Whats new in SAP HANA?

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SAP HANA SPS 09 has added to the functionalities provided by SAP. This has helped in improving cloud application and providing powerful transactional and analytical applications. This way we create great value from big data assets and help in co-innovation with the clients and customers. If talk about cloud enhancement SAP HANA SPS 09 helps in running multiple independent databases related to SAP on single system that is SAP HANA system.

This will manage the database in a single unit. This functionality is known as Multi-tenant database containers and is used to simplify the database operations like administration and also isolating the data. This helps in lowering the TCO of the installations. SAP HANA SPS 09 has improved the experience of application development with new enhancements in the platform and tools. If we see the platform front, SAP HANA has innovated with advanced analytics. IT has given exposure to native Graph Engine to work on the graphs without any duplication in the data. Text mining capabilities have also been added to this new SAP HANA platform. This shall help in identifying the relationships between the documents. Thus documents to be indexed, stored and ranked based on a reference document.

This new platform of SAP HANA has smart data integration and smart data capability. This feature helps to capture, filter, analyse and take action on events like streaming of data for a given time. This smart integration helps in cloud deployment with no firewall exception to provision data to HANA in the cloud system. Pre-built adapters are used for data sources. SAP HANA has an exciting theme with openness. SAP HANA has also scaled up the configurations at different levels with the help of LPARs for resource utilization for optimum solution. Tailored Datacentre Integration in SAP HANA helps in providing choices to have a small configuration to improve TCO in SAP HANA.

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