What SAP HANA Cloud App Services is offering Today?

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SAP HANA Cloud Platform, an in-memory service offered from SAP that enables users to build, extends, and run applications on SAP HANA in the cloud. The flexible subscription models and optional services for applications, database and infrastructure can be achieved by instantly accessing the full power of SAP HANA.



The following services are offered by the SAP HANA Cloud Platform:

  • SAP HANA App Services
  • SAP HANA Database Services
  • SAP HANA Infrastructure Services


SAP HANA App Services

SAP HANA Application Service is an ideal service which is implemented in extending cloud and on-premise applications by creating innovative, consumer grade applications. The features present in this service enable the real-time, secure applications required to succeed in today’s world that always uses mobile, social and data.


This service supports integration, analytics, mobile, portals and collaboration. It is available on purchasing license and infrastructure subscriptions which are built based on the capabilities of SAP HANA Database Services.


SAP HANA DB Services

This is another unique service provided by the SAP HANA Cloud Platform supported fully by SAP HANA system at a low cost way and easy service that runs with monthly license and infrastructure subscriptions.


This service allows users to develop real-time analytic applications by using the development capabilities of SAP HANA. From 128 GB to 1 TB, fast provisioning of SAP HANA and hardware is delivered by this service with monthly subscriptions in configurations. For easy configuration and administration, this SAP HANA DB Service includes a cloud management console.

SAP Infrastructure Services

By purchasing these Infrastructure subscriptions, users can quickly deploy and manage their pre-licensed SAP HANA instances without hardware investments and setup time.


This service also includes the SAP Data Services component of SAP HANA Cloud Integration that provides seamless integration with SAP back-ends and heterogeneous sources. It is a scalable and affordable way to deploy SAP HANA licenses in the cloud, available in the configurations that range from 128 GB to 1 TB.

All the three services are available to the users via SAP HANA Marketplace. Users can buy either the entire suite of offerings or any of the three individual services.


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