giving them control to manage and customize benefits plans and eligibility.

Workday’s HCM Suite aids businesses maintain their business running, however, today, digital transformation is disrupting the way in which organizations are setup. Businesses are embracing a “best of breed” technique in which they use applications, systems, and solutions that have been identified as the best of their kind. This approach has actually caused an explosion of endpoints, data sources, and APIs across the enterprise, all equally important in helping run the enterprise.

Common Challenges of Human Resources Integration

Creating connectivity between numerous HR applications and solutions is a common difficulty among services as countless situations call for integration. As employers discover prospective candidates and track applications, the information needs to be synchronized with databases and ERP systems such as SAP. Furthermore, master file integration gives organizations a 360-degree view of the employee. Enhancing the I9 authorization process and automating employee onboarding needs integration with applications such as ADP, Taleo and Jobvite. In addition, integrating employee information with backend systems as well as payroll and benefits systems such as Concur, Ceridian, and Towers Watson is crucial to get a complete view of the employee.

A lot of these systems and applications can be quickly integrated natively through Workday, yet a number of them require some kind of integration tool to be implemented. Companies have tried to overcome integration obstacles by developing custom connectivity and carrying out point-to-point integration. This approach applies custom code directly between two endpoints, creating a securely coupled dependency between them. Although this option develops a connection between endpoints, it is restricted in complexity because of its breakable nature. Moreover, this method is not future proof; as an increasing number of endpoints need to be integrated, the ecosystem becomes increasingly complicated and fragile.

Without a robust integration solution in place to integrate and connect diverse systems and solutions, businesses continue to be disjointed – ultimately slowing down the business procedures.

Workday HR Integration Solution

There are various platforms to help connect businesses to a wide range of third-party SaaS applications, systems, and services. They help businesses achieve the full potential of the New Enterprise.


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