What makes Google Cloud System different?

Category: Google Cloud Platform Posted:Oct 12, 2020 By: Alvera Anto

Google differs from other cloud providers in a variety of ways. Below are some highlights.

Google-grade security

The Google security model is an end-to-end procedure, built on over 15 years of experience focused on maintaining customer security on Google applications like Gmail and Google Apps. With Google Cloud, your applications and data take advantage of the same security model.

Billing By Second

Compute Engine instances are butted in one-second increments with a one-minute minimum, so you don’t pay for computing mins that you don’t use. Learn more about billing.

Big data

Google’s Big data technology innovations like MapReduce, Bigtable, and Dremel, plus next-generation breakthrough services and frameworks for cloud data warehousing (BigQuery), advanced machine learning (AI Platform), batch and real-time data handling (Dataflow, Pub/Sub, Dataproc), intelligent data prep work (Dataprep by Trifacta)and spectacular visual analytics (Google Data Studio) help you transform your business with powerful data insights. Google Cloud big data analytics solutions are serverless, removing the complexity of framework and maintaining a data analytics system, so you can accelerate your time-to-insight.

Global network

Google’s backbone network uses sophisticated software-defined networking and edges caching services to deliver quick, consistent, and scalable performance.


Google Cloud data facilities run on half the energy of a regular data facility, as well as run on 100% renewable energy where available. Learn more about renewable energy in Google data facilities.


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