Why SAP SuccessFactors is the best HCM suite?The business market is becoming competitive day by day. The organizations or businesses do not have to keep track of employee records only, apart from this they must manage the entire workforce from Millennials to baby boomers. The organization should be able to find the best talent among the employees and capable of retaining them. The business requires a robust HCM software which helps them to carry out all these tasks quickly and more efficiently. SAP SuccessFactors is one of the robust Cloud-based HCM suite provided by SAP, which allows the organizations to manage their workforce and their related tasks proficiently and effortlessly.

With the help of SAP SuccessFactors, it is possible to extract the maximum amount of performance out of your workforce, talent by keeping everyone inspired and on a similar page with your vision. SAP SuccessFactors transform various business policies into measurable business results by streamlining HR processes and maximizing employee engagement. With the help of modern cloud technology, the SAP SuccessFactors is simple to use, run and simple for your people to succeed.

SAP SuccessFactors comprises of a comprehensive set of strongly connected talent management solutions, robust workforce planning and analytics and a next-generation core HR solution. In this suite, it is easy for HR to begin the work from anywhere and proceed further. The SAP SuccessFactors HCM software is also compatible with numerous legacy frameworks in which the company has already participated. SAP SuccessFactors is the most demanding HCM software used by most of the organizations nowadays. It provides multiple benefits, which shows that SAP SuccessFactors is the best HR platform for today as well as in the future.

1. Complete HCM Suite: SAP SuccessFactors is the end-to-end suite to manage the workforce and liable life cycle of the workers. The SuccessFactors HCM suite involves a progression of strongly connected talent management solutions, workforce analytics, and planning as well as a subsequent generation of the core HR solution. SAP SuccessFactors HCM software is the most recognized software as a service (SaaS) business software across the world, which includes around 4,800 customers and more than  40 million clients in approximate 177 countries.

2. Unlimited Extensibility: With the help of SAP SuccessFactors the businesses can grow in any direction that it may require. The businesses can begin with any segment and develop into any other module area. Thus, there is no chance to make an incorrect move.

3. Best-practice content: SAP SuccessFactors is the leading HCM management suite, which has thousands of pre-loaded options collected from the top businesses all over the world. It is completely incorporated with HR processes which allow and engage your workforce and make their tasks easier.

4. Confirmed Scalability: SAP SuccessFactors will enable lots of workers and hundreds of millions of regular transactions which provides the vote of assurance to the business.

5. Worldwide Expertise: SAP SuccessFactors can be used worldwide if your business runs in more than one country, or with other users that know different languages. The customers can set their chosen language and location in the system and can operate accordingly. The businesses can execute their global or multi-site operations from a single HR control center. SuccessFactors are limited around eighty-one countries in the world, including the time zone and currency support. It has around forty-one language for processes and documentation. SuccessFactors provides 24 X 7 support through the globe. It also provides the data privacy and security for the employees within the organization. SAP SuccessFactors has the data centers distributed globally in Asia and Europe. There are around thousands of certified consultants worldwide.

6. Delivering Services in SaaS: SaaS, i.e. Software as a Service is a cloud-based technology, which is typically utilized to provide services across the internet. This service does not require any installation and maintenance of the software. The users can effectively run their business through SaaS using the software as per their requirements. SAP SuccessFactors is usually delivered in a secure and highly scalable architecture, which recommends the quick sending of the customers, results, and consistent creation to the user with a lesser cost of possession. SAP SuccessFactors provides complete services and support to the employee to ensure their success.

7. Engaging User Experience: SAP SuccessFactors delivers an enterprise solution like the user’s application. With the help of new technologies, it is easy to increase the organization’s performance. The modern user interfaces are used to engage the users and to support them, with an objective that user can perform their task as per their choice. The users or the employees can utilize these interfaces or apps anywhere, whenever with any of their preferred gadget such as mobile, I pad. Using these interfaces, the employees can connect and communicate with each other, to share the knowledge and information related to the projects or other works. The managers can quickly give reviews and feedback for the employee’s performance. The manager can prepare a high-quality review, complete scores, ranking of a team, etc. These growths and advances in the SuccessFactors of user practices develop a useful and effective performance review process.

The SAP SuccessFactors HCM solution involves different features, due to which it is selected by most of the organization to carry out the HR processes easily. It includes the following features:

Engaging user experienceRecruiting: SAP SuccessFactors provides the complete end-to-end recruiting solutions which integrates a recruiting and marketing platform with a robust set of tools for selection and analysis. With the help of recruiting solution, you can easily attract to the candidates, engage and select them. Also, you can easily measure the business impact.

Employee Central: This feature allows you to provide an actual business impact with a next-generation core HR system. With the help of employee central, it is easy to capture employee, organizational and talent data in one solution, which delivers better outcomes quickly.

Onboarding: SAP SuccessFactors makes onboarding a planned process which enhances the job satisfaction, time to productivity and first-year retention; this could be possible by guiding hiring managers, allowing new recruiters and associating onboarding to other administration activities.

Performance and Goals:
With the help of SAP SuccessFactors, the organization can motivate their workforce to perform at their best and produce an exact pay-for-performance culture. It also provides simple solutions which allow engaging performance management and smoother compensation.

Learning: The SAP SuccessFactors HCM suite creates a whole policy that includes the learning management solution i.e. LMS which allows you to manage, develop and sort out instructor-led, and official and social web-based preparing. It encourages the learning experts to enhance their abilities, create pioneers and lower compliance hazard.

Workforce Planning: SAP SuccessFactors HCM suite impact the complete workforce information and standards to measure availability, to execute the strategies, to predict the impact of a business decision, moderate the risk and make the necessary move.

Workforce Analytics and Reporting: With the help of this solution, it is easy to provide actionable and measurable visions to your business leaders, including an influential grouping of talent and business data which produces an which produces simple and straightforward information.


SAP SuccessFactors provides a complete HCM suite, which helps to manage the workforce and their functioning life cycle within the organization. Due to its unique benefits, it is utilized in various organizations nowadays. It helps to convert the various business policies into measurable results by streamlining the HR processes and enhancing employee engagement. It also provides an extraordinary arrangement of core HR and talent solutions based on present cloud technology, which makes it easy to use, run and straightforward for individuals to succeed.

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